The Kingdom Man: FulFill a Man’s Thirst

Title: The Kingdom Man: FulFill A Man Thirst  –  Inspirational Motivational

Author: Reverend Anthony Martin

Publisher:  The Kingdom Culture Fellowship Ministries & Christian Self Publishing Co. (March 15, 2016)

Number of Pages: 140 pages

ISBN-10: 1530400864

ISBN-13: 978-1530400867

ASIN: B01D0SPA1C (Ebook)


About The Author:        

In Dec of 2013 and Jan. 2014 Rev. Anthony Martin became a 3 Time Author of the Books “THE BATTLE OF THE CULTURE”. . . . “THE KINGDOM CULTURE COMMUNITY”. . . .”STOP KILLING ME BLACK MAN and now today Rev. Anthony Martin is a 15 Time Author Inspirational/Motivational Evangelistic Speaker with an established ministry “The Kingdom Culture Fellowship Ministries & Christian Self Publishing Co. as well as a coordinated Men’s & Woman’s Workshops “FULFILL A MAN’S THIRST” & ” SERVE A WOMAN’S HUNGER” on a grass roots level in a much needed efforts to continue to “Save the Family”. As well as the books “The Kingdom Woman” ~ Serve A Woman’s Hunger & “The Kingdom Man” ~ Fulfill A Man’s Thirst. We appreciate your willingness to help us and to bring awareness for Developing Stronger Families of Today in Raising Honorable Communities for Tomorrow.



About This Book:    

 The family is the most powerful entity in a man’s life. The family is a man’s life, which carries him through a life of death and destruction that goes on in the world today and beyond. The greatest component that a man can have to overcome all obstacles in life’s muck and mire. The greatest way a man can love his children is to love the children’s mother, if you are with her or not. It is GODS primary plan and purpose on earth that the family be successful in staying intact which ultimately represents “The Kingdom of GOD.” There is no other survival tactic on earth that is greater than the survival of the family. The greatest attack mechanism that devil has is the attack of the family. If devil can take away the Head/or Foundation/Man/Husband from the home then the demise of the family structure and foundation begins to possible total destruction of the family order GOD intended it to be. Whoever controls the mind controls the body, if devil can remove the man as head/foundation of the family from the house hold, just like the Garden of Eden he can then have dominion over the home as man is to have dominion over the earth. It is vitally important that the man know his responsibilities over the home of the family and not denounce those responsibilities nor hand them over to the Helpmeet/Woman/Wife to carry on with. It is not GODS purpose or plan that the women head the family. MEN you must stand firm out front as the Priest of the home and not allow other spirits and principalities to remove you or regulate your family. Your life depends on it that you know the ways and means of GODS purpose and plan of how the family is to operate in accords to “The Kingdom Culture Community.”May GOD always rule in your life through His Son Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.




The Kingdom Man: Fulffill A man’s Thirst Book Reviews

This is the first book “The Kingdom Man: Fulfill A Man’s Thirst” written by Reverend Anthony Martin. This is a life Changing/a wake up call/Christian Living Books all into one. There are a lot of scriptures provided from this Man of God to help the readers to understand about being the Kingdom Man. As Christians, we are consider to being a Kingdom person or kingdom Builders. The purpose in our roles is to help to build the Lord’s (Jesus Christ) Kingdom. That’s why it is so important to lead individuals to surrender their life to Jesus Christ. What is the purpose of the kingdom man? Although the kingdom man purpose according to the foundation and fundamental of the kingdom, there will be order, authority and provision. When that particular man doesn’t, he opens himself up, and opens up with those are linked to him, to a life of pandemonium. My question that I asked myself, What is a Kingdom man? I did some research and I found this answer to my question, A kingdom man who is spiritually connected to God carries out the rule of God through combining the spiritual with the physical. The foremost component of integrating the spiritual aspect into the physical rulership is in possessing an accurate understanding of the divinely intended function between a man and a woman. Immeasurable of the confusion that surrounds marriages today stems from a counterfactual view of the nature of this relationship. When individuals read that God said it was not good for Adam to be alone,  every now and then individuals equate that to implying that God was satisfying Adam’s loneliness through creating a woman. They equate it essentially and simply to companionship.

In this book, “The Kingdom Man: FulFill Man’s Thirst”, Reverend Martin make perfectly clear the Biblical Meaning of a Kingdom man, from the start of The Old Testament thru The New testament. He also shows by means of understanding the family unit clue one in to living in this world as citizens of the Kingdom of God. A fore mentioned awakening and mandatory book will unforeseen readers who thought they have understood all they need to comprehend about the culture of The Kingdom Culture, the predominant family and the greater Church Family. As I was reading this book I already started immediately develop into engaged in the fulfilled through information taught something new about what a Family Man really meant through the Word of God. God inspire Reverend Martin to deliver a sermon through writing to give the readers something new to diving into restrain Knowledge, understanding and the wisdom of God’s word. God’s word can really transform you and Reverend Martin provided so many scriptures from the Old and New Testament. Reverend Anthony Martin wants the readers to know that the office space originate  from the Garden trees, the Garden of Eden is the earth and the only thing that is in you to cover the earth with prerogative is that gift called “purpose”,  that the definition of “work.” I recommend Men and Women, Boys and Girls to read this book. Again this book will transform you to be greater as a Kingdom Person. I am going to read Reverend Anthony Martin’s Book “Kingdom Woman: Serve A Woman’s Hunger.”





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