Polish Your Manuscript :The Authorpreneur’s Guide to Publishing Book

Title: Polish Your Manuscript (The Authorpreneur’s Guide to Publishing Book) –Writing, Research & Publishing Guides


Author: Rochelle Carter

Publisher: Authorpreneur Publishing International (May 11, 2016)

Number of Pages: 41 pages

ASIN: B01F16HMYY (Ebook)


About The Author:     

Rochelle Carter is the award-winning Publisher at Ellechor Media LLC, an award-winning publishing company with three imprints and an online bookstore. She provides publishing consulting services for various authors, and managing the acquisition and production process for all of her imprints.

Carter is also the bestselling author of the award-winning “The 7-Step Guide To Authorpreneurship”, “Becoming an Author: Your Quick Start Guide to a Successful Book Launch”, and international bestseller “Write Success: Inspirational Quotes For The Authorpreneur”, three books she put together to help authors based on her experiences with publishing and her own authors.

Carter has received national recognition for her leadership and professional achievements, recently being named the 2014 Stiletto Woman In Business Entrepreneur of the Year (Creative Arts & Media), a Business on the Rise Finalist in the same competition, and a Woman of Outstanding Leadership by The International Women’s Leadership Association. Through her company, she publishes books with a purpose. Her imprints have published over 40 books in less than three years, 98% of which enjoy 4-star or higher Amazon ratings.

She resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two children.

Visit her blog at www.ellechormedia.com for more information on Writing, Publishing, Marketing, and Authorpreneurship.

Booking inquiries can be made at www.rochellecarter.com

About This Book:    

The first and most important step to becoming an authorpreneur after getting your book written is polishing it so it’s ready to publish. If you want to make more than a few pennies off your work, you must focus your energies on creating content that audiences will want to read and that publishers want to publish. With tips on self-editing and how to hire the right editor, “Polish Your Manuscript” is your quick guide to taking your first draft from lead to gold.


Polish Your Manuscript Book The Authorpreneur’s Guide to Publishing Book Review:

Thank You Rochelle Carter for created this manual about how to polish that manuscript. I discover that the hardest part of becoming an Author is the writing. Everyone is not cut out be an author. The first and the most important path to become an Authorprenuer is getting that book written and polished so it’s ready to be published. There are many that tells me they are going to write a book. And 5 years later they still saying the same thing. For you to have that book written you need to set up goals and start writing something daily even when you don’t feel like it. When I published my first book “Walking In God’s Path Toward your Destination:Changing Your Mindset”, I have went to Starbucks or the Library to do my research and write something on a daily basis. There were people tried to discourage me or interrupted my progress of writing my book. I decided to put my goals into action by writing my book, editing and get it published. Once I got that book published, I can now say that I am a published author. Until you write and get that book published, you are not consider to be an Author. Rochelle Carter mentioned in the Preface that if you want to make more than a pennies off your work, you must put the focal point on your energies on creating content that readers will wants to read and that Publishers wants to publish.  “Polish Your Manuscript” is the perfect guide for individuals will like a simple directions in taking that first draft from lead to gold.

This book “Polish Your Manuscript” help me a lot to improve my skilled in writing my manuscript and gather all of the necessary information to succeed.  My next book I am definitely going follow every steps that Rochelle Carter share in this book. I read Rochelle Carter’s Book “The 7-Step Guide to Authorpreneurship.” In this book, featured 7 Steps  guide to approaching your writing career like a business. Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, multi-published or aspiring to publication, independently published or contracted with a publishing house, you need The 7-Step Guide to Authorpreneurship. This how-to handbook will guide you through each phase of your writing career to create a business that generates regular income while allowing you to do what you love. Loaded with well-organized information, plus practical tips and strategies, this guide will become a trusted resource you consult again and again as you build your career.In a market flooded with advice for writers, there are very few books merging the concept of being an author and an entrepreneur. This guide is the first to truly take authors from concept to execution. The end result is a blending of the entrepreneurial spirit with writing talent to create a successful business achieving the personal and professional goals writers aim for. I recommend you to read this book as well to understand the meaning and purpose of being an Authorpreneurship. Both of these books are great tools to gain wisdom from this expert Author and Publisher to help you on a Successful path to the Publishing/Writing journey. Rochelle also shares resources where you can get additional information about polishing that manuscript. Even though this book was only about 41 pages but it was worth the investments to not only purchase this book but also read and study the tools that Rochelle provided. I am now looking forward to read the next book “Create Your Book Business Plan (The Authorpreneur’s Guide to Publishing Book 2).” I recommend this book for aspiring authors as well published authors.

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