Invincible Treasures Adventure: A Journey Of Discovering Treasures That Can’t Be Destroyed

Title: Invincible Treasures Adventure: A Journey Of Discovering Treasures That Can’t Be Destroyed – Inspirational Motivational 

Author: Merri Christi Pemberton

Publisher:  Global Crest Productions, LLC (January 1, 2016)

Number of Pages: 106 pages


About The Author:     

Merri Christi Pemberton is the author of the inspirational “adventure” book Invincible Treasures Adventure. As an explorer and new filmmaker who is on an adventure of a lifetime, she invites you to join both her non-fictional and fictional journeys through her books, upcoming films, and music (see MTV link below). She has handled and experienced some of the most beautiful treasures of our world as an art-artifact specialist and former museum curator, explored the Caribbean rainforest on a film location scouting trip, and produced music mixing her ambient soul vocals with a luxurious pop-lounge background. Her works are filled with messages and experiences coming from a woman who overcame many obstacles, holds on to her authenticity, and shares with her audience the many riches and treasures she has acquires to empower their journeys in life. In her new book Invincible Treasures Adventure, you will experience a portion of Merri Christi’s adventure in finding and experiencing some of the most powerful and magnificent treasures of our human existence and the world. The invincible treasures are a special group, which hold unlimited power and riches. This book reveals these treasures, how magnificent we are as a human species, and just how unlimited we can be. It also shares the beauty of our earth, and the importance for us to appreciate and soak in the life we have living on this flawed, yet magnificent planet. Merri Christi Pemberton’s passion for sharing these riches and wealth of insight into her works come from her strong faith in God, LOVE, and passion for us to live the most extraordinary life.

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About This Book:   

Meet Merri Christi Pemberton. She was a “misunderstood” dreamer as a child, but then transformed herself into a real life “Goliath-Slayer”, a budding explorer, and new filmmaker. She is now on an adventure of a lifetime! Merri Christi has explored the Caribbean rainforest to scout film locations, was featured in a photo shoot on Puerto Rico’s amazing beaches and on as a recording artist, organized museum exhibits of precious artifacts, and is about to direct and star in her first feature film. If you have always wanted a life rich in adventures, accomplishing your heartfelt dreams, experiencing the great treasures of our world, and defeating even the most dangerous obstacles (Goliaths) that try to get in your way; then Invincible Treasures Adventure is for you. In this new inspirational book for successful living, Merri Christi will reveal how she created the life she has and made it into an indestructible new reality. She does this through acquiring invincible treasures. An invincible treasure is powerful knowledge and insight that paved the way for her to gain and live this life. Invincible Treasures can’t be destroyed or taken away unless you allow them to be. The valuable information you will find in this “book of treasures” are all wrapped up in intriguing and heartwarming stories of Merri Christi’s childhood and her current adventures. As a kid, she was a bullied youth who overcame that negativity and always embraced what made her unique. Similar to the fictional film story of a female explorer who sets off on a treasure adventure, Merri Christi’s real life adventure has encountered some of our world’s splendid natural treasures and the invincible ones that have richly fed her life with extraordinary experiences. Her passion for sharing her experience and knowledge comes from her deep faith in God and desire for all to live an extraordinary life filled with the greatest LOVE and abundance.
In this book, you will learn:
1. About these invincible treasures? What they can do.
2. How they empowered Merri Christi to overcome the Goliaths of the world, or major obstacles that threatened her well being and ability to live her dreams.
3. How to create a new world of your fulfilled dreams.
4. How to become a source of power greater than any world economy.
5. How these treasures can open doors to experience the magnificent beauty of this planet, create exhilarating new adventures that feed your passion and soul, and gain the peace that so many crave.
5. How these treasures can help you live a life that is truly authentic to you and your God-given dreams and purpose.

Invincible Treasures Adventure: A Journey Of Discovering Treasures That Can’t Be Destroyed  Book Review:

Congratulations Merri Christi Pemberton for writing a wonderful inspiration Motivational Book “Invincible Treasures Adventure.”  What is an Invincible Treasures? The definition of Invincible is incapable of being conquered, defeated, or subdued. So that means Invincible Treasures represents powerful source from God that is the treasures will guide you to victory.  Merri Christi wants her readers know from the title of her book, you can allow yourself to go on a spiritual trip of exploring treasures that won’t be tear down or sabotage. Every individual is unexampled which is your voluminous blessing (treasure). That greatest assets includes being blessed with a well-founded vision and creative gifts. Everyone have a special gift that involves some sort of creativity. It is time for us to embrace what God made us different for us to get one’s hands on the keys, the invincible treasures, which unlocked the doors to an unimaginable life and power to overcome any stumbling blocks.  There was a quote that my friend and fellow Author, Anika Ennett Martin posted on her Facebook Timeline, “When we try to be someone other than who we are purposed to be, we really are insulted God.” God bring into being each of us as unique person. God created us in His design among different images, different personality, likes, and dislikes  and abounding supplementary characteristics that assemble each of us out of the ordinary. To embrace the uniqueness, you have to proceeds toward courage. More than that, you need to understand the value in the authenticity that God blesses you along the side of prosperous life.  When you decide to make a commitment to pursue your purpose and passion in life, you can’t allow distractions to get to you. The devil will send people as noisemaker to lure you away from who you are and your dreams. Merri Christ Pemberton spoke to me personally. When I fist start working on my book, people was encouraging me and told me that they will support me. When I finally published my book, I have so many noisemaker criticize me for putting the focus on my book. Some told me that I wouldn’t make any money or it is limited income. I just let them talk and stay on the course. I was willing to take a risk by getting out of my comfort zone and try to do something. After-while I was so angry that I have a mental breakdown and I was hospitalized.  After my discharge from the hospital, I work on my recovery and as of today not only I am still working on my writing but I am planning to go back to school to become a Peer Counselor. Also I been speaking at Mental Health and Wellness Conference. Sometimes God allows us to fall so we can get back up and follow the Will of God that He have design for us. My Invincible Treasures is helping people through my writings.

Merri Christi Pemberton’s purpose of writing this book to share part of her  story, the adventure that has been open doors for her to acquire a blessed opportunity of a lifetime. Also she experienced the world’s foremost abundance. Merri ministers to the readers about the purpose of Invincible Treasures. Invincible Treasures are a special knowledge, and include significant experiences, that provided the power to overcome anything. God created you as a magnificent person and were designed for the impossible  “I AM POSSIBLE.” Please read this book for yourself because it will change your life forever. I know it definitely changed my life for the better.



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