Pickin’ Ground

Title: Pickin’ Ground (The Lottie Series Book 1)

Author: Jeanetta Britt

Publisher: Twelve Stones Publishing, LLC (May 31, 2014)

Number of Pages: 351 pages

ASIN: B00KPIJ260 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 097123633X (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0971236332  (Paperback)


About The Author:   
Jeanetta Britt is a bestselling author and an award-winning poet who graduated with honors from Fisk University and The University of Michigan, and completed an executive career in Dallas. But she says, “My greatest asset is my faith in Jesus Christ. So I returned to my native Alabama to write Christian Fiction novels and Gospel Poetry…to share His love with the world. Join me, and let’s take Christian Fiction over the top!”


About This Book:    



Lottie Garrett’s career as a partner in a New York investment firm is a far cry from her humble beginnings in the Deep South. Life is eerily calm until Lottie and her unlikely business partner, Raymond, are pitted in a life and death struggle against a masked murderer who chases them across three states. They land in Union City, Alabama, Lottie’s rural hometown, but Lottie hasn’t been home or seen her wise, homespun mother, Miss Charity, in over ten years. As tightly guarded family secrets collide, Miss Charity will be the best guide for Lottie and Raymond’s unexpected, soul-searching adventure, which leads to reconciliation, divine forgiveness and the release of bitterness. Filled with southern charm, a twist of mystery and a dash of suspense, “Pickin’ Ground” takes readers through a thorny murder plot that unravels through the very last page!
“Pickin’ Ground” is the first book in the Lottie series.

Pickin’ Ground (Lottie Series Book 1) Book Review:   

Awesome Narrative with just the appropriate magnitude of drama and suspense to accomplish the purpose for you not want to stop reading this narration.There isn’t any profanity and outrageous sexual story-line. Melodramatic southern birthplace of this novel will takes you on that journey to the Southern States where you have your family roots.  The characters and the storytelling was created well by Jeanetta Britt. It was truly an awesome anecdote and it conserve you the desire to want more. By the way this is the first book by Jeanetta Britt that I read so far and I was very pleased with a great story with mystery and also about love and redemption. In “Pickin’ Ground”, there were full of cloak and dagger to cause me on the edge of my seat. The Holy Spirit anointed Jeanetta Britt’s hand to created a Christian story well written with great scenes and noteworthy Characters without doubt will catch your attention to consider to read more of her written works. I found the plot to be extraordinary and expeditiously, with just sufficient meaningful planted breakable spots to deliver an amount of substance message straight to the heart. Ms. Britt’s anointed gift from God to engage readers so profoundly, while come across with soul-searching point in time that undoubtedly they can relate without equal time, are eye-opening revelations. I found myself thinking of the well-developed, colorful characters as if I actually knew them and I couldn’t wait to get back to them at the end of my day. “PICKIN’ GROUND” will leave you with enthusiasm and with forethought pending the next story about Lottie. Thank you Jeanetta Britt for writing a radiant apologue. Jeanetta  kept my attention in this story with her delightful creation of the Character, Lottie and shows the abounding angle of a woman that we might know in our very own lives.

I personally endorse this book as a mind-blowing, self-examination story. “Pickin’ Ground” have a well-mannered concerning an expeditiously plot with southern allurement. I found Lottie as a meaningful character with down-to-earth provocation. Jeanetta make sure that she created a voice                   (a steadfast what it takes of southern inheritance and lingo) supplemental a favorable communication to the narration. When I was started to read this book, I discover it was a political murder mystery and I love to read a great book with mystery and suspense that is well written. We can relate because Politics is one of America’s contaminate confidential information. That’s mean in “Pickin’ Ground” there are dirty politics from New York to the South and yonder. You can appreciate as a reader when individuals be made known and tell it in the manner of the truth. I highly recommend everyone that love to read a clean mystery book without profanity, then “Pickin’ Ground” is the book to read. I love the way how this narration is not only about the South, but around the dirty politics and despite the fact, the south was characterize without a doubt marvelously. I am looking forward to read the next two books in the Lottie Series. I am going to read many more books by Jeanetta Britt.

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