The Kingdom Man: FulFill a Man’s Thirst

Title: The Kingdom Man: FulFill A Man Thirst  –  Inspirational Motivational

Author: Reverend Anthony Martin

Publisher:  The Kingdom Culture Fellowship Ministries & Christian Self Publishing Co. (March 15, 2016)

Number of Pages: 140 pages

ISBN-10: 1530400864

ISBN-13: 978-1530400867

ASIN: B01D0SPA1C (Ebook)


About The Author:        

In Dec of 2013 and Jan. 2014 Rev. Anthony Martin became a 3 Time Author of the Books “THE BATTLE OF THE CULTURE”. . . . “THE KINGDOM CULTURE COMMUNITY”. . . .”STOP KILLING ME BLACK MAN and now today Rev. Anthony Martin is a 15 Time Author Inspirational/Motivational Evangelistic Speaker with an established ministry “The Kingdom Culture Fellowship Ministries & Christian Self Publishing Co. as well as a coordinated Men’s & Woman’s Workshops “FULFILL A MAN’S THIRST” & ” SERVE A WOMAN’S HUNGER” on a grass roots level in a much needed efforts to continue to “Save the Family”. As well as the books “The Kingdom Woman” ~ Serve A Woman’s Hunger & “The Kingdom Man” ~ Fulfill A Man’s Thirst. We appreciate your willingness to help us and to bring awareness for Developing Stronger Families of Today in Raising Honorable Communities for Tomorrow.



About This Book:    

 The family is the most powerful entity in a man’s life. The family is a man’s life, which carries him through a life of death and destruction that goes on in the world today and beyond. The greatest component that a man can have to overcome all obstacles in life’s muck and mire. The greatest way a man can love his children is to love the children’s mother, if you are with her or not. It is GODS primary plan and purpose on earth that the family be successful in staying intact which ultimately represents “The Kingdom of GOD.” There is no other survival tactic on earth that is greater than the survival of the family. The greatest attack mechanism that devil has is the attack of the family. If devil can take away the Head/or Foundation/Man/Husband from the home then the demise of the family structure and foundation begins to possible total destruction of the family order GOD intended it to be. Whoever controls the mind controls the body, if devil can remove the man as head/foundation of the family from the house hold, just like the Garden of Eden he can then have dominion over the home as man is to have dominion over the earth. It is vitally important that the man know his responsibilities over the home of the family and not denounce those responsibilities nor hand them over to the Helpmeet/Woman/Wife to carry on with. It is not GODS purpose or plan that the women head the family. MEN you must stand firm out front as the Priest of the home and not allow other spirits and principalities to remove you or regulate your family. Your life depends on it that you know the ways and means of GODS purpose and plan of how the family is to operate in accords to “The Kingdom Culture Community.”May GOD always rule in your life through His Son Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.




The Kingdom Man: Fulffill A man’s Thirst Book Reviews

This is the first book “The Kingdom Man: Fulfill A Man’s Thirst” written by Reverend Anthony Martin. This is a life Changing/a wake up call/Christian Living Books all into one. There are a lot of scriptures provided from this Man of God to help the readers to understand about being the Kingdom Man. As Christians, we are consider to being a Kingdom person or kingdom Builders. The purpose in our roles is to help to build the Lord’s (Jesus Christ) Kingdom. That’s why it is so important to lead individuals to surrender their life to Jesus Christ. What is the purpose of the kingdom man? Although the kingdom man purpose according to the foundation and fundamental of the kingdom, there will be order, authority and provision. When that particular man doesn’t, he opens himself up, and opens up with those are linked to him, to a life of pandemonium. My question that I asked myself, What is a Kingdom man? I did some research and I found this answer to my question, A kingdom man who is spiritually connected to God carries out the rule of God through combining the spiritual with the physical. The foremost component of integrating the spiritual aspect into the physical rulership is in possessing an accurate understanding of the divinely intended function between a man and a woman. Immeasurable of the confusion that surrounds marriages today stems from a counterfactual view of the nature of this relationship. When individuals read that God said it was not good for Adam to be alone,  every now and then individuals equate that to implying that God was satisfying Adam’s loneliness through creating a woman. They equate it essentially and simply to companionship.

In this book, “The Kingdom Man: FulFill Man’s Thirst”, Reverend Martin make perfectly clear the Biblical Meaning of a Kingdom man, from the start of The Old Testament thru The New testament. He also shows by means of understanding the family unit clue one in to living in this world as citizens of the Kingdom of God. A fore mentioned awakening and mandatory book will unforeseen readers who thought they have understood all they need to comprehend about the culture of The Kingdom Culture, the predominant family and the greater Church Family. As I was reading this book I already started immediately develop into engaged in the fulfilled through information taught something new about what a Family Man really meant through the Word of God. God inspire Reverend Martin to deliver a sermon through writing to give the readers something new to diving into restrain Knowledge, understanding and the wisdom of God’s word. God’s word can really transform you and Reverend Martin provided so many scriptures from the Old and New Testament. Reverend Anthony Martin wants the readers to know that the office space originate  from the Garden trees, the Garden of Eden is the earth and the only thing that is in you to cover the earth with prerogative is that gift called “purpose”,  that the definition of “work.” I recommend Men and Women, Boys and Girls to read this book. Again this book will transform you to be greater as a Kingdom Person. I am going to read Reverend Anthony Martin’s Book “Kingdom Woman: Serve A Woman’s Hunger.”




A Police Officer Prayed For Someone While On Patrol

So I’m out on patrol and I pull over a young man who is my youngest sons age, and it’s very obvious he is a substance abuser, as I attempt to gain his  paperwork , I can’t help but to look him up and down and see that this young man is struggling with life, my heart becomes heavy and I feel the tears coming, my heart began to feel heavy as I walk back to my scout car, I decide not to write him a ticket, my intentions was to just send him on his way , but as I walked up to his car, the words that came out of my mouth was can I pray for you , see we all have a job to do, and we are expected to not allow our personal feelings dictate our enforcement, but I felt compelled to pray for this young man and ask God to cover him and help him… I’m so thankful for what I have , God has truly been good to me… Be safe out there my sisters and brothers in blue. By Sheron Johnson

My Response to the message above:

I know that Police Officer did the uttermost anointed thing for that young man has ever in his life. We need more people like that. In the case that individuals believe it or not, prayer really does change things. For those individuals who don’t believe God does not judge and no matter what you do or whatever your job is, we are all God’s Children. God doesn’t separate His Children. I tried my best to treat people with respect and kindness knowing that I want to be treated the same. This is a perfect example that all cops aren’t bad. You have some cops  will shows compassionate towards you. She really shows the Christ in her by praying for him, even though it could have cause her to get terminated from her job. She didn’t let that obstacle stop her from spreading God’s word. That young man was truly blessed beyond measure by Officer Sheron Johnson’s actions and prayers on that day. God has given her a pure heart and purpose. I believe that young man life will change forever because of Officer Johnson.





Breaking The Stigma About Mental Illness

I just wanted to shows my support for those individuals out there that are dealing with or know someone that suffers from mental illness. For some reason this illness is never talked about and often times swept under the rug. Adequate times our family members are doing things that may seem strange to us but it’s out of their control. I suffer with Mental Illness with Major Depression Disorder and Anxiety. I have Mental Illness but it doesn’t define who I am. This is not to laugh, poke fun, point fingers or look down toward you, but to encourage you to continue to be strong and don’t give up! There is nothing wrong or feel ashamed about for seeking professional help that deals with Mental Health. This message will saves somebody life. It’s time to break the stigma about Mental Illness.



The Soul Of A Man – A Triumph Of My Soul Anthology

Title: The Soul Of A Man – A Triumph Of My Soul Anthology – Christian Book & Bibles/ Collection & Anthology

Author: Elissa Gabrielle

Publisher:  Peace In The Storm Publishing (April 18, 2013)

Number of Pages: 280 pages

ASIN:  B00CFS3B1U (EBook)

ISBN-10:  0981963137 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0981963136 (Paperback)


About The Author:        

Empowering, Enlightening, Engaging and Inspirational, Elissa Gabrielle is a powerhouse in the literary industry. Respected by many, revered in the highest regard, Elissa Gabrielle maintains a spirit of excellence in all she does. She is known to have the midas touch. The sky is the limit for this sassy, sundry and prolific author. Elissa Gabrielle has broken the ceiling of literary excellence with her gift in the skill of multi-genre writing. The author of multiple poetry books, numerous novels and contributor to several anthologies, Elissa has proven herself to be well-versed in artistic creativity. Elissa Gabrielle has the uncanny ability to take newcomers and mold, shape them into literary superstars and has created multiple award-winning authors and best-selling books in the process.

Her colloquial and imaginative creations have lead to sensual and seductive inclusions in Zane’s Purple Panties, Erogenous Zone: A Sexual Voyage, Mocha Chocolate: A Taste of Ecstasy, The Heat of the Night, Historie Chocolate D’Amour, Pillow Talk in the Heat of The Night, Zane’s Busy Bodies: Chocolate Flava 4 and more. As a Literary Entrepreneur, Elissa is the founder of the greeting card line, Greetings from the Soul: The Elissa Gabrielle Collection, collaborator and creator of The Triumph of My Soul, and publisher of Peace In The Storm Publishing. Elissa has managed to turn relatively unknown authors into household names and has molded and shaped the careers of some of today’s brightest literary stars. In addition to these innovative achievements, Elissa has graced the covers of Conversations Magazine, Big Time Publishing Magazine, Disilgold Soul Magazine and has been featured in Urbania Magazine and Black Literature Magazine. Elissa Gabrielle has been named Executive Director, Brand and Business Development for Modern Flavor Magazine.

Peace In The Storm Publishing has been nominated in several categories in the African American Literary Awards Show, and has won Independent Publisher of the Year in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In addition, Elissa Gabrielle won for Self-Published Author of the Year in 2010 for her explosive novel, “A Whisper to a Scream.” Elissa also won for Self-Published Author of the Year for the collaborative effort, “The Heat of the Night.” Her writing and publishing passion is rooted in her desire to give a reader’s soul a rise, one page at a time and grounded in her quest to bring forth the Triumph Anthology series, an ongoing testament of faith. The first anthology in the series was the highly acclaimed The Triumph of My Soul, which will be followed by The Soul of a Man and The Breakthrough respectively. “I started the Triumph series because in life, we all fall down, but by the Grace of God, we get back up. There is always victory in tomorrow,” Elissa says about the Triumph series.
From the novelty of her writing, to her highly-regarded greeting card line and the successful culmination of her publishing company; Elissa Gabrielle remains an ingenious and creative force to be reckoned with in terms of delivering distinct, fulfilling and entertaining literature. By pushing herself to stay a cut above the rest, Elissa Gabrielle brilliantly and consistently delivers Literary best.


About This Book:     


What lies in the soul of a man? Love, laughter, heartache and sorrow? Pride, fear, rage and contentment? The true measure of a man lies in his heart and in his soul. Trials are measured and grounded by inner feelings and the expectations placed on them and they persevere. The weights of the world sometimes are carried on their shoulders. From socio-economic barriers, to racial tensions, broken hearts, to new found faith-experience the plight of man, as only he can explain it, told from his perspective and from his heart. Through expressions of the history of his past, the reality of his present, and the optimism of his future, these gifted men relate what stirs a man’s soul and ignites his actions and his thinking. Men the world over have always been much maligned and strident in how life portrays and prefaces their successes and failures. This collection of enlightening stories personifies the sentiment, faith, resilience and love embodied in the creation God made in His own image. The Soul of a Man is a Divine truth and an affirmation of the passion running through the minds of men where hearts and souls are bared. In continuation of the Triumph series, the second book, The Soul of a Man: A Triumph of My Soul Anthology, features these brilliant men; Joe Thomas, Jihad, William Fredrick Cooper, Alvin C. Romer, Marc Lacy, Maurice M. Gray, Jr., Brian Ganges, Jarold Imes, K.L. Belvin, Joey Pinkney, Thomas Ashburn, Jr., Clarence “Baba Simba” Mollock, Tyrell Floyd and Eddrick Dejuan.

The Soul Of A Man Book Review:

Laying the ground work to be overwhelm by a mind-boggling anthology of smooth-spoken works. Ms. Gabrielle has brought together a very diverse group of authors between the pages of this book and those artists have managed to place meaning and definition on the soul of a man.  As this group of talented authors of men take readers on a personal journey ranging from fatherhood to prison sentences, from physical handicaps to companionable ones, you walk away with something meaningful and new. As it may be the presentation given from the reading of this work is prospective, as it may be it’s straightforwardly observation to the soul of a man. I am truly convince that the experience will be splendidly contradistinctive for every reader, but something will be enlarge. There are a few believe that art is symbolize to bring into existence a movement toward change, and this anthology  influence authentic to that movement. I discover “The Soul of a Man” is not only a marvelous manual to read, but an unbelievable exploration!!!

In the beginning, I purchased this book in support of my fellow Author Elissa Gabrille. The Soul of A Man Anthology is truly fascinating-it is so well strategically written and engaging.This manual is a perfect read for anyone of any race or gender who has ever gone through pandemonium in their own lives, which I am very sure that everyone can relate to. “The Soul Of A Man” provides the readers with multitudinous  observations as a powerful tools in the directions about how to turn your life around. Also provide the guidance for you to really find the connection with God. As a perfect example with Mr. Brian Ganges, he takes us on a tour through his spiritual journey to discover God within himself and really found the connection through him. To find this journey during your college years, when so many of us are just trailing around, trying to find some sort of significance in our lives, is truly refreshing.
All these men should be given ovation for sharing their stories and really encourage the people to think about what’s really far-reaching in life, and where to treasure it. After reading this book from the first page to the last page, I can truly pay attention to why this book is so in demand with people of every generations of life.“The Soul Of A Man” is a well-grounded fundamental read for anyone, whether they are young or old, black or white, male or female, It is a very empower book and a true soul searching journey told through the lives of these wonderful male authors.







His Last Hope

Title: His Last Hope – Christian Contemporary Romance

Author: M. A. Malcolm

Publisher: M. A. Malcolm; 1 edition (June 18, 2015)

Number of Pages: 266 pages


ISBN-10: 9769581518 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-9769581517  (Paperback)

About The Author:   

M. A. Malcolm still finds it hard to believe that she is a published Christian author. A certified copy editor and college instructor, she has been interested in writing fiction since her childhood. The lonely, blinking cursors surrounded by stark white space, however, convinced her that writing wasn’t one of her gifts.
Until she had something she was desperate to say. In the wake of multiple pregnancy losses early in her marriage, she felt led to write something that would help Christian women to deal with grief. After several failed attempts to translate her thoughts to the pages of a self-help book, she began to write a fictional story line that incorporated some of the painful issues she wanted to address. Soon, it was as if the characters had a life of their own, and she could only accompany them on their journey towards healing and love. Malcolm’s first novel, “His Last Hope: A Contemporary Christian Romance” was inspired by the Holy Spirit, whom she refers to as her “Holy Ghostwriter.” She prays that “His Last Hope” will encourage its readers to trust God in and through all circumstances, knowing that He is able to work all things together so that His purpose will be served. Now the mother of a rambunctious three-year-old, M. A. Malcolm divides her time among her family responsibilities, teaching and copy-editing through her website, Nitpicking with a Purpose, in her native Jamaica.

About This Book:        

It’s a nightmare from which she can’t seem to wake up. With no name, no memory and no identification, she can only answer to the name given to her—Hope. In the hospital, she is befriended by an older woman who becomes her lifeline, but even “Aunt Ruby” is stunned when Hope shares the mysterious circumstances of her amnesia and the unexpected complication: she’s pregnant.
When Professor Daniel Donahue returns to Florida from teaching abroad, he’s suspicious of the stranger now living with his beloved aunt. He makes it his mission to discredit Hope and disclose what he believes are her devious intentions. Hope can’t help but feel the tension between them, but just below the surface lies an attraction neither of them can explain. With each passing day, Daniel finds it harder to deny his growing feelings, but before he can acknowledge them, he must face the pain of his past and resolve his issues with God. Can he lay his heart on the line, never knowing if someone else is out there, ready to reclaim his new-found Hope?

His Last Hope  Book Review:  

There are times when you read a narrative and you know that God has guide the pen in the hand of the writer, “His Last Hope” is one of those narratives that is magnificently written, illustration God’s love for His people. We as Christians may go through tragedy, pain, suffering and grief but  God’s love never fails. God’s arms are open waiting for us to surrender in His arms; “His Last Hope” reach out in delivering this message magnificently . We all need a person like the Character, Aunt Ruby in our lives, she was fascinating. I respect the fact in the way she trusted in God and display her affection for Him. What can I say about Ryan? He knew his role as the head of his household. Jasmine was a breath of fresh air and I really enjoyed how she wrote her feelings out in her journal. Hope, strong even though afraid of what the future may hold. Daniel, broken but determined to not let the past hold him in bondage. You will have to read this story for yourself to see what happens in the lives of these characters and how God works into their lives. As a passionate reader, I must admit that this is one of the most mesmerize and refreshing narrative that I have read so far. By the time I finished with the epilogue I was really looking forward to see how the narrative bring about to unfold. The characters were well created by Marsha Malcolm,  the mental images was awe-inspiring.  The utmost thought-provoking thing for me was that the narrative was unpredictable; as it unfolded I being passionate enough to move forward to the next chapter to see what would occur next. The plot was up to par matured and climaxed at the right time. The ecclesiastical references were in the nick of time and even though the book is fiction, the message minister directly to my soul and was a solid as rock admonition of the awesome power of God. Marsha written a marvelous book that had so much spiritual, life changing and fictional balance at the same time. This was a perfect narrative of amazing love, redemption, salvation and forgiveness.This book is a recommend read for everyone, especially those individuals who have the desire to be made aware about God’s Awesome Power, Love and Grace. Also for those individuals who are looking for a breakthrough from any chains that seek to hold them in bondage. In my opinion this is also a great read for individuals like myself who love to read an inspiring christian novella about love.




Window To The Soul Of A Man

Title: Window To The Soul Of A Man

Author: H.M. Trey

Publisher:  Peace In The Storm Publishing, LLC (October 7, 2014)

Number of Pages: 322 pages

ASIN: B00NQ9ON3W (Ebook)

ISBN-10: 069229743X

ISBN-13: 978-0692297438


About The Author:     

H. M. Trey was born in Statesville, NC and currently resides in Charlotte, NC. He earned his B.A. in Exercise and Sports Science from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his M.B.A. and M.P.A. from Strayer University. Most of his professional career has been spent in the Human Services Field. H. M. Trey has a love for working with kids in the community and being a mentor. H. M. Trey was a part owner of a non-profit organization called Strengthening and Empowering the Lives of our Future (S.E.L.F., Inc.), which had mentoring, tutoring, and sports programs.

H. M. Trey has been writing poetry for many years and has a passion to write, whether it is poetry, music lyrics, or novels. H. M. Trey is a contemporary fiction author and has had three full-length novels published and four published short stories in a series entitled The Knife That Kills The Heart. In 2008, he set out to write his first novel, with a desire to ultimately become a full-time writer. His debut novel, The Wedding Man, was released in September of 2012. In 2014 H. M. Trey signed as an author with Peace in the Storm Publishing. H. M. Trey’s sophomore novel, Window to the Soul of a man, released October 2014 was his first novel released under Peace in the Storm Publishing. H. M. Trey recently finished up work with his third novel, She Will Be Loved, which released June 2015. H. M. Trey will be a contributing author in a nonfictional anthology, entitled The Soul of a Man 2 that will release in December 2015.

H. M. Trey lives by what he calls a 3-D Mindset – Determination, Desire, & Drive. With this mindset H.M. Trey is seeking to be that author that is not just known for his writing talents but also for his ability to bring his novels to life through the vividness from which he writes. H. M. Trey is quoted as saying, “Writing is an expression of what’s in your soul. It’s an art form that allows you to paint pictures with the use of words. The beauty of it is that every soul is different so you are able to enjoy many painted pictures from a diverse array of souls through the act of word play. I find joy in writing, whether it is poetry or novel, for it provides me the perfect platform for self-expression”.

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About This Book:      


The things men don’t talk about…the matters of the heart. Being able to truly see into the soul of a man and understand the deep-rooted emotions that he hides from the rest of the world can be an impossible feat to accomplish. It takes a very special eye to see through the shadowed window to a man’s soul. This is no different as it pertained to Trevor Alexander. He enjoys the life of a smooth talking bachelor who could come and go as he pleases…or so he thinks. Circumstances, and an unfortunate life-changing experience in his past, made him the man that he is today. Once a one-woman man until the travesty of a relationship, he vowed never to be that gullible again for his soul had been forever changed. He tucked away the hurtful skeletons of his past into a dark, deep corner and was hell bent on keeping them from escaping out of the locked closet in his heart. The window to Trevor’s soul was shut off to the world, never to be opened again; at least that was the game plan. That is, until a woman with a very unique name – Deisyre Moore – came along, breathing life back into his soul. Her ability to see beyond his pain and show him how to love again starts a process that allows Trevor to open up his emotional window again; something that he never thought possible or saw coming. What he also didn’t see coming was the ghost from his past clawing for an opportunity to enter his world again to reopen old wounds. Trish Parker, Trevor’s first true love and the mother of his deceased son, reappears and brings a cloud of trouble back over Trevor’s life; which leads to potential deadly situations that Trevor is left to encounter. Her reemergence brings chaos into Trevor’s life, forcing him to face the pain that he buried away with his son…the very pain that led Trevor to create a character for himself to live by which is the polar opposite of who he was prior to a life-altering tragedy. As Trevor’s life gets flipped upside down, he has to make a decision to re-enter his past and make amends on what he should have done in the first place. One woman causes a crack, the other threatens to shatter it…will Trevor’s decision to reopen the window to his soul and face his past be the ultimate death of him?

Window To The Soul Of A Man Book Review:

This is the first book “Window To The Soul Of A Man” by H.M. Trey. Mr Trey wants the readers to notice that the words he scribbles on paper created the window to his soul that represent a story of him. In order that would otherwise be untold through the art of writing,he can express himself in the way that articulate words cannot. The reason of that because oftentimes, he begin to speak his mind, but then devotedly stop. Mr. Trey’s imagination escape wild as the pen captures on paper. The picture painted is created from Mr. Trey’s heart and has a lesson to be taught. He wants us to know that the heart and soul are often misunderstood and there are misrepresented. And for that reason the window to the soul remains shut and tinted.  But as he writes , the purpose, his true self, becomes ever so clear. The windows of my soul are made of one-way glass, don’t bother looking into my eyes if there’s something you want to know, just ask. It also means the person is imagining themselves to be very powerful, that they are able to mask their real nature from someone who can peer directly into their soul.

I discover of this read to be extremely informative and enlightening in revealing the nature of the male species. Author H.M. Trey shared his intimate soul with his readers including me. Though this was a fiction narrative, you will have the knowledge that it was also to some degree the authenticity of his nature. I really appreciate him for having the courage to sharing such deep-seated authenticity about the process life’s experiences of men. When I first started reading the book, I was excited to learn more about the main character of Trevor  in the narrative, he was infatuated by a woman just like him wrestle with a past that anchored them to a painful and emotional confinement to live a life half dead.Trevor was dealing with the death of his son and the betrayal from his ex-girlfriend, Trish who cheated on him. Deisrye  was in a toxic relationship with her boyfriend who beat her. I love the fact that Trevor didn’t judge Deisrye for her bad choices but he was there for her emotionally and physically. Trevor doesn’t respect any man that put their hands on woman. Eventually they discover each other and began to resurrect to a life that position love proved to be more evident than either ever imagined. The writing style of this story should definitely become into a blockbuster movie. Being a zealous reader, I was truly appreciative with this novel. As the chapters endure, I discover myself needed more and not wanting to stop reading this story at all.  H M Trey did an awesome job  and praying there is a sequel  to this narrative. Please support H.M Trey by purchasing and read this book.