We Seem To Forget Where We Had Come From

It is so amazing that how we had forgotten how far the Lord had brought us from. Back in the days we in the Black Community didn’t have much but we were there for each other. If someone in need of food, clothes, jobs and other things that we would provide it without any judgment. We even went to Church to worship our God. The Church was packed that you have to get there early. Now in today’s world you see how the Lord had blessed us with different opportunities that we weren’t allowed due to the color of our skin. Some of us seem to forget what our people had to deal with the civil rights movement. You see now how we change in our attitude when we get a degree and we look down on others that have less than we have. We don’t want to help them but all we want to do is give them a hard time because they are going through a hard time. Even today the Lord had blessed us with a better life that we don’t have time for God. We don’t even thank him for all the blessings that he had restored upon us. Please don’t forget to remember where all your blessings come from. During Black History Month let us remember on all the contributions of our fore parents who had shaped and molded us who we are today. We also should remember of those seasoned church members who had always prayed for us out of situations. They knew the Lord for themselves because they had a personal relationship with God way before we started singing gospel music. What they had back then was good because they knew the Lord. I got news for you God is Good today. We should thank God for those season saints who had gone before us. They had to rest from their labors and their legacy will follow them. My question for you is “What legacy are you going to leave behind for our next generations?

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