Create Your Own Opportunity


In today’s economy you really need to create your own opportunity. If you are waiting for President Obama to knock on your door to give you an opportunity then you are going to be disappointed. Opportunities will not knock on your door you must get out of your bed and go after it. Most people will miss out on their opportunity because they are afraid to go after it. When one door closes in front of your face God will open a new door for you. A person had told me that the doors don’t have feet. I had told that person yeah that is true but you do have feet and you must turn that knob on that door and walk through toward your new opportunity. You must have the faith of the size of that little mustard seed. You have to pray and put one foot before the other and step out on faith to accomplish your dream. God will surely help you in moving all obstacles in your life and supply you with what you need to succeed. You start to create your own opportunity by networking. You must network with others to build solid relationships. Do you know that successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking “what’s in it for me”. Part of creating opportunities that you must be willing to help others. You must be willing to help others.

When you are thinking about creating your own opportunity ask yourself the following questions. What are my passions? What is my hidden talents? Do I want to go back to school to learn a new profession? Do I want to start my own business? Should I write my book? This is the perfect moment to evaluate yourself to see what you want to next to create your own opportunity. Life is a gamble and you must take risks. You must get out of that comfort zone to receive those new opportunities. When you are stuck in your comfort zone then you will miss out on new opportunities. There are always opportunities everywhere but you have to go out there to look for them. You must create your own opportunity. 



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