He Restores My Soul

Title:He Restores My Soul (The Langston Family Saga)  Christian Fiction

Author: LaShonda Bowman

Publisher: Parker Fine Press (December 22, 2015)

Number of Pages: 123 pages

ASIN: B019QM5XPO (EBook)


 About This Book:    


When the Langston sisters return home for their mother’s funeral, it’s not in grief, but in relief. Though Mahalia Langston was known as a gospel music pioneer among the church community, her daughters knew her as someone else altogether. The three women hope that, along with their mother, they can finally bury the secrets that plagued their childhood. But that’s no longer an option when tragedy strikes and the sisters are forced to deal with the past they’ve spent their whole lives trying to forget. With the help of a praying woman, the sisters begin to think emotional healing is a real possibility. Until, that is, they learn their mother had one final secret. A secret so earth shattering, only the grace of God will help them get through it.


He Restores My Soul Book Review:

I loved this narrative “He Restores My Soul” because it’s really a page-turner from the first page to the last page. It comes with phenomenal trend infuse at just the right points to accommodate timely unforeseen and maturity. The story is definitely Christian based; its overture of the Word of God is clearly to understands. Expression that proceed reasonably because of the circumstance at hand. Another thing that was really great was the Characters. They seemed real and convincing like in today’s world.  If you’re considering looking for a great story that moves right along, with surprises and really satisfying developments, I encourage you to read this Christian Novella. LaShonda Bowden created an awesome  story delivers powerfully with God’s ability and willingness to heal broken hearts and broken situations.

“He Restores My Soul” is a marvelously read, it really captured my attention immediately from the book cover. I loved the fact LaShonda didn’t sugarcoated and dragged it out. The character were real life Christians like you and I.  I can imagine and sense their personalities, fears, empathy while reading this narrative.  LaShonda provide insights into the reasons why the Langston Sisters behaved the way they did. Also the abused that Mahaila Langston gave to Kristina who is a famous singer turn to drugs, alcohol and other toxic behavior. It was messed up how the Langston Sisters were mistreated and abused by their mother Mahaila who was a Choir director. When she found out that Kristina was pregnant, she tried her best to beat Kristina almost to death. There weren’t no surprised that Kristina was so damaged that she didn’t want to live any longer. Mahalia should be protecting and love them unconditional. Mahaila wore a mask. At Church, she was a Christian but at home she was a hell raisers.This is such a heart-rending narrative that it may caused your eyes watery often.  Pam had to be the strong one in her entire life to be there for her sisters. Kristina was dealing with pain, griefs and betrayal that she wasn’t willing to let go. Tamia has such a beautiful spirit.Thank God that Pam and Tamika didn’t give up on Kristina. All three of them worked together to figure out why their mother act with regard to disrespect and not show them love at all. This is a lessons to everyone who is reading this book, Adults may not know the amplitude of how they can damage their son or daughter childhood and underestimate in this first series of the Langston Sisters’ narrative. I can relate their pain because I was physically and emotionally abused by my own father but I didn’t let him destroy me. He used to call me stupid and I didn’t pay any attention to him at all. I knew I wasn’t stupid and made him a liar. I knew some people who was hurt by their parents feel they could get back at their parents by getting hooked on drugs. The only person that they are hurting is themselves. While I was reading this book, I made sure that I meditate on the title “He Restore Me” to get a better understanding. Restore is the representation of replenish (to return to its original state). “Restoring My Soul” is the expression that LaShonda wants the readers know, God Keeps us going and gives the enjoyment of life back to us. It’s not some general or physical restoration. He restores my soul, is the conclusion. In the Book of Psalm, the 23rd Chapter, Green pastures and still waters are the direction God restores our souls. If we are willing to step back and let God speak to us, we’ll realize that our souls need His restoring. Finally, with His restoring, God would do what best for our good and His glory. I am now getting ready to read “Then Sing My Soul.”


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