A Police Officer Prayed For Someone While On Patrol

So I’m out on patrol and I pull over a young man who is my youngest sons age, and it’s very obvious he is a substance abuser, as I attempt to gain his  paperwork , I can’t help but to look him up and down and see that this young man is struggling with life, my heart becomes heavy and I feel the tears coming, my heart began to feel heavy as I walk back to my scout car, I decide not to write him a ticket, my intentions was to just send him on his way , but as I walked up to his car, the words that came out of my mouth was can I pray for you , see we all have a job to do, and we are expected to not allow our personal feelings dictate our enforcement, but I felt compelled to pray for this young man and ask God to cover him and help him… I’m so thankful for what I have , God has truly been good to me… Be safe out there my sisters and brothers in blue. By Sheron Johnson

My Response to the message above:

I know that Police Officer did the uttermost anointed thing for that young man has ever in his life. We need more people like that. In the case that individuals believe it or not, prayer really does change things. For those individuals who don’t believe God does not judge and no matter what you do or whatever your job is, we are all God’s Children. God doesn’t separate His Children. I tried my best to treat people with respect and kindness knowing that I want to be treated the same. This is a perfect example that all cops aren’t bad. You have some cops  will shows compassionate towards you. She really shows the Christ in her by praying for him, even though it could have cause her to get terminated from her job. She didn’t let that obstacle stop her from spreading God’s word. That young man was truly blessed beyond measure by Officer Sheron Johnson’s actions and prayers on that day. God has given her a pure heart and purpose. I believe that young man life will change forever because of Officer Johnson.





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