He S.A.W. Me! Saved, Anointed & Walks With Me

Title: He S.A.W. Me! Saved, Anointed & Walks With Me

Author: Anika Martin

Publisher:  Dog Ear Publishing, LLC (June 30, 2015)

Number of Pages: 108 pages

ISBN-10: 145753939X (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1457539398  (Paperback)

About The Author:  

Anika Martin was born in Philadelphia, PA and grew up in the Mt. Airy and Germantown neighborhoods. She is happily married with three children and currently resides in South Carolina.


About This Book:    



In He S.A.W. Me, Anika Martin draws from the many challenges that she has faced throughout the past thirty years. The messages in the book is the result of her walk through many dark days, not knowing who she was, the pain of rejection on many levels and a very low self-esteem to a new perspective of how God sees her.Through Anika’s “Real Talk”, you will learn that she speaks to the everyday woman in a manner that is easy to understand. She takes you through the valleys of her life that many women are afraid to speak of and shows you how to obtain victory, with the help of a friend, Jesus Christ. Anika shows you the different patterns that can lead to failure, but then shows you the path that will help you get out of the vicious cycle of self-destruction and onto the path of positive self-worth. She helps to reiterate how wonderful you are because God made you special and precious in His sight. Women are powerful, strong, nurturing, and talented and it’s time that you recognize your full potential. Anika helps women to identify weak areas that can contribute to wrong decision making; which in turn leads to additional pain. She wants you to discover your power in Christ and how to live a life of spiritual growth, positive thinking and the power of prayer, which is the ultimate love language of God.

He S.A.W. Me! Saved, Anointed & Walks With Me Book Review:

Congratulations to Anika Martin for writing an awesome empowerment book. She allow God to guide the pen through her anointed hand to tell her story in a book.  In this book “He S.A.W. Me! Saved, Anointed & Walks With Me”,Anika shared her pain, trials, tribulation, and the lost of her faith In God. Anika purpose of writing this book to share her testimony about healing and how God direct her from the dark valley to Glory. She wants you to know that her message is not to glorify the enemy (Satan) but to magnify the power of God. Anika wanted this book to help women who lost their identity but I believe that men can also benefit from reading this anointed book. Anika have to struggle with the pain of adultery, discovering her identity, finding answers to many of life questions and the main question that we often ask, “What does it all mean?”  In life, we allow mistakes too often by looking for people to validate us, comfort us and let them guide our path. We need to look to the answers to our question in The Word Of God. Sometimes in life that we allow ourselves to be a prisoner of Denial. Denial is a sure-enough alarming place to be in as there is no mending or healing in your time of season in the place of hurting. We allow Satan through the wrong people in our circle to bring shame into situations to keep under the rug. Also allow the enemy to give use the excuse to use it as a method of control and  condemnation. Anika want to let you know it is alright to speak up and to allow yourself to come out of the dark. Christ sacrifice his life for our sin and time for us to walk in the path of God and put our trust in Him. We need to have a personal relationship with Him and communicate with God on a regular basis.

Just like Anika, Some of us have the character trait in the lack of self- worth. When we allow ourselves toward that dangerous place then it will opens the door to negative things such as being a people pleasing and finding your self- worth in the wrong people. This is the time for you to take a personal inventory of yourself and to analyze if you are satisfy with your current situations. If you are not happy with your current situations then it is time for you to make a change. Your life is worthy and God given you the power to validate yourself. The enemy will send people in your life to mess with your mind  that will cause you to make wrong decisions, being trapped in toxic relationship, drugs, and convince you to commit adultery behavior with a married person.  We also allow ourselves to walk around with nasty attitudes, being jealous of people that are living a successful lives. I can relate because I was friend with this person name John and he have low self esteem. At the age of 56, he label himself of being ugly because he is dark. He wants to stay in his comfort zone. He jealous of me because I tried to reinvent myself by working with a MLM company and publishing my books. He tried his best to discourage me and interrupt my success. He did that because he didn’t have confidence in himself. After while I had to disconnect with him because his negative and toxic mindset started to be contagious. Once I remove him out of my life I became a better person and have a better walk with God. Even after my depression, I didn’t allow anyone to interrupt my Faith in God. I put my faith into action. Faith without work is dead.

In my opinion Anika really wrote a marvelous inspirational motivational book about her life. She share every details about her life including the molestation, domestic abuse, being a drug addict, being homeless and being in a failed marriage and relationships. Anika provide her own experiences by minister to her readers with the Word of God. In her early years she didn’t have faith in God but while she was going through her storm that she realized that she need to change. She did especially when her children were born. Part of change, you need to cut out people that don’t want you to experience growth. You need to take responsibility for your action and the most important thing is give your life to the Lord. There were so many scriptures that Anika provided to help you on your journey. Anika is not just talking about change, she is walking the walk by putting it into action. Anika finally got her act together. It wasn’t easy for her but once she admit of her part in the destructive behavior, she revive her life by walking with God. She also finally was in a relationship with the right man. Everything was going great for Anika and her second husband, Daryl until the enemy tried to destroy their marriage of infidelity by Daryl. Anika wanted to give up but she was very determine to fight for her marriage. Every-time Anika wanted give him another chance, he will go back to the same habit of being unfaithful. Finally Anika have enough and confront his mistress and put the fear of God in to the both of them. Some will think that Anika was wrong but actually she was right to let them have with the best weapon and that is The Word of God.  Thank God Anika didn’t let the enemy control her mind to commit murder. We all can learn from Anika Martin that regardless what we are going through that God will bring us out of our storm if we trust and believe in Him. Through the darkness that we may endured in, God was always there. God not in any way took his eyes off of us and walked with us in the purpose to develop who we are meant to be through Jesus Christ. Just like the title of this book, Jesus does saved, He anoint us and walk with us. That’s good news. I am looking forward to read more books by this woman of God, Anika Martin. Please get this book for yourself. Also every young woman, Young man and individuals that have low self esteem need to pick this book and start reading so it can minister your mind.  Thank You Anika Martin for writing this book and share your story in the purpose to minister and help others to change their lives.

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