We Are Charleston (Tragedy and Triumph at Mother Emanuel)

Title: We Are Charleston (Tragedy and Triumph at Mother Emanuel) – Church History/Biographies& Memoirs/ Christian Ministry&Church Leadership

Authors: Herb Frazier/Dr. Bernard Edward Powers Jr./Marjory Wentworth

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson/HarperCollins Christian Publishing (June 14, 2016)

Number of Pages: 238 pages

ISBN-10:0718077318 (Hardcover)

ISBN-13:978-0718077310 (Hardcover)

ASIN: B019HPC98O (Ebook)

About The Authors:     

Herb Frazier is the public relations and marketing manager for Magnolia Plantation and Gardens near Charleston, S.C. He grew up in the Ansonborough public housing projects in Charleston and at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He has edited and reported for five daily newspapers in the South, including his hometown paper, The Post and Courier. In 1990, the South Carolina Press Association named him Journalist of the Year. Frazier studied journalism at the University of South Carolina and taught news writing as a visiting lecturer at Rhodes University in South Africa. He is a former Michigan Journalism Fellow at the University of Michigan.

Marjory Wentworth is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet who has worked extensively in human rights for organizations such as the UN High Commission for Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland; The Whole World Institute of Boston; and Church World Service in New York. She is the co-author of “Taking a Stand”. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina.


Bernard E. Powers Jr. earned the Ph.D. in American history at Northwestern University and is professor of history at the College of Charleston teaching courses in American, African American and African diasporic history. His major work, “Black Charlestonians: A Social History 1822-1885,” was designated an Outstanding Academic Book by “Choice Magazine.”He has published several book chapters and journal articles in his area of expertise and is currently researching the rise of black Methodism in South Carolina. Dr. Powers has appeared in African American oriented documentary films, including most recently the PBS production, The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross. He has also served as a board member or consultant to private organizations and public agencies promoting historic preservation. Presently Dr. Powers is on the board of the International African American Museum (IAAM) being built in Charleston, South Carolina and chairs its Program Sub-Committee. International African American Musuem is a unique museum and memorial site that will mark the most significant point in the Atlantic slave trade to North America.


About This Book:      


On June 17, 2015, at 9:05 p.m., a young man with a handgun opened fire on a prayer meeting at the Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Charleston, South Carolina, killing nine members of the congregation. The captured shooter, twenty-one-year-old Dylan Roof, a white supremacist, was charged with their murders. Two days after the shooting, while Roof’s court hearing was held on video conference, some of the families of his nine victims, one by one, appeared on the screen—forgiving the killer. The “Emanuel Nine” set a profound example for their families, their city, their nation, and indeed the world. Finding Grace not only recounts the events of that terrible day but also offers a history lesson that reveals a deeper look at the suffering, triumph, and even the ongoing rage of the people who formed Mother Emanuel A.M.E. church and the wider denominational movement.In many ways, this church’s story is America’s story—the oldest A.M.E. church in the Deep South fighting for freedom and civil rights but also fighting for grace and understanding. Fighting to transcend bigotry, fraud, hatred, racism, poverty, and misery. The shootings in June 2015, opened up a deep wound of racism that still permeates Southern institutions and remains part of American society. Finding Grace tells the story of a people, continually beaten down, who seem to continually triumph over the worst of adversity. Exploring the storied history of the A.M.E. Church may be a way of explaining the price and power of forgiveness, a way of revealing God’s mercy in the midst of tremendous pain. Finding Grace may help us discover what can be right in a world that so often has gone wrong.

We Are Charleston (Tragedy and Triumph at Mother Emanuel) Book Review:  

“We Are Charleston: Tragedy and Triumph at Mother Emanuel” given facts about the side of the story that the readers been waiting for. It is cherish, as only for those in the Community can share their story. No outsiders take in the sights in. All three authors piece together Charleston history, A.M.E(African Methodist Episcopal Church) history and biographies of the murdered together with recent and present politics to prove how little of substance has changed here in the year since the massacre.The narrative timeline of what transpire on and by reason of June 17, 2015 jog one’s memory about how small this city really is. Some of us may know people who know the victims. We as a community who we love are still aching with sadness. We’re reinstated to that night at Marion Square where individuals from diversified communities brought together, where the dilemma was spread by friends and relatives on Calhoun Street. Stunned perplexity! I found this discussion evidently lays out the history of Mother Emanuel AME Church and at present time community. The memorable losses are outlay too. I am just wondering if the families of Denmark Vesey and his friends grieve like what happened on June 17, 2015? What extent of determination did it take for the congregation to rebuild from the destruction of their church in 1822? How many generations passed before the grief de-escalate?

On that dreadful day, Dylan Roof enter into Mother Emanuel AME Church during their Bible Study and the members welcomed him with open hearts. In my opinion that was a beautiful picture of Christian love and analogy for these great believers. They welcomed this stranger regardless the color of his skin into their midst without questions, and now people are left grasping on to that light. Dylan Roof was a by- product of a hatred ideology that seeped out of institutional cycles into the predominant experience and communications with deadly outcome. In President Obama’s Eulogy refresh our memory that Roof’s evil actions meant to develop a race war, instead it directed in the opposite directions. That was from the power of forgiveness in which was design as meaningful than anyone could have imagined. I agreed with President Obama that it defined as “the power of God’s grace.” When those families if the victims, survivors and the congregations of Mother Emanuel allows themselves to forgive, they refused to let hatred win. The whole Community was united in grief and working working toward changes in Charleston. I recommend everyone to buy and read this book for yourself so you can get to know Charleston, the history of the AME Church and the power of forgiveness better. I am learning to be able to start to learn more about the power of forgiveness. This quote of Power of Forgiveness really sum up what the good folks of Mother Bethel allow themselves to do. “When You Choose To Forgive Those Who Have Hurt You, Take Away Their Power.” Lets continue to pray for the Families of the 9 Victims that were taken away from us violently. Also continue to pray for the Mother Emanuel AME Church Family as they move forward in building of God’s Kingdom.  I want to personally thanks Herb Frazier, Dr.Bernard Edward Powers Jr., and Marjory Wentworth for allowing God direct them to work together in writing about the history moments in Charleston, the birth of the Mother Emanuel AME Church and the the role they play in building up the community.


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Change Gospel Magazine June 2016

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Yes You Really Can

“There are three simple words that will change your life,”Yes I Can.” We need to learn to stop using the word “Can’t” in our conversations. We need to take the word out of our vocabulary.”


If you are a Christian, the word “Can’t” should not be in your vocabulary. You need to stop comparing yourself to others. What gift that God given to you is special just for you. God is about to give you more than enough. In the book of 1st Corinthians the 2nd Chapter and the 9th verse tell us, “But as it is written: Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” Words have so much power that it can help you or it can hurt you. You need to choose your words wisely.

President Barack Obama has a quote “Yes We Can”, that can be a great motivation. “It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation. Yes we can. It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail toward freedom through the darkest of nights. Yes we can. It was sung by immigrants as they struck out from distant shores and pioneers who pushed westward against an unforgiving wilderness. Yes we can. It was the call of workers who organized; women who reached for the ballot; a President who chose the moon as our new frontier; and a King who took us to the mountain top and pointed the way to the Promise Land. Yes we can to justice and equality. Yes we can to opportunity and prosperity. Yes we can heal this nation. Yes we can repair this world. Yes we can.” Do you see how powerful the message from President Obama’s quote motivated so many individuals. He speaks those words with conviction. He really believes what he said in his quote because of the confidence and faith that he have in God. Did you notice that he didn’t mention the word “can’t” at all in his message? If you want a great change in your life then you must change your mindset. You must have a positive mindset. Part of having a positive mindset is that you need to change your vocabulary. You need to transform your negative conversation into a positive one.

There are some individuals mentioned in their conversation that they can’t do anything without even make an attempt of trying their best. They will automatically say that they can’t do this. We as a believer in Christ need to take the word “Can’t” out of our vocabulary. A perfect example, I can’t lose weight. Transform that sentence into I can lose some weight if I make an attempt to put the necessary work in. You must work on your mindset if you want to achieve success. Don’t automatically say that you can’t do something without making an attempt of trying that task. It’s always best of trying new things because it is part of growth. When I am in doubt about something I will meditate on Philippians the 4th Chapter and the 13th Verse said “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” The scripture didn’t mention I Can’t do all things. It didn’t mention I can do something. It didn’t mention I can do a half of things. This powerful scripture said“I Can Do All Things Through Christ.” In the Christian Faith, we believe that through Jesus Christ all things are possible. This is a reminder of our faith in Jesus Christ that can help guide us anywhere we need to go. In the book of Matthew the 19th Chapter and the 26th verse said “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Man will tell you that it is impossible but with your faith in God that all things are possible. When you know that all things are possible with God then you can really say “I Am Possible.” Also don’t ever allow anybody tell you that you can’t do something. They aren’t telling your story but they are telling their own story. Some people will try their best to tell you that you can’t do this or that. Just because they weren’t willing to put the effort in trying new things don’t let them interrupt your success.

When you surround yourself with individuals that have a positive mindset, then you definitely will be able to say Yes I Can. The reason why that you are able to say that because you know that you can do all things through Jesus Christ. He will always  stand by your side and will never leave you. You must believe in yourself that you can do anything that you desire. You can be the greatest ever but never defeated because you have Christ by your side. Even though sometimes you may lose but you will be able to pick yourself back up and try again. Yes you can do anything if you just try but you have to believe and rely on what you have inside. Through your trials that you can make it through, for your trials will just make you stronger. There are so many people put everything before their purpose. I know people that can really sing but they won’t put their talents to use. You have people who have the gift of writing but they won’t use it. You have individuals that have the passion to start their business but they won’t follow their passion. The reason why that they aren’t using their gifts or following their passion because they are in fear of failure. The worst thing for you is allowing yourself to be a prisoner of procrastination. God has given you those special gifts and you must use them. Why aren’t you using your gifts or talents from God? Tomorrow isn’t promised at all to anyone. In the book of James the 4th Chapter and the 13th and the 14th Verses  said, “Go to now, ye that say, Today or Tomorrow we will go into such a city, and continue there a year, and buy and sell, and get gain: Whereas ye know not what shall be on tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” Life is too short and we must live every moment of it. Life hasn’t even promised to us. Tomorrow isn’t promised and not even today is promised. Life may be fragile but it’s precious. A god brings us the miracle of life and it’s beautiful. For God gave the provision, made the decision on your behalf. You can do all things through your faith. You need to take one step forward today and make that passion of yours become a reality. If you make up in your mind that you can just conceive it , believe it then you will be able to achieve it.

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Speak Life

  • Thinking About Positive Things About Life

    “Thinking About Positive Things About Life, Words have so much power that it can help us or it can destroy us. Life and Death are the power in our own tongue. We must choose our words very wisely.”



    Do you know words can be very powerful? There are powers in words that you are speaking. Its have the power of life and death are in your tongue. You will allow to fall in the trap to speak negatively about yourself if you are not mindful. In the book of Proverbs the 18th Chapter and the 21st verse speaks to us “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” When you are speaking negative words into your own life, you are actually speaking death into your life. You are a lethal weapon to the devil, armed & dangerous because life and death are in the power of your tongue. So use your tongue wisely and speak life. You need to start speaking life. God wants you to experience that joy of living life.

    The reason why some of us are speaking death into our own life because of the mindset. We are busy allowing poison corrupts our mind. When toxic takes control of your mind you will always have negative thoughts. Your negative words can cause serious damages to you. It can disrupt your sleep. It can ruin your appetite. It can interrupt your ability to experience happiness and satisfaction with life. Having a negative mindset will put you in a circle of deterioration. It means that you are self perpetuating by engaging in negative dialogue, causing damage in your life. When you are having negative thoughts you are trapped in your own prison. You are a prisoner of negative thinking. Until you allow yourself to break free from that prison, you are destroying your soul is often self-perpetuating. If you are going to release your negativity to others, not only that you are miserable but your listeners will be as well. Those thoughts are very contagious. Just by surrounding yourself with a person who always toxic will make you be hateful toward others.

    I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. This is one of my favorite scriptures from Philippians the 4th Chapter and the 13th Verse. This scripture is a confirmation that helped me to change my mindset. This is a powerful scripture that you need to let it simmer in your mind. There is a reason why God spoke to his children about Philippians 4:13. You must believe it in your heart so that you can do all things through Christ. In the bible, the scripture didn’t say that I can do one thing. It didn’t say I can do something. It didn’t say I might can do all things. The scripture says I can do all things and you must believe that in your heart and soul. You need to change your negative mindset “I Can’t” to a positive mindset “Yes I Can” You need to change your vocabulary. You need to start speaking life into existence. In the book of 2nd Corinthians the 4th Chapter and the 13th Verse said “We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken, we also believe, and therefore speak.” God is telling you that Yes You Can through Christ Jesus. The impact of your way of thinking about life is very important. It can make you or it can break you. The remarkable thing is that you have a choice every day regarding your mindset that you will have to embrace for that day. You cannot change your past but you can change your way of thinking. You are the one that is in charge of the way that you think. You have to control what you are feeding into your mind. Stop saying that you can’t do anything at all. You can always do anything that you put your mind to it. Life is all about a learning process.

    When you are talking with others, your conversation shouldn’t be about throwing in the towel but it should be about walking in victory. You should be speaking victory into your life. Your talk should be about victory. You should be thinking about victory. You should be walking in victory. In Jesus Christ that you have the authority to take charge. When Satan put toxic thoughts in your mind, you have to respond and walk boldly in faith. Speak the Word of God over your thoughts. You must set your mind to a higher level that God has prepared for you. You will be able to speak from what you have allowed to exist deep down inside you. Every time that you are thinking about negative thoughts just rebukes it with the Word Of God. From the fullness to overflowing of the heart that your mouth speaks. You need to fill your heart and soul with the Spoken Word of God by speaking it and reading it out loud. There are some people seemed to attract bad situations in their lives. Bad things are going to happen but you don’t have to let the devil interrupt your flow of God manifesting in your life. What you are going through is only temporary. Satan will send toxic people in your direction in the purpose to steal your joy. In the book of John the 10th Chapter and the 10thVerse said “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Satan doesn’t want you to have victory in your life. He doesn’t want you to live a successful life. He wants to steal everything that you have. He wants to destroy you. You can fight back by taking everything back to what the devil had stolen from you. By having a personal relationship with God that you are given the power to stop him through Christ Jesus. In the book of John the 14th Chapter and the 6thVerse said “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father, but by me.” Nobody doesn’t have any power over you because you are a Child of God. The only way that somebody has power over you if you allow it to happen. The fact is that the Word of God is a manual on how to live a victorious life on a daily basis. It will teach you of who you really are in Christ Jesus. You are the Child of the King. This Holy Manual will help you to speak victory in your life. You will be able to walk in victory. In the book of Joshua the 1st Chapter and the 8th Verse mentioned “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shall meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shall make thy way prosperous, and then thou shall have good success.”

    Rolls Royce and Bentley are great cars that a lot of drivers owned. You must be wondering why that Rolls Royce and Bentley don’t ever do commercials? The reason for that is they know the value of their product brings customers to them. Your lesson is when you know how worth is your value then you don’t have to beg anyone to be your mate, to spend time with you, or love you. You must be confident in who you are and know that not everyone can’t afford the luxury of your presence. Some people will let others make them feel like they aren’t worthy. They will get involved with someone that treat them like trash. They have low self esteem that they don’t believe in themselves. You must have confidence in yourself by speaking confidence in your life. Show people that you put value in yourself and don’t let anybody tell you anything different. In the eyes of God that you are a Child of the King and you are very special. You shouldn’t be having a pity party but celebrating life. God has given you life so that you can enjoy it. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. When you take a look at yourself in the mirror, you want to kick yourself over and over for your past mistakes and failures. You feel so ashamed and guilty over your past and you are stuck. You allow yourself to let your past to work against you. What you think you see in the mirror is not the accurate picture of what God has in plan for you. You need to communicate with God and ask Him for deliverance in your life. If you repent of your sins and ask for forgiveness then he will give it to you. If God can forgive you by giving you a second chance then you need to forgive yourself. We all make mistakes or choices that we aren’t proud of. By going through deliverance that Go will renew your life. Deliverance is a change that is taking place in your life but you must be willing to be that change. In the book of 2nd Corinthians the 5th Chapter and the 17thverse said “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” The importance of forgiving yourself so you can heal and move forward in your life.

    My friend Derrick Parker recently shared a message with me, “Yes there are seasons in our life when we will go through testing. My question for you, when are you going to speak about “COMING OUT”, “VICTORIOUS”, “MORE THAN A CONQUEROR?” Speak those things that’s not as though they were until they are. Get rid of negativity thinking.” This is a true message to live by. No matter what comes your way. God will always be there for you. Regardless of our failures or the ups and down in our lives, our heavenly father will help us through. We will be able to hold on to His promise because the Lord will work it out. We as Christians are more than a conqueror. In the book of Proverbs the 8th Chapter and the 37th to the 39thverse said, “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things to come. Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Through the power in the name of Jesus that we are no longer living in defeat. When people see the change in you that they will realize that you are not the same person. Even through all life trials and tribulations that you must learn to put your trust in the Lord. If there nothing that you can’t do then you need to stand on God’s word. God is able because he can work it out. In the book of Proverbs the 3rd Chapter and the 5thtothe 6th Verses said “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct paths.” When you make up your mind to trust in the Lord then you can truly say I am more than a conqueror.

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Power For Living

Title: Power For Living- Inspirational Motivational

Author: Bishop T.D. Jakes

Publisher: Destiny Image

Number of Pages: 335 pages

ASIN: B0051GN7KI (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0768428386 (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 978-0768428384(Hardcover)

ISBN-10: 1459600371 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1459600379(Paperback)

About The Author:

T. D. Jakes is the CEO of TDJ Enterprises, LLP; founder and senior pastor of The Potter’s House of Dallas, Inc., which has over 30,000 members; and the author of the New York Times bestselling Making Great Decisions and Reposition Yourself. Time magazine and CNN referred to him as “America’s Best Preacher.” His TV show, The Potter’s Touch, reaches 67 million households per month. He has been the host of national radio and television broadcasts and is regularly featured on the highly rated Dr. Phil show. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, five children, and two grandchildren. Visit T. D. Jakes online at http://www.tdjakes.com

About This Book:  

You were created to walk in power and fulfill your purpose! Your life purpose is not ‘out there, somewhere,’ waiting to be discovered. Your destiny is not lost, and it’s not missing. It’s not waiting to be found; it’s waiting to be released! You are divinely hardwired with destiny on the inside of you. It’s time for you to stop looking for purpose and instead, start doing what you were created for through the power of God. In Power for Living, Bishop TD Jakes empowers you to overcome defeat, confusion, fear, and purposelessness. Learn how to position yourself for destiny-defining moments that will unlock your potential. Prepare for a life-changing collision with God’s supernatural power and discover the secret to a fulfilling life purpose today!

Power For Living Book Review:

“Christians are equipped with the Power For Living because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It is up to us to make ourselves available to that power. We are capable of achieving more that we can ever imagined by the power of God designed for us.”

Bishop T.D. Jakes’ book “Power for Living,” the reader will receive an introduction to basic concepts and principles for recognizing their purpose and power through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This powerful message provides specific tools for receiving answers from God through prayer, discover your focus while seeking Him, and acknowledge the power to live your dreams. This book concentrates on the importance of having an open dialog with God through prayer. Bishop Jake mentioned that God wants us to ask questions through a persistent quest for truth, and by pursuing the favor of God. There were scriptures that relate to the inspiring stories that address an inner focus on the soul transcribe into humanity, self examination, confidence and affirmation. In each chapter includes a feature “Power Points for Living” which is created of suggested guidance for observation, setting up goals, or peculiar actions to be taken for embracing the power for living. Bishop Jakes anointing writing comes from a genuine, heartfelt sense of compassion with a true desire for us to experience the commitment to a passionate follower of God. This is done through His Son Jesus Christ and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

In this book “Power for Living,” want us to know that there is a purpose in our lives. He takes the time to prevail upon the reader from any mental obstacles. He repeatedly let us to know do not give up because there is a purpose for our life. We must keep on fighting long enough for the will of God to be revealed. Once the believers become persuaded, the foundation has been established. Also the rest of the instruction from the Word of God builds on and brace that fundamental fact. Bishop Jakes teaches us the importance of asking God why. He does that not in the connection of a self pity party, but to gain knowledge that it is the only way to grow spiritually with Him. In your communication with God that you will ask Him to reveal you the revelation in your current situation. After that you will have an understanding and move forward. Sometimes God will not always reveal that reason, but neither God will be offended when you are willing to be his true students to the understanding of the spiritual aspects of tribulations.

If you are looking for your own power for living through Christ, then I definitely recommend you to read this powerful book. This book has two parts that include the different power in our daily life, and 30 power principles designed as devotionals to empower us to face our mental road block. Each Chapter does have an inspiring passage from the Word of God to provide us wisdom for decisions. It will give us comfort in our difficult times. This book will help you to have a better relationship with God. Also, there was a Bonus part that includes tools to help us to release our anointing from God to embrace our power for living. I am so glad that I read this book for myself. This wasn’t the first book that I read by Bishop Jake. Not only that he is an anointed preacher, but he is also a motivational entrepreneur. He offers great tools to help the readers on their successful journey to follow their dreams. He also has great advice for the readers to help them on their spiritual journey with God. This book is perfect for Bible Study, Book Clubs and even for training with your team members for your business. We all need to find our own power for living. I will read this book more than once. This is a great book to keep you motivated. Please make sure that you get this book for yourself.

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How To Make That Dream Of Writing Your First Book To Become A Reality?

“I want to ask you two simple questions. Did you ever think about writing your first book? Do you believe that you can make your dream become true by writing your first book?”



Do you know that everybody has a story to tell? Yes it is so true that we all have a story to share with others about our lives. We can share our story by writing that book. That book represents a story of our lives. Several years ago somebody told me that I should really think about writing a book. I told them that I don’t know anything about writing a book. At that time I didn’t have confidence in myself. I was willing to stay in my comfort zone.In the end of 2010 until the middle of 2011 I was dealing with depression. I really thought my life was over but God wasn’t finished with me yet. After I overcame my depression that I decided that I am going start to write my first book. I didn’t know anything about the process of writing a book. I didn’t let that stop me at all because I was determined to publish my first book. So I did a lots of research online to learn about the process to write a book and talk with different authors who already successfully published their books. I also joined several author groups that help me with some great information on the process of writing my book. They also given me some great information about how to write and publish my book. Every day I have written something down on paper even when I didn’t feel like writing. It wasn’t an easy task but I was able to complete that task. And because of my determination today I am an author of three published books. Now you are asking me the question “How am I going to make my dream of writing my first book become reality? I will explain in details about how you can make that purpose of writing that first book comes true. This is from my own experiences of me becoming an author.

The first thing that you need to know is that you must have a vision to write that book. You need to decide on what kind of book that you want to write about. You need to communicate with God in prayer to see what vision God has for you in your journey of writing that book. God will help you in the direction that you need to take when you make that concrete plan toward what you desire in your writing. In the book of Proverbs the 16th Chapter and the 3rd verse said “Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.” You must set goals in writing that book of your desire. By setting your goals is the first step in your successful achievement of writing that first book. You need to decide how long that you are going to plan in writing that book. Then you want to make that decision in your goal when you want to have that book publish. You should think about what route you want to take on publishing your book. When you are setting your goals you are making that important step to your success by putting your passion into that real action mode. In the book of Philippians the 4th Chapter and the 13th verse said “I Can Do All Things through him who strengthens me.”

The second thing that you need to have a determination of writing that book. You must work on your writing daily even when you don’t feel like it. You need to find a positive surrounding to work on your writing. A good place will be like a library or a coffee shop like Starbucks. I do all my writing at Starbucks and that help me to follow my groove because I am in the surrounding of positive mindset individuals. You must have that positive mindset and stay focused. You should never let anyone interrupt you when you are writing your story. You should never give up on your passion in writing. In the book of 2 Chronicles the 15th Chapter and the 7th Verse mention “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” Everybody isn’t going to be happy for you in your decision to write your book. There are some that will try their best to discourage you from writing your book. They will tell you negative stuff such like the following. Nobody doesn’t want to publish your book. You aren’t going to make any money. Nobody not going to purchase your book. I should know because it happened to me when I was writing my first book. You need to block all of those negative comments and keep on writing. In the book of Haggai the 2nd Chapter and the 4th verse said “For I am with you, declares the Lord Almighty.” You must have belief in yourself that you can achieve anything because I can do all things through Jesus Christ.

There are people always telling me they are going to write that book. Have you ever heard people telling you they are going to write a book? Five years later you hear the same story from them. Ten Years later again you hear the same story. You need to write that book already. Stop talking about writing that book and just do it. Until you publish that first book then you don’t have anything to show for. Once you have published your first book then you are an Author. New doors will start to open up for you with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Every since I had published my first book that I had new opportunities by writing articles for magazines and online news. I now have a chance to gain new skills by my writing. If I had listened to those individuals who tried to discourage me then I wouldn’t be an author today. You can be an author today if you have the determination to make it happen. You can make a decision to become a self publish author or you can take the traditional publishing route. That decision is up to you and nobody else can’t make it for you. While you are working on your book you should seek information about the difference between self publishing and traditional publishing. Make sure that you are networking with Authors, Publishers, Editors and even your readers so they can help you in the right direction. Also you will be able to establishing solid relationships. My advice to you is to write that book already. Let God guide your pen in writing that book you need to put on paper. In the book of Ecclesiastes the 9th Chapter and the 10th verse said “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”


Your Life Doesn’t Come With The Remote Control

Do you know the functions of a remote control? Some of you may have a television that comes with a remote control. When you are watching your favorite shows on TV, you can turn the TV off or on, change the channels, and adjust the volume. You have some remote controls that can do much more than that. There are some remote controls that can control up to fifteen different things. The name for that is a universal remote control. Its control devices as a DVD Player, Laptop and other electronic devices. The purpose of that is you can go fast forward, slow motion, reverse, or pause a show while you leave the room to do take care of something. The purpose of the remote control that you are in complete control of those devices you have. In the land of the living that your life does not come with a remote control.

Do you know that some people really believe their life comes with the remote control? I got news for you that life doesn’t work like that. Your life doesn’t come with the remote control. There are some people that don’t like the way how their life turned out to be. Just because your life isn’t going the way you would like, you sure can definitely do something about that. There is no remote control that will fix your life. The only way that your life can be fixed is that you do something about It is up to you to fix your own life. You must be willing to change in order for you to fix your life. Some of us are depending on somebody to fix our lives for us. Nobody can’t fix your life for you, the only person can fix your life is you with the guidance of God. God will send you the tools to help you to fix your life but you are the one that has to put the work in. There is no magic potions to repair your life. You have to get your lazy butt off that couch and fix your own life. I hear people all the time of complaining about their life. I will respond to them if you don’t like how your life turned out then do something about it. You are the one that has control over your own life. You need to make a decision on how you are going to fix it. You need to stop depending on others to fix your life.

You complain about that person who you are involved with in a relationship. You mentioned that they don’t respect you. They aren’t being faithful or being honest with you. Deep down in your heart that you know that person isn’t good for you but you allowed yourself to stay in that toxic relationship. God will remove that person from your life for your protection. He wants to send somebody better for you to be in a relationship with. Instead of allowing God to remove them from your life, you are still chasing after that person. You are not moving forward because you are busy trying to get back with that person who treated you so badly. You make it in your mission that you can’t live without them but they don’t want to be with you. You allow yourself to hold onto grudges and being stuck in your past relationship. You prefer to be miserable in that toxic relationship. The only person that can get you out of that toxic relationship is you with the guidance of God. No remote control will do that for you. You need to make that decision to move on by walking away from that person. You need to remove yourself from that toxic situation. You are complaining that your boyfriend is controlling you. He is telling you what to do. He doesn’t want you to have any friends at all so that he can control you. He wants to keep you away from your own family. He doesn’t want you to go to school to better yourself. He doesn’t want you to work. A toxic person doesn’t want you to see improvement in your life because they can’t have any control over you. Nobody can’t have control over your life unless you allow it. In the book of Luke the 10th Chapter and the 19th Verse say “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” God will remove that person from your life for your protection. God is doing that because he wants to show you that you really deserve much better. God wants the best for you. In the book of Psalm the 28th Chapter and the 7th Verse mention “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.” You are complaining why did he cheat on me? You weren’t the only one that’s had been cheating on. Everybody had been cheated on. If you want to be in a better relationship then you need to do something about it. You need to make a change in your life. Before you are willing to act, you must be motivated by the Word of God. As a Christian you will have some of the strongest possible motives for changing. In the book of Romans the 12th Chapter and the 1st and the 2nd verse mention “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” As Christians we are transformed by refreshing our minds. In the book of Ephesians the 4th Chapter and the 23rdverse say “And be renewed in the spirit of your mind.” You are the one that has control over your life. Just remember that your life doesn’t come with a remote control. A remote control will not fix your life. You are the one that must fix your own life.

“Good discussion of a very important issue. Passivity is not faith! Philippians 2:12 tells us that we must take initiative in working out (not for) our salvation with fear and trembling. The power comes from God, who works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure. But if we never take any initiative, we’ll never see that power flow.” By Ronald E. Franklin (RonElFran)  From HubPages

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The Strongest Prison

“Our mind is the strongest prison. We allow ourselves to be a prisoner because of our negative mindset.”


Do you know that the strongest prison is not made out of concrete and steel? The strongest prison is all in your mind. There are so many different kinds of prisons that we allow ourselves to be trapped in. So many of us will let toxic and negative things control our mind. We are so busy worrying about what other people will think about us and will end up being their prisoner. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. You need to choose your words wisely. You will be able by changing your mindset. If you walk in God’s path toward your destination that he will help you to become free of your own prison. God can release you from your own cell block only by changing your mindset.

The first thing that you need to do is to set yourself free from being a prisoner is to change your mindset. You need to change the way of thinking. If you always have a negative mindset then you will not go far in life. You will make yourself and others in your circle miserable. You need to start to make an effort to change your mindset from being negative to positive. Think about positive things that will help you to live a better life. Nobody likes to be around people who are always being negative. Negative thoughts are both toxic and dangerous. In the 4th Chapter of Philippians, the 6thVerse had mentioned “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your quest be made known unto God.” There is power in prayer that will help you to change with your thoughts and heart. Don’t be hard on yourself. You don’t have to be trapped in the prison of negativity because God will be on your side.

The second thing is to surround yourself with people who are positive and will help to lift you up for empowerment. When you hang out with toxic people that their negativity will be contagious to you. You will end up being trapped in their negative activity if you allow yourself to continue to let them control you. You need to change your surroundings. If you hang out with negative people then you will become negative as well. Negative people are very toxic. They will suck out all of the energy out of you. They are energy drainers. You need to stop explaining yourself to them. The only person that you need to answer is our heavenly father God. God is always in control. You will really find out who is in your corner when you decide to make a change in your life. Some people in your surroundings including family members don’t want you to make changes in your life because they didn’t have the gut to make changes in their own lives. Even some won’t hesitate to bring your past up in your face as if it happened yesterday. This is a generational curse because they don’t want to change and don’t want you to change either. They want you to be miserable just like they are. They will blame others for their problems except taking responsibility for their own actions. The best thing that you can do is to avoid being associated with them because they will bring you down to their levels. . If you care about what other people think about you then you will always be their prisoner. Just set yourself free.My best advice to you is don’t allow any negative or toxic people to rent space in your mind. These tenants can cause your value to go down. You definitely need to raise the rent and sent them the eviction notice.

The most important thing that you definitely need to do is to change your vocabulary. Stop using negative words to describe yourself. Negative thoughts that people are experiencing in their own life is the lack of confidence. I had met individuals that will tell me that I can’t do this. They had already made up their mind that they can’t do it. They aren’t willing to try because they are scared of failure. You need to take every negative words out of your vocabulary list and replace them with positive words. Words have so much power when we use them. They can help you or they can destroy you. You can change that negative thought into ‘I Can Do This” or “Yes I Can.” You see how positive that statement is. All you have to do is take out “I Can’t” from your vocabulary and your mindset. Just remember that in the book of Philippians the 4th Chapter and the 13th verse that it had stated “I can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengthens me.” Another word that we need to get rid of is “Impossible.” All you have to do is to replace the word impossible with “I am Possible.” You see how powerful that statement is. Another example is that said that I am a runner who is about to run in a race and I am thinking that “I’m not going to win this race.” I need to change my ways of thinking into “I choose to be a winner!” By doing this you are building up your confidence and help steer your mind from a negative mindset into a positive mindset. You are heading in the right direction. With God help he will direct your steps in the right direction. You can have all the pity party that you want but nobody isn’t going to attend. You need to move forward by changing your mindset and your attitude. By the power of your words that your tongue will becomes a pen that writes the book of your destiny. So you need to speak the words of life and success.

Just remember that if you want to be free from your own prison you must be willing to change your mindset. If you want that door open then you must be willing to walk in the direction of God’s Path. God will open that prison door by helping you to change your way of thinking. When you are walking in His path that you will be able to look at life in a positive way. You will have more confidence in yourself. You will not be a prisoner of any situations that you are in. You will discover your freedom because you are willing to make a change by following the direction of God. He will set you free from captivity. In the 3rd Chapter of Galatians and the 22nd verse had mentioned “But the Scriptures declare that we are all prisoners of sin, so we receive God’s promise of freedom only by believing in Jesus Christ.” So you can claim your freedom by calling on his name. He will set you free from your own prison.


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Spiritual Warfare

Title: Spiritual Warfare – Christian Novel

Author: Dr. Sheila C. Carpenter

Publisher: Carpenter’s Press & Media, Inc

Number of Pages: 274 pages


ISBN-10: 0615601944

ISBN-13: 978-0615601946

About The Author:

Dr. Sheila C. Carpenter is the award-winning author of “The Christian Walk,” “Forgive Me.”This is her first Christian novel.

About This Book:

Four Midwestern families and a local congregation are about to embark on a life-changing Spiritual Warfare. But are they spiritually and emotionally prepared for battle? God sends His head angel Ashshod to lead a host of angels to stop Satan from destroying His people. But Satan has plans of his own and sends Greed and his imps to kill and destroy whoever gets in the way. The angels must put on the whole armor of God to help protect all of God’s people if they want to stop Satan from getting the job done. Will good prevail? Or Will the unthinkable happen?“Spiritual Warfare” is a thrilling page-turner that reminds us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.(Ephesians 6:12)

Spiritual Warfare Book Review

Do you know that there is a war going on? It is not by bullets or guns but by the evil spirits. Without any warnings that Satan want to attack you but you must have the armor that is the Word of God. The Word of God is your best protection. Juan Cortez, Pastor of Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church is a Bible Based preacher. He has been the Pastor for that Church over 35 years. He believes in doing things in decency and order. The Church membership is about 1000 members. His wife Joyce Cortez is always standing by his side. One Sunday Morning while he was preaching his sermon on the pulpit of Solid Rock Church, Juan suddenly suffers a stroke. He was hospitalized for several months. He couldn’t move his body. Suddenly the Church decided to get rid of Juan Cortez as their Pastor and replace him with Marco Pablo as the new Pastor. Marco Pablo finally got his wish to become Pastor of Solid Rock. He wanted Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church to become a Mega Church. Pastor Marco Pablo wanted to get rid of things in the worship services that reflected in the teaching of Christ. The devil has control over him and make sure he does things that aren’t holy. Pastor Pablo resented the former Pastor Cortez teachings. He doesn’t like how Juan Cortez tells him,the changes that he is doing to the Church is not pleasing to God. The devil wants to destroy Juan Cortez and the Church as the whole. The Church will not be the same because there is a Spiritual War going on in the Church. This Christian Novel“Spiritual Warfare” by Dr. Sheila C. Carpenter reminds us that there is a war going on. As Christians, if we are going to win, then make sure that we have Jesus deep down within. This battle cannot be won with bullets and guns. For the enemy you cannot seed with human faculties. In this spiritual warfare, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness.

This was a great story written by Dr. Carpenter. I really like how she portrays the four families in this book. Once I started to read this book that I couldn’t put it down. The devil tried to send his army to attack the congregation of Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church, but the angels come to protect them from evil. There were different kinds of spirits that was affecting the souls of many believers in this story. There were evil spirits of False Doctrine, Hatred, Lust, Racism, Greed and others wanted to destroy the Solid Rock Church Family. That was the plan of the devil to destroy the work of God, but the Angels were also in the presence to protect the believers of Christ. Sheila wants her readers to know that you must read the Word of God for yourself. Without any warning that Satan will try his best to attack the Children of God. You must know the Lord for yourself. In our Christian life, we can’t fight this battle on our own. We need the power of God rooted and grounded in our life. We need the armor of the Lord so we can walk right, talk right, pray right and live right. Dr. Carpenter minister to us through the characters on how to follow the lifestyles of true Christianity. Even though the story is fiction, but spiritual warfare is real with darkness. This book is a great tool to teach Bible Study. The Word of God is the best weapon to fight the enemy. In Sheila’s book“Spiritual Warfare” that Satan wanted to get rid of Juan Cortez and anybody that stands in his way. The devil wanted to send his army to attack Pastor Juan Cortez and the members of Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church. Satan wanted the new Pastor, Marco to get rid of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and replace it with false doctrine so that their souls can reside in hell. I definitely recommend anyone to read this book that wants to have a better walk with Jesus Christ. We all can learn from this story by putting God first in everything that we do.

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The 21- Day Publishing Plan: From First Draft to First Sale In Three Weeks or Less

Title: The 21-Day Publishing Plan: From First Draft to First Sale in Three Weeks or Less!

Author: Michelle Stimpson

Publisher: Michelle Stimpson

Number of Pages: 55 pages


Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 5, 2014)

ISBN-10: 1503107353 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1503107359 (Paperback)

Number of Pages: 68 pages


About The Author:  

Michelle Stimpson is a wife, a mom, an educator, and the owner of one crazy dog. When Michelle is not busy procrastinating, she actually does write Christian books as well as insightful short stories for high school students. She’s extremely thankful to have discovered her gift early in life and counts it a blessing to serve readers through writing. Michelle Stimpson’s works include the highly acclaimed Boaz Brown, Divas of Damascus Road (National Bestseller), and Falling Into Grace, which has been optioned for a movie of the week. She has published several short stories for high school students through her educational publishing company at WeGottaRead.com. Michelle serves in women’s ministry at her home church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. She also ministers to women and writers through her blog. She regularly speaks at special events and writing workshops sponsored churches, schools, book clubs, and educational organizations. Here is Michelle’s link: http://michellestimpson.com/

Her Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/MichelleStimpsonWrites

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About This Book:

You’ve finished the manuscript. Now what? Do you get an ISBN? Ask your cousin to read it? Hire someone to sketch a cover?
Before you spend a ridiculous amount of time, energy, and money trying to figure out the next steps, you must read this book!
There’s a ton of information about independent e-publishing on the Internet. It can be hard to separate the junk from the gems and even more difficult to know whom to trust. Let’s face it: many people/companies will share just enough “free” information to convince us to sign up for an UNfree service. Not so here!
The 21-Day Publishing Plan is a straightforward, no-nonsense plan for learning the industry, contracting with professionals, preparing your manuscript for publishing, and setting up your book’s promotional plan.
Written by a full-time novelist who has experienced success as a traditionally and independently published writer, this book gives insider tips through the eyes of one who has weighed the options and seen the best of both words. With Michelle’s tried and true plan, you’ll go from first draft to first sale in three weeks or less!

The 21-Day Publishing Plan:From First Draft to First Sale in Three Weeks or Less!  Book Review:

I want to personally to show my gratitude to Michelle Stimpson for sharing her wisdom about publishing your book, by creating an empowering self-publishing guide. She cut down to size the process with a simple step-by-step directions. I always preaching to my fellow authors that we need to support each others. We need to share resources with others to help them with the guidance of the process of publishing their first book. Michelle make sure that she teaches the aspiring authors to avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary paying third-parties for self-publishing services. I believe this book will help someone that have the desire to publish that book especially for those who don’t have any experiences of what to do in the publishing process. This book will inspire and add value to someone that is well written with an easy follow on directions. She recommend the readers with professional book editors and people who design book covers rather it is in an Ebook format or printed copy books.

The 21-Day Publishing Plan is a great publishing bible for authors rather if they decide to choose the route of Self Publishing or Traditional publishing. Michelle provided the 3 week plan base on her own experiences to help aspiring authors to be successful in their publishing journey. These great information does comes into play when that book finally already written and ready for the next phase in the publishing journey. Her insights into the process of editing, choosing an editor and the price ranges with recommendations provided on the right kind of editors. You will discover a writing blog from the recommendation of Michelle Stimpson  to read it for yourself until you can’t read anymore. She offer her advice to the readers about online bookselling platforms like Smashwords, Amazon-KDP(Kindle Direct Publishing), and Barnes and Noble(NookPress). She also put the main focus on book covers with credible graphic designers, the understanding for creating your own book covers and the blueprint for purchasing pre-made covers plus take in the sights at the input of an editor. She recommend into details about tweaking your book cover, formatting that book and information she uses in her own books, uploading that book, the description of the book, author bio, planning the scheduling promotions online, places to post your book (paid and free sites), and promotion tips. I definitely recommend this book for aspiring and new authors. Also I recommend this book for Authors (like myself) who already successfully published their book. Michelle’s book will give you a great guidance step by step successfully publishing your manuscript. Michelle didn’t have to share her wisdom in successfully publishing your book, but she was willing to do that because she wanted to help others to succeed in the process of publishing their book. She really created a well written and great resources of publishing that book. This book really help me personally to improve my craft in the process of publishing a better book.

I also recommend you to read Rochelle Carter’s Book “The Seven Step Guide To Authorpreneurship – Plan, Write, Publish.”


 Here is the link of my review about Rochelle Carter’s Book Below: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20140710221422-63432251-book-review-for-the-seven-step-guide-to-authorpreneurship

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