Temptations Has A Price

Title: Temptations Has A Price

Author: Andre Ray

Publisher:   CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform  

Number of Pages: 292 pages

ASIN: B01CQ3OLQC (Ebook)

ISBN-10: 152370117X (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1523701179 (Paperback)

About The Author:     

Andre Ray is currently a self-published author. Mr. Ray was born in New York and raised in North Carolina. He began his writing passion after many years of public service. During a trip to Florida with his family, his wife encouraged him to take up writing to release the gift that God had placed in him. After praying and seeking the Lord, his first series, “Undercover Deacon, Undercover Deacon 2 was brought to life. Since then he has written “Temptation Has a Price and Never Letting Go,” which all have been on the top #20 list of Amazon’s best sellers list in Christian fiction. Andre is a born- again Christian whom people have constantly spoken over his life by telling him that he is highly favored by God and there is a calling on his life. He loves writing Christian fiction and hopes his books will touch the hearts and soul of its readers. He looks forward to one day seeing his books become a stage play or short movie. He also looks to one day branching out and writing in other genres.

About This Book:      

Elder Noel Lee Jackson grew up in the home of Christian parents who raised him to respect women and the Lord. He was the kind of man ladies would stop and watch walk by. In spite of all his moral upbringing, Temptation still pulled on him from every direction. He carried out his duties that any pastor would be proud. He loved the Lord with all his heart, but he had a strong desire for women that no one knew about.
He kept his addiction under control for years until one encounter set off a chain of unstoppable events. It all started with the death of a close family friend who was like a second father. He went to church to find peace, but the devil was waiting to awaken the dark desires of the flesh.
The events that would follow were so out of the will of the Lord, that he would take his covering from his life. Will Noel be able to repent before it’s too late, and will the Lord even hear his prayers? Romans 1:24 says it best. “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves.”

Temptations Has A Price Book Review:   

Here is a book written by Andre Ray, “Temptations Has A Price” is a marvelous narrative from the first page to the last page. It was about  the Character Elder Noel Jackson associated minister at New Hope Baptist Church who was a womanizer that loss everything because of his actions. “Temptations Has a Price” is a Christian Fiction (Title That Minister To Readers in a Written Sermon), nevertheless it’s remarkably substantial honest truth in it. Entertain oneself with people’s emotions and feelings can be a dangerous consequences from that behavior or acts regardless who you are. This is the second book that I read from this anointed writer. I read his first wonderful book “Undercover Deacon” about the Character of Frank Mosley who have a warrant for his arrest in Detroit. While he was on the run, he wanted to change his life for the better. He have a conscience and he wanted to live a Christian lifestyles. The uplifting part in “Undercover Deacon” when Framk mentioned in his sermon. “Some may look upon me and the story of my hoopty with sadness. Others may discover the truth and gossip that he been undercover among us. Pretending be an Escalade. I say to you, I have been given redemption. A second chance at life and a fresh oil change. I plan to burn up the road of life telling everyone along the way of Jesus Christ. Preaching the news of how they too can come to know Christ through His love, grace and mercy.” In the Book of 1 John  the 3rd Chapter and the 16th Verse mentioned “Here by perceive we Lord of God, because he laid down his life for brethren.” Some of us as Christian are living an Undercover Life. We portray ourselves as Christian but our presentation is something else that is not a Christian lifestyles.  Even if you hide your dirty past from others by being on Undercover but eventually your cover will be blown. God knows everything that is going on.  This truly the same thing with Elder Noel Jackson, supposed to be a leader of the Church in the purpose of helping the broken and lost. Instead of that he prey on these women in the Church while they are vulnerable and slept with them like a hobby. He played with their emotions. He did that by using his charms and knowledge of scriptures to get them to lower their guards.

I love this story because It reminds us as Christians that we do fall short fro the Glory of God. His father, Pastor Marks and his best friend, Simon all told Noel that he need to get his house in order then watch your world change for the better but he didn’t wanted to listen. Noel allows Satan to lure him in the world of lust in the directions of beautiful women. That was his weakness and what make it worst that he suppose to an example to the flocks of the Church since he supposed to be an Elder. The sad part with Elder Noel Jackson was that he knew what he did was wrong but he did that acts in the form of lust. Noel allows the devil to convince him to misuse his gift. He manage to take advantages of many women of the Church. Most of them come to the Church as broken and fragile. Pastor Mark put him into leadership of Elder to help minister to them and not to prey on them. What I love what Pastor Marks mentioned to Noel “We are held accountable to God no matter  how big we grow our ministry.”  Noel have to face the consequences for his unholy actions. He nearly loss everything from his Job, his Elder Positions, his freedom, his respect and his life. Like the title speaks volumes that with temptations you will paid a price and it won’t be pretty at all. This book with all of the characters will minister to you while you are reading this book to repent from your sins, get your house in orders and the power of forgiveness. I recommend Andre Ray to write a sequel to this story to let us know how Elder Noel Jackson is doing with his new life in Christ and also turns this into a movie. This is a life lessons for Christians like myself and the readers, regardless of wrong choices that we made including a criminal background, we have a second chance for redemption by changing our life.  If you are dealing with any type of addiction in which can have dreadful aftermath. Once you realize that you have a problem with addiction please don’t ignore it. You won’t be able to fight that demon by yourself. You definitely need to get help with a licensed professionals and communicate with God. Finally when Noel allows God to direct him to the right path, after that he repented  and God gave him back everything including his life. Despite the fact Noel lead the hard way but his story has meaning and warning for people that don’t take heed to the wrongs they caused.This book will also encourage you to get right with God and surrender your life to Him. Thank You again Andre Ray for writing another awesome Christian Narrative that minister to the souls of the readers with the power of redemption and renewal of life.



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