30 Days to Overcoming Depression & Anxiety: My Story and Personal Devotional for Fighting Depression and Breaking Free from Anxiety

Title: 30 Days To Overcoming Depression & Anxiety: My Story and Personal Devotional for Fighting Depression and Breaking Free from Anxiety

Author: Adam Cumpston

Publisher: Adam Cumpston; 1 edition (December 11, 2015)

Number of Pages: 88 pages


ISBN-10: 1523365617 (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 978-1523365616  (Hardcover)

About The Author:  

Adam Cumpston is an author, speaker and teacher with a passion for encouraging spiritual growth to overcome issues with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. His books provide a practical, real-life approach to conquering the issues that we face inside of our minds, giving freedom and victory in the name of Jesus.

https://www.adamcumpston.com     or adamcumpston@gmail.com

About This Book:    

Are you tired of feeling like a slave to depression and anxiety? There is hope to break the shackles that are holding you back from the life God has called you to live. I used to live a life of hopelessness and fear, but through a Biblical foundation and the power of Jesus, I have emerged as a conqueror with a renewed peace and joy. 30 Days to Overcoming Depression and Anxiety is more than just a typical Christian devotional. It details the plan that I used to transform my life and renew my mind through Christ. Each day of this journey, written from the deepest, darkest parts of my soul, tells the story of my struggle with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, and details my triumph over the things that plagued my mind. This is more than just a fluffy, feel good book to lift your mood. Each day of this journey was written to push your limits with solid advice from the Scriptures and a daily challenge each day to bring about the needed change in your life that you desperately crave. This study is designed as a personal journey to inspire you to build a Biblical foundation in your life, giving you the tools to overcome any storm that emerges in your life. If you are weary of the struggle to survive, you are at the right place. Let me share my story with you and show you how Jesus has totally transformed my life and made me a victor in His name. You can find victory as well!

30 Days To Overcoming Depression & Anxiety: My Story and Personal Devotional for Fighting Depression and Breaking Free from Anxiety Book Review:

As I am still on the road in recovery for depression and anxiety, I continue to read Inspirational Motivational that put the focus on dealing with Mental Illness and overcome it by using The Word of God as a personal tool. Adam Cumpston allow God to guide the pen to share his personal story by ministering to readers like me who dealing with Mental Illness to have a Personal Devotional as a road map to fight the enemy (Satan) soldiers called Depression and Anxiety.  This inspirational manual was full with voluminous words to the wise. I believe the messages will help me and other individuals get back to the foundation. Also delete yourself from an emotional stagnation. Adam Cumpston didn’t hold back any punch about his depression. I can relate because I also dealt with the same thing in 2014. This is a reminder as reading this book that I wasn’t alone and I experience a transformation during my struggles with mental illness. If you are looking for a reboot then I recommend you to read Adam’s Book and start putting the messages into action. I know that Adam wrote this particular personal 30 day daily devotional  based of being in a low place of life. Just like myself, Adam and other Christians who have a casual, comfortable relationship with Christ and faith to shallow to be any use in hard-times and despair of this life. God can deliver us to a place of straight-out wretchedness and direct us on a walkway to a profound supplementary fulfilled spiritual life and walk with Christ. “30 Days to Overcoming Depression & Anxiety Personal Devotional” is applicable not only for those who are distress but for anyone who is in need of a voluminous, frame of mind, and most importantly Holy Spirit influence relationship with Christ. In distinction to study by allowing ourselves to be filled and focus for God’s purpose, to steps to a more fulfilling prayer life and Bible study he shows us how this can translate to a more spiritually fruitful life in Christ.

I personally believe that we should put the focus on Christ and read the bible daily can help us to overcome depression and anxiety attack. I should know because when I was in the hospital for depression and anxiety attack the doctors and staff tried their best to keep me down and feel hopeless. What they didn’t know that I had God on my side and I kept the faith even when I wasn’t sure how my life will turn out after my illness. I spoken life into my life and put my faith into action. They tried their best to put me on all of these medications to use me as a guinea pig. I told them that I am sticking with this medicine and I am not taking any additional medication. They also tried to force me to go to the homeless shelter because at the time I didn’t have a place to stay. I told them everyday that I wasn’t going to the Shelter. This one doctor told me that you must follow our treatment plan for you to recover that include going to the shelter. I told them that the devil is a liar and God purpose for me is not to live in the shelter systems. They forcefully discharge me out of the hospital with 8 muscle security guards when I wasn’t even better. They did that because I advocate for myself and I didn’t allow them to control me or my destiny.  In a way, it was a blessings in disguise because, not only that I didn’t go to the Shelter but I am now on the road of recovery. What is helping me that I been doing a lot of reading Inspirational and Motivational books like this one. Part of recovery is not the medications but it starts with you. Recovery is about change, transformation, rebirth and renewal. Every since I was discharge from the hospital, the first thing I did was to get rid of my so called friends and individuals that are toxic and have a negative mindset. Every since I did that I felt the burden was lighter and feel like a new person. I also change my surroundings and mindset.  Thank You Adam Cumpston for sharing your personal story about depression and shows us how you use The Word of God to help you overcome Depression and Anxiety.

Here is more books that I recommend you to read overcome depression and other mental illness:

The Promise of A Sound Mind-(God’s Plan For Emotional and Mental Health) By Eddie Snipes

Overcoming Obstacles- Hope Devotional By Terry Ann Scott

How To Overcome Depression God’s Way By Amy Hagerup

Battling & Overcoming Self (Mind Renewal) By T.K. Ware


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