Church Gurlz 3 : The Aftermath

Title: Church Gurlz 3: The Aftermath

Author: H. H Fowler

Publisher: More Wind, More For Publishing

Number of Pages: 186


ISBN10: 1494218836

ISBN13:978: 1494218836

About This Book:

Doreen Lakatos is six feet in her grave, but there is a new sheriff in town. Mother Veronica Stephens, newly appointed Women’s Pastor of Brandon View International Church is a self righteous bigot who goes after the inheritance of the Lakatos men. She is Sharp, determined and willing to do anything to create the biggest scandal in Church history.

Jasmine Benton Fowler, former love interest of both Lakatos brothers, is back in town for a joyous event. However something tragic happens, which forces Jasmine to stay in town longer than she is welcomed. Her stubbornness to leave, makes room for the devil to move in.

In Church Gurlz 3 (The Aftermath), the message of forgiveness and hope rings loud and clear. If your father had killed your mother, or if your mother for thirty years had lied to you about who your real father is, would you be willing to forgive and forget? A test of true character is unraveled in a surprising twist.

Church Gurlz 3: The Aftermath Book Review

After reading the first two books in The Church Gurlz Series, I was curious to continue to read this narrative and wondering where this narrative could go. I was truly impressed and extremely surprised. The images in the description about Soul Ties through the relationship of Wynton and Jasmine was marvelous created by H.H. Fowler. The twist and turns in the life of Brian Lakatos kept me on my feet that I couldn’t put this book down. “The Aftermath”, the last book in The Church Gurlz Series was a great masterpiece to shows the readers about the power of forgiveness and how it can heals & mend relationship. H. H. Fowler also minister to the readers through the characters that oftentimes things are just not the way that things seen. The main ingredient in every success relationship in one word “TRUST”.

The entire Church Gurlz Series was genuinely compelling from the first two books “Mother’s Black Book”, “In the Presence of My Enemy” to this one “The Aftermath”. “The Aftermath” really focused on many issues that we all have to deals with while trying to live a Christian Lifestyles that pleasing to God. From lies, deceit, forgiveness, sexual transgressions, marriage that you need to managed to incorporate them all we witnessed through the characters. I will recommend this entire Church Gurlz Series to those who loves to read a Christian Suspense story that have a great message that we can learn from.

Speak To Your Promise

By Patrick Weaver

Speak to your promise. Tell your victory that you will be there soon – – you’re on your way. Get out of your feelings and get into your thoughts that confirm no weapon formed against you will prosper. Don’t just speak it, reinforce it. Challenge every thought that tries to rise up against God’s will for your life. Rebuke every emotion that tries to dismiss your value, cancel your future and distract you from the fact that you don’t have to be well to keep walking. You can be in pieces and still be at peace when you step aside and let the enemy’s lies pass. The future you wants you to know that it had to happen the way that it happened for God to bless you where He’s taking you. Carry On!

Irreconcilable Difference

Title: Irreconcilable Difference

Author: Ronnie C. Dawson

Publisher: Ronnie C. Dawson


ISBN10: 1456348566

ISBN13:978: 1456348564

About The Author:

Ronnie C. Dawson is a Social Services Professional from Camden, NJ, who helps the disadvantages get a new start in life. He currently resides in Williamstown, New Jersey, where he lived for three years. His first project “Irreconcilable Difference” (Til Death Do Us Part) combines the possible with the impossible illustrating the effects of love, lies, and loss. 

About This Book:

After suffering a tragic loss, Mia Davis looks toward her future, to move on from a heartbreaking past. Will new life, love and laughter help her to find her way? Or will death, deceit,and disloyalty destroy her? Can she trust those closet to her? Can they trust her? It’s often said that, “whatever doesn’t kills is only makes us stronger”. This may be true individually, but is this true in relationships? Does ” No matter what” really mean just that?

Irreconcilable Difference Book Review

What an all-powerful and dynamic narrative about the Character, Mia who is a young woman that is a young woman that is grieving the death of her parents. Later on, Mia discover that her husband, Michael is convicted of the crime. At the same time, Mia is expecting with Michael’s child in which her responsive pain direct her toward making a choice of keeping or terminate the baby. “Irreconcilable Difference” written by Ronnie C. Dawson is truly more of a straight forward story that is way particular than I usually read. All the same, it is definitely a page Turner. The narrative passage was fairly lively that I was driven to read the whole book in one day. I just couldn’t put the book down at all. That’s how great the story is. The best part about “Irreconcilable Difference” was well developed and a clean story that I can really enjoy. I even recommend this book to young teen readers. Ronnie did a marvelous tasks of providing twists and turns, created the narrative suspenseful. I was shocked on how the story ended with a cliff hanger. This will make a blockbuster movie. Now I am going to purchase and start to read “Irreconcilable Difference 2” because I want to continue get into this story. 

Tested By Fire

Title: Tested By Fire

Author: Pat Patterson

Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Number of Pages: 482


ISBN 10: 1938499379

ISBN 13:978- 1938499371

About This Book:

In this medical thriller, Paramedic Jim Stockbridge responds to an EMS call in the ghetto and finds his best friend brutally stabbed and shot. Consumed with rage he hunts down Side Drake’s killers and renders his own form of Justice . But soon Jim finds himself lost, tangling with a vicious street gang and it ruthless warlord, William “J Rock” Jackson. And so it begins along dark journey that pushes Jim deep into his own personal world of bitterness and revenge, and ultimately to the brink of disaster.

Haunting nightmares ensure. Endless nights, A brutal biker gang nearly kills him. An angry detective wants him behind bars.And Jim’s girlfriend Dr. Valerie Vick , the only woman he’s ever truly loved, leaves him. Suddenly Jim’s entire world seems to be falling apart and J. Rock is out for blood with Jim is his prey. He sought revenge.. He found forgiveness was the strength he needed to deliver Jim’s version of street Justice.

Tested By The Fire Book Review
“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not burned….” Isaiah 43:2

This is the second book I read by Pat Patterson. I first read “Paramedics Killers” and now I just finished reading “Tested By Fire”. I am really enjoying the Medic-7 Series so much. “Tested By Fire” written by Pat Patterson provided tremendous amount of action and some romance which things can suddenly change in your life. “Tested By Fire” will keep you going and encourage you to looking forward to read the next books in the Medic-7 Series. My advice to the readers to read this book first then proceeded to the next book in order to understand the Characters and the sacrifices they makes in their jobs as Paramedics. Jim irrational behavior caused gangs to comes after him along the way lost people around him and need to learn the lesson of life, don’t take life for granted. He hasn’t been the same by the reason of, experienced 9/11 first hand. Jim often finds himself depressed, popping pills, or trying to forget the memories by consuming alcohol. Jim’s bitterness risen when his best friend and fellow Paramedic, Sid is brutally killed by J-Rock and his street gang, while trying to preach the gospel on their turf. Jim concentrate on revenge but starts a war. Abruptly Jim’s entire world seems to be crumbling down. Jim stumbles on the brink of completely disaster. Perhaps only the God, Jim yelled at can saves him. Anything is possible.

I would recommend this marvelous book to readers who loves to read a clean action story based on Christian principles. “Tested By Fire” provided an awesome Christian theme in the storyline that’s filled with plenty of actions. I found the Characters are tremendously believable. You can just draw an image in your head to how this can happening in our own residence. I really applaud Pat Patterson for providing Christian beliefs that will minister to readers like myself. I want to personally thank Pat Patterson for allowing God to anointed his hand to take the pen and start scribbled to created a marvelous Christian Book that have the scenery in Medical world of the Paramedics. 

Parademic Killer

Title: Paramedic Killer ( Medic 7 Series) – Christian Suspense

Author; Pat Patterson

Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Number of Pages: 271


ISBN10: 1941103499

ISBN13: 978-1941103494

About The Author:

Pat sails, runs, mountain bikes, and hikes. Pat saves lives, and writes. Like many novelists, Pat writes about what he knows, and if that includes a little blood and grit, it’s because he’s been there, on the streets with dying people in his arms. At the end of the day Pat is just a paramedic with a lot of stories to tell. Answering the Call is a collections of short stories written as devotionals to encourage his first responder friends. Pat writes the Medic 7 Series in the hopes that others will understand the pain and sacrifice of those who race toward danger. 

About This Book:

An early morning wreck, A grisly, fiery mess, Paramedic Jim Stockbridge does his best to save the family, but the flames drive him back. Now with a family relative out for revenge and two beautiful women on his mind, Jim is about to learn that failure is not an option- especially when lives are on the line. 

Paramedic Killer Book Review

Pat Patterson written a marvelous Christian Supense story “Paramedic Killer” features the Character of Jim Stockbridge who is a Paramedic. Jim along with his Parademic partners, rescued accident victims and others who needed their help on a daily basis. Just as, Jim Stockbridge and his partner answers to a call of an accident and one of the vehicles is on fire, Mac Canada’s family members perished in the raging inferno that evening. Six years after that accident tragedy, Jim has a beautiful home, a bride to be and searching for the indivuals who are murdering Parademic. “Parademic Killer” brings abnormally comprehensive  information about the functions of emergencies that many Paramedics have to deal with. It was very interesting to me, yet bordering on too much details, intrigue, danger, a taste of romance with easygoing spiritual examination provided this story a diverse importance. Pat Patterson made sure that he created a book that is Fast-paced that also keeps the action breathless. If you like reading a great Christian Suspense Book then please make sure you get a copy of “Paramedic Killer”.

Soul Cry


Title: Soul Cry

Author: Oliva Shaw

Publisher: Kindred Soul

Number of Pages: 222


About The Author:

Best-selling Author, Oliva Shaw (Reel) began writing short stories at the age of 7 and by the time she turned 9, had already written a full length novel. Now at 26, Oliva has as Staff Writers and editor at various magazines, blogs, and entertain readers through her unique style of writing. In February 2016, she was signed to an exclusive book deal with Kindred Soul Publications, and her first book series, Andrue and S’mores: An urban Love Affair was later released. Since then she had written more than ten books, including two #1 Amazon best-sellers “Soul Cry” and “What God Has Joined Together”. She is elated to chase after her lifelong authoring dreams with her series of Christian Romance and Urban Fiction Novels. In April 2017, Oliva was named CEO of Kindred Inspirations, a publishing Company that focuses on fiction, non-fiction, Inspirational, and Motivational books. She resides in her hometown of Milwaukee, WI as a newlywed to her first love. Readers can connect and interact with Oliva Shaw at :
About This Book:

Since she was a little girl, Jamaika Owens has been trained to be the perfect, God-fearing, and Submissive wife, and has the life everyone wants, lavish living, a handsome husband, and she never has to lift a manicured finger. But behind her facade and dimpled smile, shelives a lie that not even her family members knows. When infidelity arises and deception enters her marriage, she realizes her happiness is most important and is not to be compromised. She falls for a man who changes her entire perception of love and answers her soul’s cry.

Soul Cry Book Review:

“Soul Cry” written by Oliva Shaw is a marvelous masterpiece in my personal opinion as a loyal Christian reader. The narrative was truly about what life is really define as. I love reading stories that have a Christian based messages that can transforms life through the developed characters. Oliva Shaw allows God to guide the pen to created an image in a format of a wonderful story that is truly to life as the struggles of a Christian. The characters were developed as lovable and at the same time hate worthy. Also the Characters were very believable that I am being minister personally through Oliva Shaw’s writing. Oliva Shaw really need to consider to turning “Soul Cry” into  a movie or a television mini series.

Oftentimes, we hold onto relationship that clearly isn’t the best for us. God will allows things happen to us so we can be inspired to allow God in everything that we do. For the character, Jamika allowed much more in her marriage with Jalen than a person who knows their worth have on any given moment. “Soul Cry” is a fiction story butthis kind of situation does happens in life. The character Jalen really got on my last nerve. He portray himself as a Spirit filled Pastor but behind closed doors he is a sheep in wolf clothes. He beats up his wife, Jamika and have affairs with different woman. His behavior really cause Jamika to end her life. Jalen made her feel like a piece of trash and he doesn’t care of anyone but himself. He is a monster in the pulpit and a hypocrite. “Soul Cry” shows us a scenery in the Church Community that just because we are Christian that doesn’t mean we are immune from heartache and problems. “Soul Cry” shows us the patterns of generational curse in families through the Characters of Jamika’s mother down to Jamika herself. That generational curse can be broken if we allowed ourselves to heal by sharing the history of Domestic Violence, drug abused, drinking problems with your children and not keep it a secret. Thank God there were a happy ending for Jamika and she discover her worth. Also she got the support from her mother and a new man that loves and respect her.

If you or anyone you know may be experiencing suicidal thoughts, or maybe at the hands of an abuser, please do not hesitate to contact either of the numbers below. Your Life, Health, Safety,and Happiness are most important. Remember You Are Not Alone At All.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


National Domestic Violence


The May 2017 Change Gospel Magazine

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Through It All (Blended Blessings Series)

Title: Through It All (Blended Blessings Series)

Author: Michelle Stimpson & CaSandra McLaughlin

Publisher: CreateSpace  Independent Publishing Platform

Number of Pages: 162 pages

ASIN: B00WKW3SC8  Ebook

ISBN-10: 1511946520

ISBN-13: 978-1511946520



About The Author:


Michelle Stimpson is an author, a speaker, and an educator who received her Bachelor of Science degree from Jarvis Christian College in 1994.  She earned a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2002.  She has had the pleasure of teaching elementary, middle, and high school as well as training adults.

In addition to her work in the field of education, Michelle ministers through writing and public speaking.  Her works include the highly acclaimed Boaz Brown, Divas of Damascus Road (National Bestseller), and Falling Into Grace.  She has published several short stories for high school students through her educational publishing company, Right Track Academic Support Services, at

Michelle serves the body of Christ through ministering to women in churches, workshops, or simply praying with a frazzled mother in Wal-Mart. She regularly speaks at special events and writing workshops sponsored by churches, schools, book clubs and other positive organizations. She has also taught writing classes at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Michelle and her husband live near Dallas. They are parents to two young adults and one crazy dog.

Contact Michelle to schedule an event:

Michelle Stimpson

P.O. Box 1592

Cedar Hill, TX 75106-1592

stimpson.michelle @



CaSandra was raised in Marshall,Texas. Growing up she wrote poems and from there she fell in love with writing. CaSandra is a true believer that God has blessed us all with gifts and talents and it’s up to us to tap into them to make our dreams come true. CaSandra is a gospel radio show host and is the co author of the best selling “Blended Blessings” series. CaSandra wants people to read her work and feel encouraged, and it’s her prayer that they read something that will change their lives and give them a ray of hope that things will be better and that God will get the glory from her books. CaSandra is also a Domestic Violence Advocate.Currently CaSandra lives in Texas with her husband, Richard, and they have two amazing children. CaSandra loves God, her family, her church, her friends, reading and Mexican food in that order

About This Book:


Angelia Holley knows she’d never win a mother-of-the-year award. But was her example so bad that it drove her daughter, Amber, to repeat the pattern of teenage pregnancy? And why did Amber pick J.D. of all people to father her baby? While Angelia is forming a bond with her stepdaughter Skylar, twin sister Tyler isn’t nearly as fond of the new “family” forming in the Holley household. When Tyler starts to act out, will Angelia be able to keep her mouth shut and let her husband and the girls’ mother work this out? And the baby of the family, Demarcus, suddenly wants to bond with his biological father. Should Angelia swallow her pride, overlook the years of lack of financial/emotional support, and allow Demarcus to form a bond with the man who has never been there for him? Join Angelia and Darren Holley as they continue with the growing pains of a blended family as they mature in their knowledge of the One who can help them through.

Through It All (Blended Blessings Series) Book Review:

Michelle Stimpson and CaSandra McLaughlin both bundles a lot into “Through It All” the second book in the Blended Blessings series. “Through It All” had me attract to read the whole entire narration in one day. That’s how I can truly appreciated this second book is another great story in this series.  Michelle Stimpson’s writing style and allowing God to instruct her to work with CaSandra McLaughlin to create another great story in the Blended Blessings Series. Their writing styles empower me to have a better relationship with Christ in way they doesn’t preach in “Through It All”. Although they does provides verses and encourages a closer walk with the Lord throughout each of the books in the Blended Blessings Series. I discover this book to be an intrustment to my faith. I can also said it to be an emotional read with laughs and tears throughout of the scenes. She did a wonderful job in surprising me with the directions taken within the pages of “Through It All”. I’m so glad that we have a chance to glimpse into the roller coaster drama of this family’s life. There were so many twists and turns that carried you through every emotional journey. It seemed so real that I was actually praying along with the family when it was called for. The scriptures and sermon messages were encouraging and not too deep, but just right to let us know that we can go to a loving God for every situation. Extremely well written drama about faith and steadfast together through the battles. I would love to read a story about the character of Rose and definitely the character of Marcus. I love the character of Angelia is building a relationship that is closer to God. You can have the compassion for  the character of Tyler because she feel the necessity for to be understood and loved. I appreciated the fact how Darren embrace all of the children as his and Angelia. That is what a blended family is all about. I really enjoyed reading “Through It All” about a blended family who have their ups and downs. There are a lot of twists and turns in “Through It All”. To keep a blended family together, it takes prayer, trust, and sacrifice. Darren and Angelia Holley along with the Holley Family been through a lot but God was always by their side.

Through it all, we should learned to put our trust in Jesus. Through it all we should learn to put our trust in God. We have shed many tears and in sorrows. We even have questions for tomorrow. There been many times we didn’t recognized right from wrong. But in every situations, God given us that blessed consolation that our trials and tribulations appears to only make us strong. Michelle Stimpson and CaSandra McLaughlin wants the readers to know through the Characters that speaking negative words doesn’t show your faith. Faith and Fear doesn’t mix. The power of Life and Death are in the tongue. We as Christians need to stand on our faith in spite of when things look bad, just keep on trusting in His word. Faith is about seeing what you don’t see it until you do see it. This is the time we have to walk out by faith. There is no need of asking God to fix something for us if we don’t believe that God will do it. It is definitely impossible to pleased God without faith and as we mature spiritually our faith will increase. We can’t have the faith without having the knowledge about the facts. The facts are In The Word of God. We can’t trust if not willing to gain knowledge about God’s word. In other word, you must get to know the Master. The best part of this story when the character of Pastor Watkins asked his congregation during Amber’s Baby Dedication. “Do You Promise to be faithful in your calling as the body of Christ, to help Amber be faithful to God “? “To help teach and train baby Dylan in the path of the Lord so that he might one day trust Him as Lord and Savior”? Many times when a young lady gets pregnant without being married, the Church community wants to banned them from coming to Church. They are busy judging and making them feel so bad. We as the Church need to embrace them and also guide them to Christ. It takes a village to raised a child. We need to help those young single mothers in helping them to raised their child and also empower them to teach their children about Christ. The Church community is about faith, love and family. I do recommend you to read the first book “A New Beginning” so you have a great understanding about the Characters and the story then continue to read “Through It All”, you will not be disappointed at all. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the Blended Series.












Change Gospel Magazine April 2017

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Faces Around The Cross

Title: Faces Around The Cross – Lenten Devotional/Christian Living/Worship & Devotions/Christian Books & Bibles/ Spiritual Growth

Author: Dr. Ray Pritchard

Publisher: Gideon House Books (February 10, 2017)

Number of Pages: 192 pages



About The Author:

Dr. Ray Pritchard serves as president of Keep Believing Ministries. He has ministered extensively overseas in China, Bolivia, Columbia, Paraguay, Belize, Haiti, Nigeria, Switzerland, Russia, India and Nepal. He serves as a regular co-host on “Today’s Issues” on the American Family Network. He has written 27 books, including Stealth Attack, Fire and Rain, The Healing Power of Forgiveness, An Anchor for the Soul, The Incredible Journey of Faith, The ABCs of Wisdom, Leadership Lessons of Jesus (with Bob Briner), Why Did This Happen to Me?, and Credo: Believing in Something to Die For. For 26 years he pastored churches in Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. He is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University (B.A.), Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.) and Talbot School of Theology (D.Min.). He has been married to Marlene for 39 years. Their three sons (Josh, Mark and Nick) have spent time in recent years teaching English in China. Josh and Leah were married in July 2006. They have one son (Knox) and a daughter on the way. Mark and Vanessa were married in July 2007. They have two children (Eli and Penelope). His hobbies include biking, surfing the Internet, and anything related to the Civil War.


About This Book:


A beloved spiritual asks, “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” No, we weren’t there, but we have the next best thing. We have the stories of those who were there when Jesus entered Jerusalem for the final time. We know who they were, what they said, what they did, and in many cases, we know why they did it. Ray Pritchard leads us on the journey that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Along the way, he introduces us to the many faces around the cross. Expand your faith and increase your joy by joining us on this Lenten journey.

Faces Around The Cross Book Review:

I’m always looking for books such as devotional and Inspirational Motivational books to reads in my spare time to feed my mind. Ray Pritchard allow the Holy Spirit to guide the pen to create this short Lenten devotional “Faces Around The Cross”. Ray writes as if you are listening to a Sermon in Church. His writing also reminds me of having a conversation with someone. This Lenten Devotional is really simple to grasp but he provides a bunch of real substantial heart challenging authenticity with each chapter. This has upstanding theology that intent to lead people to Jesus but in a way that is real for the world we live in. “Faces Around The Cross” is a great gift for individuals that you know will appreciate in reading a great devotional. This is also a great discussion in Bible Study or Christian Book Clubs. I found Dr. Ray Pritchard as an inspirational writer and Man of God spreading the Word of God. Since this is the seasons of Holy Week including Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter or Resurrection Sunday, “Faces Around The Cross” is the perfect time to read this lent devotional for a better understanding about the cross. This Lenten devotional is very encouraging and uplifting. After all Jesus Paid it All. Jesus sacrificed His life by paid the debt that He didn’t even owed. He paid the debt for us because He knew we couldn’t afford to paid. “Faces Around The Cross” makes the Gospel come to existence in a way that average individuals like myself will comprehensively understands. I constantly look forward to read something that based on the Advent or the Lenten seasons of our faith. “Faces Around The Cross” is now my favorites devotional to read. I will definitely read this every lent seasons so I get a new understandings. I have really loved reading about the people that surrounded this monumental event that saved a wretch like me. That was His Amazing Grace. Jesus Paid It All! At the end of each devotional there is a Christian songs that you can click on the link and listen to those songs. When I listen to CeCe Winans’ song “Alabaster Box” that I couldn’t hold my tears when I read about Mary. Ray Pritchard’s book “Faces Around The Cross”, his teachings, his humbleness, and the love that he have for individuals are absolutely a blessings. Reading the story from the individuals that surrounded this monumental event is a great lenten resource that will bless the readers. This Great Lenten Resource is a great reflections as we remember and adoration for the King. The reasons for that because all Jesus Christ did to save us by His death and resurrection.

I found “Faces Around The Cross” to be an outstanding comprehension into the true definition of Lent. As I already stated about the Music featured in this devotional provides a consequential independent worship experience. This is a tremendous way to prepare for Resurrection Sunday by reading and meditate on the actual stories of life of our Savior, Jesus Christ the Precious King. Ray Pritchard did an awesome tasks of making these stories so essential. In my personal opinion, you as the readers will find “Faces Around The Cross” a great simple reading for the Lenten season. Thought provoking and will makes you reflect how God used everyone differently for His purpose. This Lenten Devotional is very empower to read and hear about different people who were there at the time of Jesus’ ministry and momentous trial and crucifixion. Ray Pritchard has a prolific and exclusive way of examine behind the scenes. As a result, we can truly experience emotions, motives, and perspectives that we repeatedly miss in our own meditations of these scriptures. This Lenten Devotional will keeps us in harmony with the events leading to the Cross. I am so glad that Ray Pritchard took the time to share his diligent work which that the readers including me can only benefit by. Even though this was a short read yet it was an insightful new glimpse at the different individuals around Christ as he nears the Cross with personal applications and links to christian songs. This is a totally devotion to start your day and put the focus on the seasons of Lent. I believe that teenagers will get knowledge from reading “Faces Around The Cross.” This remind me a trip in a time machine back to Biblical times. This book will be appreciated by seasons Christians and as well for New Birth Christians. Just like me, this devotional will empower you to be prepare for Holy Week and focus on the sacrifice that Jesus has done for us. I highly recommend everyone to add “Faces Around the Cross’ not only to add to your Library but make time to read and study it. I promised that if you do then you will get a better understanding about the Lenten Seasons.