ManHanded, Hidden Code Words That Impact Men And The People Who Love Them

Title: ManHanded, Hidden Code Words That Impact Men And The People Who Love Them – Men’s Christian Living/Christian Living

Author: Dr. Oliver T. Reid

Publisher:  Dr. Oliver T. Reid (March 15, 2016)

Number of Pages: 84 pages

ASIN:B01D22JVQG  (Ebook)

ISBN-10:  1530563844 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1530563845  (Paperback)

About The Author:   

Dr. Reid has used God’s blessings and favor upon his life in the marketplace, as Founder of ECKLESIA Professional Development Center in 2001, and Founder of M.I.N.D. Consulting in 2007. Dr. Reid provides mental health and consulting services through his companies, and is also a seasoned trainer, motivational speaker and writer. Dr. Reid is an international best-selling author. His first book, Don’t Press Fast Forward, was released in 2010, and four other books have been released: Spiritual GPS, Your Ministry is not Impossible, Nine Keys to Keeping a Vision Fresh, and Words from the Low Place. Using his God-given passion to teach, Dr. Reid has also developed a series of empowerment workshops and conferences. In addition, Dr. Reid launched the I Am a Solution Consulting Firm, LLC for empowering men to change the world. A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Reid is married to Miatta Reid and a proud father. He graduated from Winston Salem State University with a BA/BS degree in History and Sociology, and earned a Bachelors and Master’s in Theology from Life Christian University. Dr. Oliver Reid received his PhD in Christian Counseling from Clarity International University in 2013. You can connect with Apostle Dr. Oliver T. Reid at the links below.

About This Book:        

Forget the old concept that states words don’t make the man. Every man on planet earth operates, functions, lives, and has been divinely given a code by God. If you are able to crack the man code you can unlock the man.
Are you using the wrong set of codes on the right man? Is the man you love simply not hearing the words you’re saying to him? Did you ever stop to think that the man in your life could have been manhandled?
In this step-by-step guide to uncovering the hidden code words you will learn:
How to decode the words a man is encapsulated by.
How to gain access to the heart, soul, mind, and spirit of the men in your life.
How to use the power of your words wisely.
How to see beyond the anatomy of a man.
How to decipher a man code by his actions.
How to locate the domain address of a man.
How to feed the king and starve the wolf.

You’re on your way to building a better relationship the moment you invest in this book.

ManHanded, Hidden Code Words That Impact Men And The People Who Love Them  Book Review:  

Congratulations to Dr. Oliver T. Reid for writing an uplifting book “ManHanded, Hidden Code Words That Impact Men”. This is the first book that I read by this Man of God, Dr. Reid. At this time we are living in the age when male masculinity is under constant attack. The purpose of this book being scribble by Dr. Oliver T. Reid is to dealt with the struggles of manhood and to  provide the readers especially the men sound advice to keep us on the road of a breakthrough.  As while I was reading this Inspiring book there was a quote that caught my attention, “Soon as the male child pushes his way out of his mother’s womb, the battle starts. The battle is over power, authority and realm. If the power of that man has gone rampant, it can be very detrimental to his well-being. What he need is accountability, and to be investigated by the strength of other men.”  In “ManHanded, Hidden Code Words That Impact Men”, there were messages that are power tools shared to help break or decipher codes in the lives of men. This powerful tools were provided from a man’s perspective but the Author doesn’t guaranteed that it will works for all men. For individuals to change then they will have to be vested in their own transformation or reconstruction as well as all those in their circle. I do believe if that you allow yourself to follow those powerful tools (Codes) that is outlined in this book, seek the guidance of God and buy into the concepts change will occur. I learn that God has encoded the male chromosomes from masculinity. We as men must be openly and willingly to participate for those codes work successfully. Those hidden code words that are spoken to man can unlock or close open the combination to the treasures of his heart. For me personally while reading this motivational inspired manual given me the  determination, gain confidence of, and finally given me deep understanding into the matter of contention in the lives of man. After reading “ManHanded, Hidden Code Words that Impact Men and The People That Loved Them”, I truly believe that men will be more empathetic about their identity. Also women will walk away with the knowledge after reading this Inspirational manual with a new understanding of the men in their life and the course of action  about how they communicate with them. Thank You Dr. Oliver for allowing the Lord to guide the pen in your hand to write the messages in the purpose of minister to the readers not only  in the lives of men but also the lives of women. This book may help to save someone’s relationship. Again I recommend this book for everyone to read for their own understandings. This book is also great for Men Bible Study Class.





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