Woman In The Mirror: A Case of Mistaken Identity

Title: Woman In The Mirror: A Case of Mistaken Identity

Author: Tarsha L. Campbell

Publisher: DOMINIONHOUSE Publishing & Design (October 21, 2013)

Number of Pages: 82 pages

ISBN-10: 0988871874

ISBN-13: 978-0988871878


About The Author:        

I am a God-appointed Woman of Destiny, loving life and people! As an author, empowerment speaker, and certified coach, I’m passionate about helping others find and fulfill their life purpose, and launch their dreams. I love empowering those I serve. I’m most known for my signature empowerment series called the Woman in the Mirror, which is transforming lives around the globe. Visit Tarsha L. Campbell’s website at:





About This Book:     


From the time you were born, Satan has been at work to distort your true identity and keep you from the abundant life God has for you. The purpose of this book and The Woman in the Mirror Empowerment Series™ is to shine God’s light into your darkness and illuminate your path to freedom by drawing you closer to the Father in greater intimacy so you can find your true identity in Christ, identify and demolish strongholds in your life, and discover your path to divine fulfillment. The revelations contained in this book will set you free, just as they have done for countless others who have heard and applied these revealed truths in their lives. Get ready to embark upon a journey to extreme liberation and extraordinary healing!


Woman In The Mirror: A Case of Mistaken Identity Book Review:

“One of the biggest mistakes a person can ever  make is never realizing who they really are as viewed in the eyes of God, their originator and creator.”  *T.L. Campbell

Congratulations to Tarsha L. Campbell for writing another marvelous powerful book“Woman In The Mirror:  A Case of Mistaken Identity.” This is the second book that I read by this anointed Author. I read “Woman In The Mirror: Ungodly Soul Ties-Break free To Break through”  first before I read “A Case Of Mistaken Identity” in The Woman In The Mirror Series.

When you have a confrontation with people who maliciously accuse you of being the complete opposite of who your heavenly Father says you are, or has purposed you to be. And if you believe the bogus allegations of those who don’t really know you, they can pronounce a death sentence upon you that keep you in bondage and vanquish all God intended you to become. We as Christians need a divine revelation of who we are from our heavenly Father. it is time for us revolutionize the life that God created for us that will outmode every malicious label and negative indictment from others, knowingly and unknowingly, speak over our life, set you free from the bondage of shallow morale, shallow self- worth, self-hatred, and self-doubt; and set us on the path to celestial fulfillment. The Woman In Mirror Series written by Tarsha Campbell in the purpose to minster and empower not only women but also men.  Tarsha mentioned a quote in this book that caught my attention the most, ‘Life is like a house of mirrors. Sometimes it reflects the truth of who God says you really are. Sometimes it reflects a lie. It’s your choice in which you will believe.” A mirror is a surface of glass that forms the image of an object when light hits it. In the spiritual format, the glass surface is our mind. The light that hits our mind is all the information we receive about ourselves through our surroundings, which causes our mind to design an image. The image that we project until it increased information about ourselves outmode the previous wave of information. In the process of glaring into our significant mirrors or be in receipt of information about ourselves from them., we will begin to structure an identity and image based on what we visualize, or in distinction to what our symbolic mirrors speaks into our lives. Tarsha wants her readers to know that God has a plan for your life and that He bring into existence for that purpose. Regardless of the situation that escorted us here on earth, God already have you on His mind before the foundation of the world. We as Christians need to start building a closer relationship with God so He can begins to reveal His plan for our lives. The more we build a closer relationship with the creator of our purpose and destiny, the more we see the big picture God has for our life. When we finally witness that big picture or vision that is revealed, our job is to move toward what we see and allow God completely fulfill that vision. If you are having a problem with your identity that God created for you then I recommend you to read this book with the scriptures that Tarsha L. Campbell provided. If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, I recommend you to read this book and after you read the last page then surrender your life to Christ. I recommend you to read “Woman In The Mirror: Ungodly Soul Ties-Break free To Break through” after you finished reading“Woman In The Mirror: A Case of Mistaken Identity.”


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