God Removes A Person From Your Life For Protection

“Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.”             (Psalm 119:165, KJV)

God often removes a person from your life for your protection. You need to think about that the next time you are chasing after them. Toxic relationships usually are very poison and negative. Toxic comes in different forms. They come in Talkers, Dream Killers, Obstructionists, Frenemies and Carrot Danglers.  Being in a toxic relationship is not healthy and it can do serious harm to your health. Usually people who are toxic are not happy with themselves. They are also not living a positive life. They will try to drag you down along with them. They always blame everybody for their problems except of taking responsibility themselves. They don’t have any confidence in themselves. They are very abusive mentally and physically. Most time they know that they are treated you like crap but they tried to use the mind games on you and tried to blame you for it to turn the blame off them. They are very miserable and tried to bring you down. They tried to take an advantage of you. They don’t have any respect for you whatsoever. Most of the time we know what’s going on but even we are in denial or believe that is the only relationship that we could have. There are 5 Toxic Relationships That You Should Avoid:

Talkers – All they do is talk and talk is cheap. They promise but don’t deliver. They say they’re going to do something and they don’t do it. Relying on them leads to unnecessary frustration. Talkers can be anybody. However, they can only hurt you if you allow them.

Dream Killers – They kill dreams. But you only share your dreams with those close to you. Therefore, what their comments usually carry more weight than a stranger’s would. Some dream killers are innocent and faithless; some are just jealous and malicious. Avoid them.

Obstructionists – They oppose you at all costs, even if it’s for reasons other than principle. They sometimes change their opinion based on where you stand, not where they stand. In other words, they’re jealous, spineless people who don’t want you to succeed. These people are tough to break away from because we often feel that we have to work with these people. In many cases, we do but once you recognize this person for who he or she is, cut that person loose.

Frenemies – Frenemies are enemies who masquerade as friends until they feel threatened. Frenemies feel superior to their “friends.” They may even appear friendly by helping you – as long as it doesn’t threaten their position. But once you try to improve yourself and your “friend” feels threatened, the enemy inside of them takes over. They are very competitive and always want to beat you at their game. Don’t play their game.

Carrot Danglers – This person preys on the desperate and usually has the keys to something that’s really close to you – money, family, helping you with something in the past. This person uses this to make you feel indebted to them. They dangle this carrot to hold you hostage while only benefiting themselves. Regardless of how this person can help you, the psychological damage they cause outweighs any benefits they can provide. Avoid them like the plague.

Relationships are life’s hardest part to deal with. Because of sentimentality, it’s hard to cut these people loose. But we must honestly ask ourselves where our relationships are heading. Relationships are like food. Good food helps us but bad food hurts us. To make this a great year we must eliminate the relationships that hurt us and make room for those that will help us. The time is now.

* This is an excerpt from My Book “Walking In God’s Path Toward Your Destination Volume 1” To Change Your Mindset. This book is available for purchase online at Amazon and Createspace. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/author/miltonkelly92Image


19 thoughts on “God Removes A Person From Your Life For Protection

  1. Nice. I have had a rough past decade and have been praying and crying over “Why God?” What could I have done differently? What could I have said that might have changed things? The guilt has been overwhelming as I’ve looked for an answer. I think your post was God’s answer. Thank you.

  2. No Problem Marie! I can relate as well. In late 2010 until middle of 2011 I was dealing with depressions. it was so bad that I had almost took my own life. God had step in just in time to tell me that my life is not over at all. It wasn’t my time to go. That was the main reason for me to write “Walking In God’s Path Toward Your Destination Volume 1” to change your Mindset to show others that they too can overcome their issues that they are dealing with.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Very well written. 🙂 Personally, as an introvert I have few people “in my life” to begin with. The older I get, the less “guff” I find myself willing to take. The most toxic people are long gone — with the exception of a prodigal son who comes and goes. He is a Talker as well as a Taker, which you didn’t mention. For me, the issue is trying to decide how much grace to bestow without being an enabler. I will not give him money, but I will go get him and take him to the clinic (and pay for it) if he is sick. I may want to give up on him, but God doesn’t give up on me, so I haven’t given up on my son, only distanced myself a bit.

    • Thank You for sharing your thoughts to my Blog. Thank you for enjoying my blog “God Removes a Person From Your Life For Protection.” I can relate to this topic because i had dealt with someone like that.

  4. This confused me because I thought God honors marriage and couldn’t understand why he was not moving in my marriage. It was toxic dealing with a blatant cheater who eventually left for the other woman and the mind games he plays that he doesn’t want to lose his family yet makes no effort to mendwhat he has broken ” the talker”. Still confused. 😦

  5. How to deal with the guilt that the carrot danglers put on You? I feel guilty for obeying god- when i leave toxic relationships- i feel guilty – even though i know i am obeying god. I feel bad that my leaving and ending these relationships- and in some cases establishing Very strong boundaries – these decisions on my part will hurt these toxic people n i feel bad abt it. 😦 i want to change them. Why can’t god change them? Why is he telling me to leave them?

    • OMG @yourpretty, I used to feel same way you’re feeling right now when I was in a toxic relationship. This is definitely the work of the enemy who’s trying to make you go back to the toxic ppl who were around you. Don’t look back. When God shuts a door do not open it. Just trust Him. He can see trouble and danger. God removed you from that situation for a reason, He wants to protect you (see Jeremiah 29:11). Pray every day/night for peace of mind coz the enemy is always watching us and ready to attack ur mind (read Psalms 37, 56 or 91) Protect yourself, God gave us that authority. Stay positive! Best wishes 🙂

  6. @Yourspretty, You shouldn’t feel guilty or fell bad that you don’t want to be in a toxic relationship. That toxic person wants you to feel guilty. They want to control you and blame you for their problems. The best thing that you can do is to get out of that toxic relationship. God wants the best for you. Until you make a decision to leave that toxic relationship, you are going to be miserable. You can pray for them from a distance.

    • thank you milton 🙂 U know i hurt myself a lot in the past- staying with people ( family members) who hurt me over n over again…i thought my love will change them…but it doesn’t work that way…jesus said Not to give ur pearls n what z valuable to dogs n pigs, if U do they will trample ur pearls underfoot n turn n tear U into pieces….milton pls pray for me, i realized that i don’t love or value myself enough to put myself first…this z th reason even though jesus z showing meto leave, i am trying to hold on to these toxic relationships…pls pray for me..

  7. Just found this blog today, and can only say thank you!! I have been married to a toxic man of 11 years. I thank God that I was able to get out of the relationship due to his incarceration. I dealt with the emotions, the cheating, the lying and physical abuse for years. I have now found myself beginning divorce proceedings and hoping that I never have to see him again.. I pray that God hears my prayers…

    • Thank you for reading my blog. I am so glad that you were inspired about my blog. Thank God that you are starting a new chapter in your life. Again, God will remove that person from your life for protection. God wants the best for you. You made the first step and now God will do the rest. God will hear your prayers. Be Blessed!

  8. I had people involved in occult practices (divination) and no telling what else, try to bring me down. They would fit into every category above. God removed some and helped motivate me to remove the rest. The devil sent these people my way. They are insecure, hateful, pathetic, a joke, creepy, weird. Thank you Jesus they are gone from my life. Like I have read before, you don’t know that God is all you need until God is all you’ve got. Thank you Jesus my Lord and Savior!

    • Amen to That! Thank you for reading my blog. You are actually right that God will remove those people from our lives, not only for our protection, but to empower us so we can help others. God is so good all the times. Be Blessed!

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