To Have A Successful Experience At Networking Events

There are so many people don’t know what networking is really all about. Without question all business has one thing in common and that is a “Network.”  Without network there is no business. On this night our networks will have the chance to “EXCHANGE” business cards to one another to build and become stronger as a brand. Unfortunately the brand is not on your business cards but the “BRAND IS IN YOU” and we believe if we have more brands in our society today we can grow as a whole.

How to make the most of networking events. Here are some tips that will help you with your experiences at networking events. 

  • Networking Events have Different Agenda- Networking events are common and great opportunities for anyone that believes in networking. There are networking events that have different purposes so you want to make sure that you are attending the right one that will give you the support that you need. For an example if you are in the entertainment industries then you want to attend a networking event that is involved with actors/actresses, singers, producers, musicians and etc. If you are in that field then you will feel more comfortable and you will also follow your purpose in networking. That will definitely be a great way to find new opportunities. Once you make the decisions on which networking events that you want to attend then you need to make your best efforts to achieve the opportunities.
  • Be Prepared- You need to come prepared when you are attending networking events. You need to bring business cards and plenty of them. It is a serious mistake when you don’t bring your business cards at networking events. Your business cards are a little introduction of yourself that leaves with people.
  • Don’t Be Late- You want to get to the event at least 15 minutes before it starts. You will have a greater advantage by arriving early for the networking event because you will have a better opportunity to talk with others who are already there. Also when you are talking to the other guests that they may send you business and opportunities your way. They may also help you with solutions that you were looking for either it is for your business or career.
  • Making Your Best Entrance- You should enter the room properly like a professional. You should enter the room with a smile on your face. Your entrance should be like you are having a purpose like you are a winner and you take ownership of the room. Nobody doesn’t want to deal with someone that has a negative attitude. You should appear in the room like you have some confidence in yourself. Remember that by being confident will attract people. You should definitely try to reach out to the host of the event and thank them for inviting you to their event. If you don’t know who is the host of the event you tried to ask someone who is working there point you into their direction. By you getting to know the host then you are starting to build a relationship with them and they also will help you with your networking journey. Also make sure you speak with the staff of the networking group of the events as well the guest speaker. 
  • Work on Your Image- Make sure your images are in part. You should always try to wear professional or business attire. You should try to stay away from jeans unless there are new or dress jeans that you will wear with dress shoes. You should never wear sneakers or slippers to networking events. You also need to make sure that your attire is neat and clean. Your hygiene is also important as well. Make sure that you smell fresh at the event. Nobody doesn’t want to smell funky at all. You should always look your best at all times when you are networking.
  • Getting Your Pitch Ready- Some networking events have an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a short introduction that is usually 25words or less about yourself that will describe who you are and what you do. It should not sound like a salesman’s pitch in which you are trying to sell your products but it should be specific and explain exactly what you do. Your elevator pitch should be memorable that will be stuck in someone mind. A perfect example is if you are a web designer then you could say that I had designed an application for located different kind of businesses that are owned by African American and Latinos entrepreneurs. That will be a great way to help make your pitch the first good impression and that’s all individuals will remember about you when they leave the networking event. 

The most important thing to remember is the purpose of attending networking events is to meet people and the process of building relationship. You should never sit by yourself on the side or limit yourself to a few people. You should be able to mingle with many people as possible for the entire event. You need to make an effort to put your focus on each person that you are talking to and make sure that you listen as well. There is an old saying that God had given you us a mouth to open it to speak and close it to shut our mouth close. God had given us ears to listen. When we shut our mouth closed then we are able to listen. There is a time to speak and there is a time to listen. You should not be scared to make small talk. Your purpose is trying to meet new people who you might be able to do business later or work together in the future on a project. When you put your focus on the other person then you are making an attempt to make a great impression at that precious moment. When you are giving out your business cards please make sure that you are doing that with a humble spirit. Putting a smile on your face will also will help in a long way. You should take special note of each card that was handled for you by describing one word about that person. That way you will remember something about that person had caught your attention by their words and actions. It’s equally important for you to have their business cards as well in their possession. When someone gives you their business cards that all of their contact information is on that card that you will need to get in contact with them later. 

This is an excerpt from my latest book “The Real Purpose Of Networking.”  This is from my own experience of having a successful networking experience. This book is perfect for anybody that wants to know what networking is really about. This book is available in Paperback and Ebook in the Kindle Download format at Amazon. Here is the link to my book:

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