Network Marketers Need To Know The Importance of Networking

 A person who is an affiliate of a network marketing company can also benefit from networking. You are asking me “What are Network Marketing Companies?” The answer is that is a method of marketing that utilizes independent representatives to reach potential customers that a company otherwise would not reach traditional online or offline marketing methods. Networking Marketing Companies want access to your network that includes your friends and family members. There are so many companies that are offering products and services. A lot of them you may recognize by their brand name. There are products and services that these companies will let you market will cover from Communications to Financial Services. They need to recruit people  because  these companies don’t believe in paying tons of money for advertisements instead they will use the word of mouth marketing tools that is more powerful and effective method of marketing. That’s especially effective when that message comes from someone that we already know and trust. “If you are a person with big dreams and would love to support others in achieving their big dreams, then the network marketing business is definitely a business for you. You can start your business part-time at first and then as your business grows, you can help other people start their part-time business. This is a value worth having – a business and people who help others make their dreams come true.” By Robert Kiyosaki

At every networking event you will see individuals from network marketing companies or MLM. Some of those individuals think that they are actually networking by trying to recruit someone into their MLM business at the event. Instead of them trying to get to know you they are ready to recruit you in their MLM Business or they will try to sell you their products. That is a big mistake. When you are attending networking events you main focus should not be on recruiting or trying to sell your products. People will get turned off real quick. Your main focus should be by meeting new connections by networking. My own experiences at a networking event that I had met this person at. He had approached me to have a conversation with me. We had made an introduction to each other. At the time I was working with Primerica as an Independent Representative. I had told him that I was working with Primerica. At that particular moment he had started to bashed Primerica and was trying to recruit me to his MLM business. I had told him I couldn’t join because it was a conflict of interest. He was so angry with me and told me that I don’t want to make any money. Then he had told me that he doesn’t care about his client at all. The only thing he cares about is making money. After that I was so turned off that I had decided to walk away from him. You should never bash  any company while you are networking. The purpose of networking is to get to know each other by building solid relationships.

A lot of people who are involved with network marketing companies don’t know the importance of building solid relationships. During the networking events they will pass out their business cards and they that all they have to do is to network. They will not follow up with any of their prospect connections. One time I did my follow up with a person and he had told me that he will only meet up with me if I am interested in joining his network marketing company. After that I had just torn up his business card. People who work with network marketing company need to learn how to network the proper way. The networking marketing company is about connecting with others that is how you are going to build your business and team. They should be able to network because since the business that they are in require them to communicate with others to build up their business. When you are networking you need to build relationships first by getting to know your potential connection. That should be your main focus. After you get to know that person for a while then you can start to introduce to them what you do with your MLM Business.  If you want that person to buy your product or services then you need to support them as well. Support goes both ways and not one way. A woman had called me one afternoon that I had met at a networking event. She had supposed to do a follow up call but her purpose was to get my friend John number and address so she can push her product to him. I had told her that I couldn’t give you his information without his permission. She had told me not to be stupid. I had told her you are starting to be rude and I need to hang up on you because you aren’t being professional. She also had said that she doesn’t believe that support goes both ways. I didn’t want to network with her because she was a waste of my time and energy. She had tried to call me again but I had ignored her call. Again when you are networking with someone you should always be on your best behavior at all time. You never know who you might meet. Even though a lot of people weren’t doing business with me when I was with Primerica but I stay in contact with them. Now that I am an Author that those people that I had establish relationship with are now a blessing to me in my new opportunity.

“Most business people think they know how to network; they might be great at mingling, but don’t take the necessary steps to turn introductions into prospects.”~~Mike Sullivan

This blog is an inspiration for me to write my latest book “The Real Purpose of Networking.” The birth of this book was due to the factor of so many common mistakes that some individuals who are involved in network marketing companies. They really need to learn how to build relationships with others.Networking is all about building solid relationships. If you want to learn how to build solid relationships by networking then purchase this book. “The Real Purpose of Networking is available in Paperback and Kindle for purchase online at Amazon. 

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4 thoughts on “Network Marketers Need To Know The Importance of Networking

  1. This is a great blog on the real nature of networking, and puts and end to the ‘bothering friends’ nonsense we hear about. Milton’s book on MLM goes much deeper into the subject and is a must read.

  2. Awesome post! I also run into many people just trying to either sell their product or recruit me. As soon as I say I’m not interested, they don’t want to stay connected. It really is a shame most people in network marketing act this way and bash other companies they aren’t apart of.

    • Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your experiences. I even noticed when I go to a Chamber of Commerce event, there are a lot of individuals from MLM will show up and tried to recruit you into their business. They will not do their follow up with you unless you are interested in their MLM Business. Hopefully one day they will know about the right way of networking.

      • No problem. I think most people in NM get into and are lost. They have no mentor-ship and no one to guide them.(I didn’t in the beginning, but have found that, thankfully!) And most are too lazy to take the time to research what it takes to be successful in the industry. Then after a few months of not seeing the results they expected, they quit and bash the industry as a whole saying it doesn’t work or its a scheme. No, what didn’t work was you, You as a person didn’t take the initiative or time to do the work. Network marketing gives you an opportunity, not a guarantee of anything.

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