Behold The Lamb: A Harmony of the Gospels( The Chronological Word Truth Life Bible)

Title:Behold The Lamb: A Harmony of the Gospels( The Chronological Word Truth Life Bible) – Religion & Spiritually/ Christian Books & Bibles / Bible Study & References / New Testament Study  

Author: C Austin Tucker

Publisher: Word Truth Life Publishers (March 22, 2013)

Number of Pages: 290 pages

ASIN: B00C2JOJ6S (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0989038106 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0989038102 (Paperback)

About This Book:     



When it comes to Jesus Christ, there are various presentations of him. There’s the Jesus portrayed in books like the Da Vinci Code, the Jesus portrayed in various documentaries on TV, the Jesus portrayed in movies, and the Jesus portrayed in the Gospels. If you had to choose the real Jesus from a line-up, could you do so? But how can you distinguish the real from the fake? The authentic from the counterfeit? Bankers learn to spot fake currency not by studying counterfeit money, but by studying the real thing. In the same way, the best way to know Jesus is to go directly to the source of truth: The Bible.This harmony of the Gospels presents Jesus in an engaging and clear way. Harmonies have existed for centuries, but this one is unique in its format and presentation, and transforms words on paper to an encounter with the King of kings and Lord of lords. Here are just a few benefits of The Word Truth Life Bible:

It’s chronological – Events have been placed in the order that they occurred, as far as could be determined. It’s harmonized – Harmonization is one of the main features that makes this Bible unique. It means scriptures that provide the same information are merged into one narrative. Most people are familiar with harmonies of the Gospels, but once this Bible is complete, it will harmonize scripture from Genesis to Revelation. It’s shorter – Because of the harmonization feature, the entire Bible is shorter, but no information is lost. This eliminates the intimidation of reading such a huge book. For example, all four Gospels can be read in half the time it would normally take. It’s uniquely formatted – For example:

  • Chapters and verses have been removed from within the narratives to prevent unnatural breaks in the storyline. However, scripture references are present in the heading of each section for those who prefer them.
  • Scripture references are aligned right instead of left; this makes it easier to read the Bible like a novel, as the headings don’t interfere with or interrupt the reading flow.
  • Tables and bullets are used to break up text, making the information easier to understand.
  • Dialogue is formatted as is common in novels, making it easier to follow the speaker.

This publication was born of the desire to provide a Bible that will aid people in reading and understanding all that God has to say, without the hindrances of the traditional Bible format. We invite you to Explore the Word, Embrace the Truth, and Experience Life!

Behold The Lamb: A Harmony of the Gospels( The Chronological Word Truth Life Bible) Book Review:

Being very accustomed with the Bible and the Gospels, I am well informed of the monumental task involved in engaged through the great works be composed of. A tremendous component for the readers like myself in this work is the exclusive formatting it incorporate, this allows the reader to engage with the narrative in a logical comprehensible fashion. The scripture references are still covered, on the other hand in a manner which allows the reader to read readily. The formatting and reference technique passed down also allow the reader to enjoy the book in the technique of a novel, without being interfered with by referencing.The text is also further illustrate with tables and bullets, making it more digestible and easier to get the picture.The scripture index in the introduction page of the book, concede the reader to quickly and efficiently reference and pinpoint any piece of scripture. For those individuals who finds that the Bible is too big to explore, too long in duration or too confusing in language or structure, this book is the ideal accompaniment.By all means, there are variation to the traditional Bible, but this work remains bona-fide to the message and content contained in the Bible’s word.I truly found this to be a unique Bible companion guide and accompaniment to the Bible.It is an well written resource that you will return to again and again. Many of us read The Gospels several times individually (and in various translations) but for me, I never read a harmonized translation such as this until now. I really truly rejoice in it and appreciate that all the references are implement at the top of each section which guide in further study. I am looking forward to read more books like this one. It is simple to read and gives a structure of the scripture that is an eye opener. Cynthia makes sure that she didn’t add nothing extra or filler to it so it makes this book more accurate.

I received this book as a gift. Sincerely, as one that truly does not like newer translations, I was actually cheerfully surprised to find that this Bible goes well with my New King James Version. It reads the same way like I would hear when I attend Men Bible Study at my Church.  On one hand, it’s a transcription because it specialized into describe the words that fit the style and still convey the message. On the other hand, it’s more of an historical retold because it’s presenting the life of Jesus in the way we would normally read a biography vs. looking for a better way to say what’s been said in the exact same outline. Cynthia Tucker allow God use the pen with her anointed hand to created a very well written book. For those who have a mind that likes to bring order to things, this is a marvelous book for you to read and study. I cherish the clarity and the thoughtfulness to detail that went into this book. It took me a little while to connect because I am very humble with the Gospels and my mind wanted to keep returning back to the order of what I knew, nevertheless when I allowed my mind to just read and not try to put it all back in the order I knew (they knew that could happen and have references for people like me), it was really great. It reads like a narration, a great narration of truth. I rejoice inside as I think of speaking with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and most of them  just wants the main point without all of the other stuff. This is a great blends all of the Gospels and gets to the point in the messages of Jesus. For those who having trouble in understanding the Bible, this is definitely for you! For those who get confused with trying to figure out how the Gospels relate to each other, this is for you! For those who want a refresh look at the Gospels, this is for you! If you are  looking for a better understanding in the Word of God during your spare time , then this is the perfect book for you. I am fascinated with the integrity of understanding of such a complex task that this brings…Great job!!  improvement for studying God’s Word through this book along with the Holy Bible that brings accuracy…,

There were a couple things that caught my eye without hesitation. The first is how elegant and easy to understand that Cynthia presented in this book. There is an abundance of material we can gain knowledge each time we read the Bible, but it can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to break it up to digest. This Bible is broken into what I consider to be chunks of Scripture that allow the reader to see what parts go together and what parts may have been later during the day or what sections of teachings are grouped together. With quotation, I can go back and read how each Gospel correspondent recorded the event, but if you teaches Bible Class or Sunday School at your Church then this can be a great way to teach about the event. I mentioned about the chronological version because you probably would just mentioned “such as such happened here.” I absolutely acknowledge the columns used to display the genealogy of Jesus. We have a tendency to imagine about the first Chapter of Matthew but dismiss from mind about the third chapter of Luke, or we clench on that one passage while reading the other to flip back and forth. With them referenced and listed side-by-side, it makes it simple to be subsequent to the lineage by vision the hand of God working from Adam. This is especially accessible since the harmonized version proceeds the Bible accounts, listed in both ascending and descending order, and establish them in one form to make it simple as ABC for everyone to make sense of. Already stated, this is masterpiece for length everything well-balanced. I have my regular Bible for my Scripture studies, concordance & commentaries to help analyze words and passages, and my chronological accompaniment to put together the events to support by telling a complete story. Simple way to follow the life of Jesus Christ,


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