Men Do Cry

Title: Men Do Cry 

Author: Eloise Thames

Publisher: Rare Diamond Publications

Number of Pages: 39 pages

ASIN: B0086S725E (EBook)


About The Author:        

Elois Thames (1976-) currently resides in Flint, Mi with her five children. Planning on relocating to Chicago,IL soon, the self-assured woman is very ambitious. Writing ever since she was in the seventh grade, achieving her goal in dropping her first book came easy. Elois love spending time at church with her children and family. Placing God first in her life, this creative woman has so much to be grateful for. Inspired by her past and influenced by the many people that have come and went, to the top is where she is headed.
Elois is currently attending Everest University Online where she is pursuing her Paralegal certification. Her goal in one day owning her own publishing company is only a few steps away. Elois wants to be able to help other inspired writers to become authors and with her soon to be developed business, Rare Diamond publications, Elois will be prepared to grace her audience once again, with her second novel.

About This Book:      


Who said men don’t cry? Well let me tell you, men do cry. Follow La’Ron as he tries to deal with the abuse of his wife. He would never thought it would happen to him. He married his high school sweet heart, but he didn’t know her dark side, I guess it’s true love is blind. Follow Elois as she takes you on a journey through a man’s eyes.

Men Do Cry Book Review:

“Men Do Cry” is the first book that I read written by Elois Thames. Elois written a fiction book based on a touchy subject about Domestic Violence among Men. This  drama send forth cloudless about men also are being abuse emotionally, physically and sexually abuse by woman rather it is their girlfriend or wife. The detachment of civil servant that are paid to help but find the situations to be so funny. Elois Thames really did an awesome job in creating a fiction story about exposing domestic violence on men, this kind of domestic violence isn’t talked about because the fear of being accused of lying or being laughed at. That’s the reasons why men don’t want to reported it to the police. I am so glad that Elois display for us a side of humanity that some don’t think exist at all.  I know that God guide the hand of Elois Thames with the holy pen to create a well written story that needed to tell the world. When I read the first page of this story, I was so angry because of the character La’ron went through supposedly in the name of love. Lydia is the kinda woman that I really never get myself involved with. She was just an evil, miserable toxic person. Not only that she cheated on La’ron with his best friend and wife but she also beat him on a regular basis. She treated him like a child. He really loves Lydia regardless of her toxic flaws. She didn’t know what a great man that she have. This book was an eye opener for me and when you as a reader start reading“Men Do Cry”, you too will find it an eye opener as well. I can imagine that Elois Thames had a difficult time of writing about horrible abuse but by the Grace of God she was able to share this difficult story to educate about this side of domestic violence. This was a quick powerful writings that have a great message to let us know that not only woman get abuse in domestic violence but also men do as well. What make me angry the most about this story when La’ron called the 911 operator about him being abused by his wife. The 911 operator didn’t believe him and start laughing. She didn’t even send the police officer over to the house. If La’ron have beaten Lydia then he would have been arrested for Domestic Violence. Since Lydia beaten and rape La’ron, his complaint wasn’t taken serious so he felt that the system fail him. His only way out was to defend himself by stabbing Lydia because she wouldn’t stop beating him. In my opinion, if the 911 operator have did her job, La’ron wouldn’t have to stab Lydia. I am so glad that La’ron and his son have a happy ending. My message to reader if you are in an abusive relationship, please make sure that you report it and leave that abusive relationship. If you know someone rather they are a man or woman that are being physically, emotionally or sexual abuse, please encourage them to report it and leave that toxic relationship. Thank you, Elois Thames for opening our eye on this difficult subject especially on the side of the men. Please read this book for yourself.




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