Blacks Supporting Each Other

Why is it that every race seems to stick together but black folks? And what can we do to change this?

As we celebrate Black History Month we need to remember how far that we had come from. It seems that every race will stick together but black folks. My question is why is that? We don’t want to work together. We don’t want to support each other at all. We even don’t want to help each other in the community. We have Black Business not only in the Black Community but in other areas as well. We won’t support them at all. The one reason is that we won’t support Black Business is because some of the business have a lack of great customer service. One time I had went to a restaurant that only have take out menus. I had asked the woman behind the counter can I please have a menu. She had told me that I could look at the menu on that dirty wall. My response was just to turn around and I had just walked out. To the Black Business Owners if you want to stay in business then you must have great customer service. To the Black Consumers you can expect the Black Business Owners to give you their products or services for free because the purpose of being in Business is to make money.

Another problem that we have in our community is that we don’t know how to network. We need to learn on how to network by building solid relationship. In this world if you want opportunities you must learn how to network. People will help others that they know and trust. Other races like the Jews and the Hispanic they always working together to help one another. If they know somebody that need a job they will tell them about job openings at their company. We all busy being jealous of one another and there is no reason for that all. If a black individual have make an effort to improve their life then somebody from our community will tear them down. I should know when I had started to write my first book everybody wasn’t happy for me. Some were mad at me because they had thought I was all about talk but I had put my vision into action. Some of us would love to keep us down and don’t want to move forward. Some will tell you that you should go on welfare and food stamps. You can’t stay on government assistance forever because eventually you are going have to create your own opportunity.

Also if the Lord had bless us with a College degree or a successful business that some of us don’t want to give back to the community. If you know some information or resources that could benefit somebody in need please share it with them. Just like somebody had helped you then you should do the same for others. When you are helping somebody that you are giving back to your community. 

Milton Kelly is an Author of “Walking In God’s Path Toward Your Destination Volume 1” To Change Your Mindset

and “Walking In God’s Path Toward Your Destination Volume 2” Building A Personal Relationship With Him

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