I Need A Day To Pray

Title: I Need A Day To Pray – Christian Living 

Author: Tina Campbell

Publisher: Gee Tree Creative (April 28, 2015)

Number of Pages: 118 pages

ASIN: B00WYB5J8Q (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0996330208 (PaperBack)

ISBN-13: 978-0996330206 (Paperback)

About This Book:   

My life looked pretty good on the outside. I’m a preacher’s kid who was basically born and raised in church. I came to know God as a kid, got serious about Him as a teen, then changed my mind and strayed, but came back to Him as a young adult. I loved the Lord and chose to have a relationship with Him but I struggled, for many years, to have a committed walk

I Need A Day To Pray Book Review:

If you have the desire of thirsting for the Lord to maneuver in your lifeblood in a MIGHTY approach (in the manner of only HE can do) this is a major league prayer component for you. No, “I Need A Day To Pray” is not a memoir or a “tell-all”, this inspirational manual serves a much greater purpose than anything of that nature could do. My prayer life was not frequently, but with “I Need A Day To Pray”, it really provide as a supplementary pathfinder to the Bible, it’s given my faith an astounding breakthrough. Personally I can admit that I need to communicate to my Heavenly Father daily, and for that reason I have an appreciation for this book. Wonderful book. I’ve been listening songs of  Mary Mary  for many years and found out in 2015 while watching the reality show of Mary Mary,  Tina Campbell was releasing a solo album and a book. I’m so glad I purchased both this book and amazing album. This book displays  her knowledge of  God’s Word, her faith in God, and she magnificently teaches us how to cross-reference our experiences with the Word of God. I personally want to thank Tina Campbell for allowing God to guide the pen to created a splendidly written inspiring book by sharing her testimony through prayers both in writings and music (Soundtrack of life). While reading the reviews from other readers on Amazon, some gave it a bad review because they were expecting her to tell dirty laundry and bashing her husband about his extramarital relations. They were complaining about the book from the first page to the last page were about prayers. Just because they mentioned it wasn’t a good book doesn’t mean it is true. You just have to allow yourself to transform your mindset to be in receipt of what she has disposed. You need also allow yourself to delete  ‘YOUR’ expectations out of it. The title of the book is “I Need A Day To Pray”; for this reason, the book reflects with prayers for strength. Just like Faith Without Work Is Dead, Prayer Without Work is also dead. You need to put your prayer into actions. Just praying about saving your marriage alone will not save it. You must fight for your marriage by working on it by any means necessary including seeing a marriage counselor. There is nothing wrong about getting help with a professional that are licensed to save relationships. The problem is that so many Christians believe that just by praying a bag of goodies will fall from the sky with the stamp approval from God. Prayer alone will not manifest luck or chance. Prayer will give you instruction for achieving your goals by way of works. Tina offers her spiritual guidance as she was dealing with the worst betrayals caused by the love of her life, Teddy Campbell. She allow the help from God, the Holy Spirit, encouraging words from the Holy Bible, was able to triumph and allow to forgive so she can experience the transformation within herself. Just like Tina Campbell, we need to acknowledged the pain and have the desire for the presence of the Lord to the healing process to ease the pain. I am a witness to that and it does work. Holding on to grudges isn’t healthy for your relationships, your Christian Living and not even for your Health and Wellness. I love the fact that she include references from scriptures of the Bible as a great tool. I am on my own personal journey in learning and reading scriptures on a daily basis.  Thank You Tina Campbell for being an inspiration to others through the anointed from God. By doing that, you are showing us what God is able to accomplish exceeding abundantly above everything we pray for according to His power that dwell in us. God Bless the Campbell Family and continue protecting them from the enemy.  Please read this book for yourself, this book will deliver about everlasting transformation.


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