God, Here’s Your Stuff

Title: God, Here’s Your Stuff: A Seven Day Devotional To Trusting God  – Inspirational Motivational 

Author: Shirley Hubbard

Publisher: The Microwave Girl

Number of Pages: 79 pages

ASIN: B00YWV2ZG0 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0692393714 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0692393710 (Paperback)

About The Author:     

Shirley is a self-proclaimed microwave girl who is using her newly transformed microwave mindset to make over the lives of individuals everywhere! In a world of instant gratification, instant food, instant messaging, instant EVERYTHING, Shirley speaks from her life experiences to empower individuals with the tools needed to change a microwave – I want it now mindset into one of patience and endurance. Shirley has a broad range of experience that includes life skills training, youth leadership, workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, youth mentor and faith coach. Her daily mantra and message to the masses is TRUST THE PROCESS! It is her sincere desire to see followers of Christ walking ON PURPOSE into their God-given destinies! Shirley is available for speaking engagements and faith coaching. She has a unique process that teaches individuals how to escape the microwave mindset. She does that by offering results- based faith coaching, keynotes, workshops and conferences! For more information about the services offered, please visit the online home atwww.themicrowavegirl.com.


About This Book:    

If you’re frustrated about your current situation and find yourself questioning why God is not moving expeditiously, this seven day devotional is just what you need! After completing this week long journey, you’ll know that God is indeed moving on your behalf and that things are happening in your favor that you cannot see. The enemy wants you walking in fear because he knows God has an awesome plan for your life. He wants you distracted by the trials God is using to grow you! Don’t get weary and don’t give up because in the midst of all you’re GROWING through, you are becoming who you’re destined to be. But in order to get there, you must Give God His Stuff, stand strong in your faith and be UNMOVED by appearances. Trust the process, my friend! Your breakthrough is already here!

God Here’s Your Stuff: A Seven Day Devotional To Trusting God   Book Review:

I have been through many trials and tribulations, I would really recommend that you invest your time in reading this inspiring book.  The introduction inspired me to trust in God and allow Him to do is work.  I have had issues with anxiety and would quickly say that I need it now. Instead of trusting  that He is an on time God , I reacted and just made a big mess instead of just waiting on God. “God Here’s Your Stuff”, is a very helpful book. And the Author makes it very clear that waiting and trusting in God is the only answer. The title of this book alone really beyond doubt reflects upon my life and the trials and obstacles I struggle with. It’s not only refresh my memory for me to trust in the good Lord above but to also have confidence in myself .   This book is fascinating! It has really expand my relationship with God. Since 2014, I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety attack. I’ve been down and sometimes not looking forward to the next day, while reading the empower message from Shirley Hubbard about her storms  unquestionably motivate me. Also keeping me put the focus on my spiritual  journey toward the Promise Land of our Heavenly Father. Looking forward to more devotionals from this author. In each Chapters, Shirley provided Scripture to commit to memory, Passages for Study and Meditation, and Guided Prayers that help her through her trials and tribulations. This tool is great for the readers to use as a daily devotional readings. Shirley wants us to know that Faith be authorized not in any way know where it is being led, but it knows who’s leading. Faith is the inheritance of God’s hand in the dark and trusting that you’ll be made known safely on the other side.

If you are like me, either you have been or currently going through many trials and tribulations then I recommend you to read this seven day devotional to trusting God. This Amazing Devotional is a must read for every Christians and Non- Believers of Christ. It will really inspires and empower you not only get to know God for yourself but also to give all of yourself to trust in Him. Shirley Hubbard shares her personal experiences. Shirley Hubbard really makes sure that she captures the readers by using her own personal experiences as an example, to teaches us how she were able to overcame her storms through prayer and faith. Just like Shirley, Prayer and Faith helped me to overcome my depression and anxiety. Also direct me not only get help with a licensed professional that deals with Mental Health but give back to the community to help others that are going through depression and other mental illness. God wants us to not only take care of our temple but our mind so we can do his ministry. Prayer and Faith without work is dead. While I was reading this empower devotional, it refresh my memory the conflict that we have to endure on this Christian journey. Romans 8:28 mentioned “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” This also remind me of the song that Reverend Milton Brunson and The Thompson Community Singers sang “For The Good Of Them.”  This is the Sermonize Title from this Scripture that I received as a confirmation from God. Just because we may lose everything but our life isn’t over because all things that works together for good to them will rewrite our story. I recommend “God Here’s Your Stuff: A Seven Day Devotional to Trusting God” should be shared in a classroom setting like Sunday School, Bible Study and even in a Book Club. I am look forward to reading more books  by this anointed author, Shirley Hubbard.

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