When A Man Loves A Woman: A Season of Change

Title: When A Man Loves A Woman: A Season of Change – Christian Novella 

Author: Tumika Patrice Cain

Publisher:   Shan Presents, LLC (December 16, 2015)

Number of Pages:  264Pages

ASIN:  B019HLV65U (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0985711353 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0985711351 (Paperback)

About The Author:     



Tumika Patrice Cain is an award winning author, radio show host, blogger, poet, motivator, founder of the Say What?? Book Club, and columnist/book reviewer for PEN’Ashe Magazine. Her works center around the complexities of the human experience and in uplifting the spirit. An assignment for a second grade class sparked her interest in writing that would quickly become her raison d’etre. As an educator, she wholeheartedly believes that each one should reach one; each one should teach one. When she is not writing, she may be found teaching writer’s workshops, blogging, volunteering, and otherwise beautifying the world around her. She is the author of the award winning novel, Season of Change; After the Rain…a Poetry Collective; and The Heart of a Woman: Poetry, Short Stories & Tekaisms. Her works have been published in a number of anthologies, magazines and periodicals. You may follow her on Facebook: Tumika Patrice Cain

Twitter : https://twitter.com/TumikaPatrice.

Instagram, Pinterest & Goodreads: @TumikaPatrice


About This Book:     


The stars seemed to have been aligned for Avery and Alicia. From the outside looking in, Lady Luck passed their way and left a fortune! They had a whirlwind, fairytale romance filled with all the little things that make dreams come true, a wedding of grace and beauty, and perfectly magical careers that produced almost enough money to burn. They were the picture-perfect couple.
Unfortunately, time has a way of revealing fissures in what appears to the naked eye as impenetrable. The results send this fairy-tale romance spiraling out of control. Avery, as perfect and so right as he seemed, struggles to free himself from his demons. He clings to this delicate relationship that he desperately needs as if his last breath depends on it. Alicia, on the other hand, struggles to make the necessary corrections that will release her from a prison of unexpected, agonizing turmoil. A novel of enduring strength, undeniable empowerment, and the compelling ability to overcome incredible odds, Book one in the When a Man Loves a Woman series is a powerhouse that will impact readers long after the last words have been read.

When A Man Loves A Woman Book Review:

There are so many times, some individuals find themselves in circumstances that will test them by showing who they are and what they are able to become. Once in a blue moon, there are circumstances that outta of our upper hand, but there are point in time when the prison we reside in was assembled with our mindset. “When A Man Loves A Woman’ is the first book that I read by Tumika Cain. In this narration, we discover the gift to see when two people who have been link together through their thoughts of fallen in love have become padlocked in a sequence that is abounding from all manner of wrongdoing and disrespect. On the outside take in the sights, you would comprehend that Alicia and Avery had the fairy tale marriage but you never realize that Avery went through fire and brimstone in his childhood. What he live through child abuse from his parents. You assume that Alicia has everything growing up. Although Alicia found her dream man in Avery and ended up being husband and wife. You never know what a person is dealing with because you only looking outside their frame house. Avery and Alicia may have seemed like the perfect match, but life shows that not anything is as a matter of fact perfect when dealing with shatter person.. Will Alicia treasure the audacity to not just face her reality but move forward before her decision sabotage her? We need to realize that comparable with the seasons of the earth, we are sometimes not stand for to stay where we are. Instead it is time for us to grow and be transformed into what we were truly meant to be? Can we really truly say that we know the person we want to be in a relationship with? Do we take our time to get to know that person before we commit ourselves to be in relationship with them. That also how we get to know the Lord by building a personal relationship with Him by communicate through prayer and reading the Word. While reading this book, the writing from Tumika Patrice Cain will leave you contemplative. Up to speed there were numberless considerable point in time with this narrative, but I believe the uttermost sentimental ones had to do with Alicia realize she was not by herself  in what she was going through. What a tremendous lecture for everyone. Regardless of where you are in your lives, you don’t have to face any of the challenges surrounding you by yourself.  When you accept that and walk in the flexibility it brings, it will direct you to the path for possibilities of the future.  The purpose of Tumika created a powerful novella with manifold powerful messages, for the readers like myself to be willing to move forward in order to experience growth in life. I really love this novella from the book cover that hypnotize me from the first page to the last page.

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