The Sunday Morning Wife

Title: The Sunday Morning Wife  –  Christian Novella

Author: Pamela D. Rice

Publisher: Peace In The Storm Publishing

Number of Pages: 200 pages

ASIN: B00332EWJ2 (EBook)


About The Author:        

The lure of enticing words has always captivated Pamela D. Rice. Even at the tender age of two, this soulful native South Carolinian would intensely gaze at books, pretending to read and embrace the content within the pages. Pamela became an avid reader, and soon found a natural progression and flair for expressing herself through illuminating words which resulted in her becoming a published poet while in the eighth grade. Known for her stimulating and thought-provoking views, Pamela possesses a fervor for creatively giving a voice to victims who suffer in silence, afraid to speak for themselves. Inspired by everyday situations and social exchanges, Pamela has always enjoyed observing people and dissecting their interactions; this hobby became her muse. It is her desire to become a literary vessel that brings light to the social ill of domestic violence and its reach beyond all racial, cultural and socio-economic class. Through inspirational prose, she is destined to heal the human soul. When Pamela is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and exploring other cultures.

About This Book:      


The old saying is true. You never know what’s going on in someone else’s home. From the outside looking in, Yolanda Clarke appears to have it all. She’s a beautiful woman, and her husband, Timothy, is the pastor of BrightStar Tabernacle. They seem to have the perfect life. But, looks are certainly deceiving. Yolanda has become a puppet on a string, totally controlled by Timothy. While everyone at church thinks he walks on water, Yolanda knows the person behind the mask. His constant verbal tirades, physical and emotional abuse has become unbearable. In walks Andre Hunter. He’s the type of man that can make any woman forget all her troubles. His chocolate skin, pearly whites, and beautiful smile enthrall Yolanda. She has never entertained the idea of infidelity, but the abuse and lack of intimacy at home makes her adulterous affair justifiable in her mind. Andre gives Yolanda everything she’s missing at home- respect, conversation, and passion behind closed doors. But, Andre is hiding secrets of his own. Will Yolanda finally climb from the abyss of despair she’s lived in with Timothy and move to a brighter tomorrow with Andre? Or will she forever remain “The Sunday Morning Wife?”

The Sunday Morning Wife Book Reviews

The outward appearance is the mask that we wear. What we observe is only the superficial appearance, but God sees the internal part of everyone!, “The Sunday Morning Wife” is a must read for anyone who has been or know someone who ever suffered abuse, but it is not  limited by that description, for it is much much more. Thank you, Pam D. Rice for allowing God to direct you to write ‘Sunday Morning Wife” partake much more than just the story of Yolanda Clarke, lost in domestic violence. I appreciated you for reminding us of the faithfulness of Our Lord Jesus Christ and for reminding us to daily draw our strength through Him, in all circumstances. I found this book  an awesome read. It is not only a great read for those who have been physically, emotionally, & spiritually damaged (especially by individuals who proclaim to be Christians), but it is also a great read for anyone who has ever lost their faith, felt not good enough, or who has lost the strength to lift up their hands in prayer and praise the Lord in advance. Pam wants to reminds the readers that God is a God of forgiveness and of wholeness. We are minister through the narrative that we must not allow other’s to control our lives and that we must never stop calling upon the name of Jesus, even when we may feel that He does not hear our prayers or when we may fee that we are unworthy. The messages in “The Sunday Morning Wife” gives instructions toward us to  “They Wait upon the Lord,” for He is ever present and will always answer in His time. It also teaches each of us to examine thy self  in the mirror and reflect upon who we are as Christians. Are we someone who encourage our brothers & sisters in Christ, or do we work to tear them down? This story reminds us that as Christians we are to “empower” those around us with the Love of God that has been placed upon our hearts, ever loving and ever forgiving, never casting stones or spreading hurtful words. you never know what someone is going through. Awesome book filled with many, many life lessons!

“The Sunday Morning Wife” should be a wake up call for everyone especially the so-called Church Folks. When I read the first page of this book, I was so angry how Yolanda Clarke was mistreated by her husband Pastor Timothy Clarke and the Congregation of Bright Star Temple. Most of them knew that Timothy was a dog. He abused his wife on a daily basis physically and mentally. He cheated on Yolanda with the Church Clerk. He stole money from his wife and gave it to his mistress. God doesn’t like ugly especially from the Man of God. I believe God sent Andre into Yolanda’s life in the purpose not only love her for who she is. Andre shows Yolanda that she doesn’t deserve the abused that she is receiving from Timothy.  Timothy’s father beat on his mother and him for years and now he is doing the same thing to his wife. Yolanda tried to help Tara by counseling her and encourage Tara to leave Brian. When Tara finally decided to divorce Brian, he ends up murdering Tara. Timothy blamed Yolanda for Tara’s death but actually it really was Brian and Pastor Clarke for Tara’ death. Timothy was just a hypocrite and shouldn’t never been a Pastor. When Yolanda finally decided to leave her husband, Timothy beat her in his office and tried his best to kill her but God was her protection. Ms. Loleather is the kind of Church Folks, you will want to stay away from. She will gossip your business to the Congregation just like she did to Yolanda Clarke. She have the nerve to judge Yolanda for her shortcoming when Ms. Loleather have skeletons in her own closet. She even wish Yolanda’s baby died. That isn’t Christ-like at all. Church Folks always judging others for their sin and acted like they were Holy all of their lives. We as the Church need to restoring one another in love, and uplifting our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ(New or Season Believers). It is time to address the issues that Domestic Violence is not acceptable at all whether the abuse is done by men or women. Yes Men are victims of Domestic Violence. I read a book this past summer “Men Do Cry” by Elois Thomas. I recommend everyone to read that book as well. I finished reading my copy of this book in three days and it was really really a life lesson about Domestic Violence. The sequence in this narrative was awesome, the plot as a page-turner were unbelievable. The way Pamela didn’t prolong events in the book and went straight to the point  was marvelously. I can’t stain reading a book and having to skip thru pages to get to the good part. I definitely didn’t have to do that with this book; I was looking forward to read what was on the next page. After completing the book, I went back and read certain parts again just to reflect on what the author had written. Although this book is a fiction book with a Christian theme,the author captivated my mind with such a real yet unbelievable situation that makes you comprehend. It leaves you comprehend many things:

  • 1) You never know what people are going through behind closed doors. We as Christians need to stop judging and casting stones.
  • 2) People are not always who they portray themselves as being. Some have a deadly secrets.
  • 3) If you are in a relationship, what’s your place…1,2,3?
  • 4) Who do we can really depend on  in time of need?

And Finally The Key Point!

  • 5) If we just learn to be patient, things will work themselves out for the good.

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