Woman In The Mirror:Ungodly Soul Ties-Break Free To Break Through

Title: Woman In The Mirror: Ungodly Soul Ties- Break Free to Break Through

Author: Tarsha L. Campbell

Publisher:  Dominionhouse Publishing & Design, LLC; 1 edition (August 13, 2014)

Number of Pages: 144 pages


ISBN-10: 0990503127

ISBN-13: 978-0990503125


About The Author:        

I am a God-appointed Woman of Destiny, loving life and people! As an author, empowerment speaker, and certified coach, I’m passionate about helping others find and fulfill their life purpose, and launch their dreams. I love empowering those I serve. I’m most known for my signature empowerment series called the Woman in the Mirror, which is transforming lives around the globe. Visit my website at





About This Book:     


What’s stopping you from moving forward and going higher? From the time you were born, the enemy of your destiny has been at work pulling you out of God’s will through the controlling force of ungodly soul ties. In this book you will learn how these ungodly soul ties have impeded your growth, limited your progress, stolen what rightfully belongs to you, and left you tied to emotional and spiritual baggage. Get ready to break free to break through, as you gain a clear understanding of:

• What ungodly soul ties are

• How ungodly soul ties are formed

• How ungodly soul ties hinder you

• How to sever them Your time to experience freedom is now. Get ready to embark upon a liberating journey of extraordinary healing and unprecedented breakthrough!

Woman In The Mirror:Ungodly Soul Ties-Break Free To Break Through Book Review:

Congratulations to Tarsha L. Campbell for writing a marvelous powerful book “Woman In The Mirror: Ungodly Soul Ties- Break Free to Break Through.” This is the first book that I read by this anointed Author. I didn’t realized this book was in a series, After I Finished reading this book, I will have to read the first one in the Woman In The Mirror series. If you are looking for an empowering surge just like I am then I recommend you to read this book. “Ungodly Soul Ties-Break free To Break through is a great boost to disentangle from past mistakes and obstacles. Tarsha really positively communicate through her writings from a place of experience providing her readers a bona fide explanation that is simple to read and easy to clue one in. This book isn’t just for woman but men can also read it as well. While I am reading this book, I replace the first word in the title “Woman In The Mirror” to “Men In The Mirror”. This is a great empowering surge with positive quotes and the many scriptures that Tarsha provided from the Holy Scriptures. Tarsha  clearly defines what ungodly soul ties are to help the readers to make sense of, then gives you the tools exactly what you have to break free from those ties, so you can live a better life. She provided scriptures to back everything up. The Holy Bible is a great tool to help you to be free from bondage of those ungodly soul ties. The Word of God is timeless and you can re-read it anytime because it will never be irrelevant. If you allow yourself to follow what’s written in the book, your life will undeniably be in reconstruction. Pardon my appearance but I am in reconstruction. On a daily basis that I am going through construction in my life. We as Christians have to adapt to change and willing go through a reconstruction. I want to personally thank Tarsha L. Campbell for allowing the Holy Spirit to guide the pen to touch her anointed hand to write a valuable inspirational motivational book.










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