Shattered Mirrors: Broken In Plain Sights

Title: Shattered Mirrors: Broken In Plain Sights – Inspirational Motivational Autobiography

Author: Karl Allen Griggs

Publisher:  DM&V Publishing New York (2013)

Number of Pages: 237 pages

ASIN: B00IX5S8BM (EBook)

ISBN-10: 1467574740

ISBN-13: 978-1467574747

About The Author:      

Karl Allen Griggs, a Detroit native, has made a name for himself in the world of Corporate Finance and Brand Development. After completing his MBA in Finance, Karl was recognized as a visionary and has held multiple senior level management positions with global Fortune 500 companies. At the young age of 27, Karl was named Vice President of Finance, Business Development, & Analysis for a publicly held corporation. His responsibilities included directing the development and global expansion of a retail brand, and he was also registered with the Federal Trade Commission.His accomplishments did not go unnoticed; Karl became a published business authority in April 2006 with Black Enterprise Magazine when he published the first of many articles discussing the concept of business development. Karl’s public acceptance did not stop there. He was also invited to speak at the Entrepreneurs Conference hosted by Black Enterprise Magazine, the National Franchise Expo, and appeared on a cable news program where experts discuss the issues of business development and capitalization. Karl continues to be recognized as a leader. “My ability to apply financial principles to everyday life has allowed me to develop new techniques to conduct traditional business”. Karl is no stranger to hard work. While serving in his fifth Vice Presidency, managing the capital investments and operations for one of the world’s largest real estate investment trust, Karl also served as Co-Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of KRAVE Magazine® and; a fashion, lifestyle, & entertainment magazine which speaks to the needs of today’s men of color. “My life’s accomplishments are the results of what happens when you are not afraid to take ownership of all of the “No’s” in your life, and grant yourself permission to shatter the mirrors of limitations that others place in your way.” However, Karl’s is most proud of his continued journey to success. In his own words: “We are all affected by what we have done, what has been done to us, and what we have failed to do. I have seen and been the victim of unimaginable abuse of all kinds, and thought it was normal. My painful circumstances, lack of self esteem, and the cycle of unhealthy  relationships I witnessed as a child put me on a path of self destruction; however, one day in the face of adversity, with a depression weighing me down I had a moment of clarity and strength that changed my life. I now know my life purpose is to help, others regardless of their circumstance, find their strength that will unlock the door that leads to their dreams and limitless possibilities. My Grandmother told me “Legacy is not measured by the wealth you accumulate in life, or by what you leave behind; however, it is measured by what you inspire others to do with their lives.” So now I pray that through my experiences, my life and my story, others can be inspired to see beyond the limitations of their current thinking and beyond the borders of their current environment, to a life where they will never pray for rescue. Others can be inspired to see beyond the limitations…

About This Book:    

“Shattered Mirrors, Broken In Plain Sight”, by Karl Allen Griggs is a epic story of triumph through the depths of adversity, dealing with the harsh realities of topics such as domestic violence, codependent relationships, sexual abuse, rape, suicide, addiction and homosexuality. Griggs, the author, relives in graphic detail his journey through life dealing with each one of these topics in isolation as a child growing up in Detroit Michigan. With each chapter the reader is transported to a place of emotional purgatory that will make even the strongest reminisce on situations in their past and question their own resilience. Griggs delivers a heartfelt performance as both prosecutor and defendant as he cross-examines his past demanding that the adults in his life take responsibility for their investment in his misery. The unapologetic roller coaster of experiences are seasoned with profound life lessons taught to Griggs by his grandmothers, who not knowing the abuse he faced, gave him the strength to pick up the pieces of his life, forgive his abusers, and take responsibility for his future. Now almost 20 years since the start of his journey, Griggs tells his story of victory reliving each moment of abuse and taking the bandages off of unhealed wounds, offering the reader the life lessons that changed his life and allowed him to move from the childhood and life of despair to a life of limitless possibilities. My grandmother told me, “Most people spend their whole lives looking in the mirror and never see themselves, because they only focus on what they are trying to cover up.” She goes on to say, “When you look in the mirror you only see where you are standing and what is behind you, but your life, your future, and your happiness is on the other side of the mirror.”

Shattered Mirrors: Broken In Plain Sights Book Review:     

We all read the sketch of a narrative before we actually turn to the first page, even after analyze it, I was not really expecting what I was about to comprehend.This book took me on a personal journey exhaustive heated roller coaster ride. From the beginning of “Shattered Mirrors: Broken In Plain Sight” will captures your attention just like mine. I really felt the pain that Karl had to deal with. It made me so angry that his own mother ignore his cry for help especially the beaten and abuse that His step father Gus gave to him. I love the fact how his Grandmother Mary really care and love Karl just like he was her own son. Some of the stuff she was saying to Karl had me laughing out loud so hard. She offer a lot of great wisdom about life to Karl from her own life experience. They really have a close relationship and accepted his lifestyle. We all can learn from the messages that Karl written in this book, the great wisdom and knowledge from his grandmother, Mary. Karl created an image with great comprehensive story about his life through a mirror. I respect Karl for having the courage to share his painful story to the readers. In my opinion he did an awesome job by developed a great story about his characters to make it easy for me to understand, to have compassion, identify with and most importantly to be able to forgive. We need to forgive ourselves so we can heal. John Jaworksi have a quote about forgiveness that speaks volume, “Forgiveness liberates the soul, it removes fear. That’s why it’s such a powerful weapon.”

There were so many motivational quotes from both of Karl’s Grandmothers Mary and Velva that we all can learn and live by. “The prisons with the strongest bars are the ones we walk into freely forgetting we have the key, and never challenge to escape from. If you waste your now, tomorrow will never come.”  We have to learn not to allow anyone keep us in their prison of misery. We do have the key that is faith to unlock those prison doors so we can be free from bondage. “There is also going to be a chapter for you. Don’t let someone else’s accepted pain be your journey.” We all have chapters in our lives. Some of those chapters are great and some of those chapters can be not so great. Just because our chapters seems like it going to be over but God wants to rewrite your story but you have to let go of that past and don’t allow anyone to dictate their lack of self esteem and negativity to be part of your journey. “So many people spend their whole lives looking in the mirror and never really see themselves because they only focus on what they are trying to cover up.” The message I received from this particular quote is that some of us tried to hide or denied our pain. I tried my best to hid my own pain that I wanted to kill myself but by the Grace of God, I am still here. Also I  know that my story isn’t over and I can rewrite a new story and share it wit others. “No matter how much you beat your face, how beautiful the costume is you show to the rest of the world or how big your diamonds are, You still have to deal with the criticize on the other side of the mirror called truth and she knows exactly what you look like and what you’re doing.”  Some of try to be something that we aren’t because we are busy putting on a disguise to hide our true character.

Karl Allen Griggs wants the readers to know that in life, most individuals spend their whole lives staring in the mirror and never see themselves. The reason for that is they only putting the focus about what they are trying to cover up. He mentioned further that when you look in that mirror, you only see where you are standing and what is behind you. Your life, your future, and your happiness is on the other side of that mirror.  Sometimes we have to allow to give ourselves permission to break that mirrors that causing obstacles in our lives. It is time for us to stop wasting our time looking in that mirror of the past and start shattering the reflections of ourselves that put us in a place of insecurity threatening to break our spirit. We need to shatter any mirrors that aren’t healthy for our mind and health. Before I got sick with depression, I allow myself to look at that mirror of other people judgment about me. After I left the hospital I decided to shatter those mirrors in my circle that was blocking me from living a healthy and positive lifestyles. I now know that the people in our lives that always putting judgment against us, in disguise they are busy trying to clean somebody else house while their own house is still dirty. They also will not help you but busy criticizing you.  Once I finished reading this book I was curious about more detail  on his family member and the consequences of some of the characters in this book. I did understood the ending in my own images of this story. I want to personally thank Karl Griggs for sharing his story with us and much continued success on his life journey. I recommend everyone to read this book if you want to shatter your own mirror that is holding you back.

*This book was provided to me courtesy of the author for review purposes.

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