Lord Deliver Me From Self-Talk

Title: Lord Deliver Me From Self- Talk (Faithful Words You Should Say When You Talk To Yourself) – Inspirational Motivational

Author: Lynn R. Davis

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Number of Pages: 90 pages

ASIN: B00A6KR24Q (EBook)

ISBN-10: 1481178350

ISBN-13: 978-1481178358

About The Author:

Lynn’s most important role is being a Mom. She enjoy spending time with her family, writing, and doting over her five nieces and eleven nephews. They are her inspiration in everything that she create. This is new for her. Fear has kept her from publishing her work, but she is determine to push past the fear. She’s looking forward to experience growth and becoming a better writer with each project.Join the conversation, share your favorite quotes from books, or just say, “hello” on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DeliverMeFromNegativeSelfTalk
Its a great way to connect, preview projects and be the first to know about free book promotions. Lynn wants to personally thanks her readers for their support.

About This Book:

If your words, thoughts, and actions are always negative, its time to make a change. Stop the fiery darts of the enemy. Self-talk is a part of life- positive or negative. When we’re upset we’re rarely thinking positive and our self talk turns negative and critical. God wants us to use positive thinking and positive thoughts to cast down negative thoughts.Because they prevent us from living the blessed and successful life He has planned for us. Scripture is clear, “life and death is in the power of the tongue.” The power to take control of our lives is in our mouth. By learning how to talk to yourself in a faithful way, you will begin to change your life an improve relationships, gaining greater success and happiness. If you want to feel good and accomplish more in life, read this book. It will help you stop the negative self talk that is holding you back. You will experience blessings and victory over fear, bad habits, addictions, negative emotions, sickness, relationships self-esteem, weight-loss and so much more. This book in the series offers examples of self talk, daily devotionals and sample negative self talk guides as well as positive self talk examples. You will learn the power of positive self talk through scriptural based phrases. That will help you declare life instead of speaking negatively (death) over yourself and the ones you love. Learn what you should say when you talk to yourself as well as what to say about others. Speak powerful faith-filled words. Speak life! This title of the Negative Self Talk Series is approximately 15,700 words in length.

Lord Deliver Me From Negative Self-Talk Book Review:

Just because we are Christians doesn’t means that we are immune from adversity. In life we all go through storms and calamity. The worst part is once in a blue moon, we sense as if God isn’t there for us or that our prayers aren’t being answered. Some of us even feel that God had abandoned us and that our problems or tribulations can’t be fixed. I can relate because personally I felt like that during my illness with maniac depression. I can truly said that this book was an excellent tools of Inspirational Empowerment from the Word of God. I was online this week and Lynn R. Davis’ book “Lord Deliver Me From Negative Self-Talk” really caught my attention. The title alone really minister to me on a personal level and that what I pray to God about. Not only that I ask Him to deliver me from negative self-talk and get rid of negative, toxic people out of my life. I decided to purchase this powerful book and it only took me two days to read it. I couldn’t even put this book because there were so many omnipotent epistle that Lynn uses to personify how we can be renew. Part of being renew is allowing God to transform our lives by willing to change the way on how we communicate to ourselves.

This is a simple interpret and this anointing author provide examples from her own personal battles to teach her readers practical applications of victorious and confident self-talk. As Christians we should take the opportunity to receive positive affirmations and messages from Scriptures that filled with inspiring bible verses. The Word of God in many verses tells us there are great things our heavenly Father has in store for us. I thank God for Lynn R. Davis for writing this encouraging book because it was definitely what I needed to read. This book really help me to change my life, my attitude about life and how to react to a lot of negative things in my life. God really guide Lynn’s pen to write this life changing book so she can minister to the lost. Also her personal testimony about her son really touches me personally. Regardless what we are going through that it is only temporary. We need to speak life toward those bad situations including being on drugs and homeless. You need to feed your mind with motivational books that will transform your mind and life. If you are looking for a renewal in your life then I definitely recommend you to read this powerful inspirational motivational book. It’s definitely a great start to receive a transformation. I believe that this book is filled with inspirational messages and in action examples for individuals that needs words of encouragement and hope.

Words are so powerful. It can either help us or it can hurt us. We need to be careful on how we choose our words. There are powers in words that you are speaking. Its have the power of life and death are in your tongue. You will allow to fall in the trap to speak negatively about yourself if you are not mindful. In the book of Proverbs the 18thChapter and the 21st verse speaks to us “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” When you are speaking negative words into your own life, you are actually speaking death into your life. You are a lethal weapon to the devil, armed & dangerous because life and death are in the power of your tongue. The reason why some of us are speaking death into our own life because of the mindset. We are busy allowing poison corrupts our mind. When toxic takes control of your mind you will always have negative thoughts. Your negative words can cause serious damages to you. It can disrupt your sleep. It can ruin your appetite. It can interrupt your ability to experience happiness and satisfaction with life. Having a negative mindset will put you in a circle of deterioration.So use your tongue wisely and speak life. You need to start speaking life. God wants you to experience that joy of living life. This book is definitely perfect for Christian Books Club and Bible Study. I am looking forward to read more books by Lynn R. Davis.




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