The Importance Of Networking

Networking is very important in today’s world especially for job seekers. With networking you will have the opportunity to meet individuals from different backgrounds and companies. You will also meet business owners as well. People also can refer you to their friends, family members, their clients and their networks. They can also refer you to their contacts at different companies that you have an interest to work at. Usually people who network on a regular basis will have a better chance for career opportunities than people who are looking for jobs the traditional ways. Speaking of that the old traditional ways of looking for a job is not happening today. A lot of employers are not posting their job openings in the classified ads. Networking is the key to getting jobs in today’s job market. People are getting jobs through individuals that they have relationships with. Networking is not Favoritism at all. You need to add value to other people and organizations or networking will get you nowhere. There is nothing unethical about engaging in networking to advance your career. Your network is your new position.

Networking Consists of the following important key components:

  • People, Connect, Socials, Relationships, Contacts, Common, Planning, Efficiency, Interests, Support, Meeting, Mutual, Informal, Success, Strategies, Interaction, Business, Opportunities, Community, Jobs, Professionals, Branding, Online, Groups and Marketing

These are the key components that will make up a successful networking experience. The Networking experience is great for meeting new people or friends. This experience is great for connections, searching for new opportunities such as jobs and business deals. Networking is usually in a professional environment. When you are networking you should always be professional. Networking is not going to be easy but it takes a lot of hard work on your part. It is not a one day or an overnight experience but a long process. Communications is the most important component of networking. Without communication you will not have a successful networking experience. You need to be patience. You should be able to communicate or mingle with others. If you are not a people person then networking will not work out for you at all. Networking is also great for professionals and business owners as well. With networking it will give you a chance to meet new people and new opportunities. Business owners are always looking forward to expand their business or finding new opportunities. Professionals always looking for ways to connect with other professionals, especially within their industries. Also they are willing to look for new connections and new opportunities. Networking is also great for partnership such as events, projects and etc. When you are networking you should not be asking for a job or pushing to sell your products and services. Again networking is a process. First you need to make an introduction so you can get acquainted with each other especially if you don’t know that person. Your purpose of networking is to get to know that person and working on to start to build a relationship. This is a great chance for you to make an introduction and give a minute pitch of what you do. They will do the exact same thing with you. Communication is the main key component for networking.

Marketing or making a brand of you is another important component of networking. We have to learn how to market ourselves. We can’t hide behind a company or our business cards because we are actually the brand. We have to sell ourselves to others. What kind of images that you are representing. Again you can’t have a negative mindset. You need to have a positive mindset and have confidence in yourself. People will notice if you have lack of confidence or you have a negative mindset. When you are attending a networking event make sure you are mingle with others. You should never be late for a networking event. You should arrive at least 15 minutes before the event starts that way you can get a chance to have more time to mingle with others. Also you will have a chance to meet and talk with the organizer of the event. You don’t want to be late because you really don’t want to miss anything at the event. Also you don’t want to disturb anyone who is attending the event. These events are very informal. You will get a lot of information and tools to help you with being successful in your business and career. This is just like going to a seminar. You should always have plenty of business cards with you. 

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