He Is Able

Title: He Is Able –   African American Christian Fiction

Author: Patrick Fleming

Publisher:  MBP Publications,LLC (December 15, 2015)

Number of Pages: 208 pages

ASIN:  B019G2OBL6(EBook)

Visit the site at http://www.mbppublications.com/


About This Book:      


This Book contains some words that have strong content. Not your average Christian Fiction Book!!!! How do you help someone that pushes you away every time you try to help? That is a question that DeWayne Darius Day asks all the time, as he places his life and career on the line. And on the other side of the spectrum, how do you let a man help you when God seems not to even care? This is a question that Sabrina Malia Knight asks all the time.
DeWayne is a young man with a bright future, and a dark past. He was raised by a single mother who struggled to make ends meet. He loves God and lives his life in direct accordance to the Will of God and whatever He needs him to do. Gang affiliation, jail time, and murder threatened the future of this young man’s life. Through these trials DeWayne drew closer to God, causing him to confess Jesus as his Savior. By the Grace of God things start to work themselves out for DeWayne, after his confession to Christ. He is a rising star as the small forward for Kansas State University, preparing for the 2014 NCAA Tournament. Things are looking good for his future, until he is called to help an old friend; which causes him to put it all on the line…all his dreams, all his accomplishments. But his dreams and aspirations pale in comparison to doing the Will of God. His relationship with Sabrina will test his faith, test his love, threaten his relationship, and threaten his career. Sabrina Malia Knight is a troubled teen, with a secret she refuses to let anyone know. She is highly intelligent, yet she cannot figure out how to cast away the weight that has been weighing her down since she was a child. Sabrina has been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused, and she is spiritually broken. Raised in the church, she heard all the good about God. But her trials and lack of deliverance has caused her to build up a certain hatred for Him, and her back is turned to Him and anything to do with Him. She blames God for the things she has endured. Sabrina and DeWayne’s paths crossed in their early high school years in South Bend, Indiana. Sabrina always have liked DeWayne, and secretly prayed that he would deliver her from her torment. DeWayne always found Sabrina intriguing, but something in his spirit has always stopped him from approaching Sabrina in any way beyond anything, other than friends. He has real love for her, but he questions whether she is worth putting everything on the line for, in being obedient to God. Take a trip through this page-turner and see for yourself the most heinous acts that have become all too common within today’s families and in our society. Look through the eyes of different characters personal accounts and feelings, as they deal with some of the most difficult trials that come with being obedient to God’s Will, and at the same time seeing the joy and blessings that come with being obedient.

He Is Able Book Review:    

I really enjoyed the reading of “He Is Able” by Patrick Fleming. I have to admit that I was going to stop reading this book because there were a lot of profanity but I decide to continue reading this story. I am so glad that I did continue to read this book. There were a lot of a great life lessons messages with the attachments of scriptures from the Holy Bible. This is a truly an example about how Christians can encounter with wordly issues and still be a Child of God. We as Christians aren’t perfect at all and we should be able to ask for forgiveness. I love the character of DeWayne who tried to be a true friend to Sabrina and being a perfect gentleman. While there were curse words from DeWayne, but he still displays confidence about his christian values and faith in God. This is a representation by him not yielding to the temptation with Patrice. I appreciated the fact that DeWayne establish scriptures to help him to make decisions and the eagerness to experience for what he believed. I really truly believe that DeWayne  love Sabrina unconditionally despite her problems and negative attitude. The wrongdoing that Sabrina suffered from her parents especially from her pervert father is an ongoing problem in many families today. Sabrina’s mother Rasheeda  need to get her butt whip for allowing her husband Keith to rape their daughter. Furthermore, stories like “He Is Able” need to be written as this may minister to a young reader or victim. .I read one of the reviews on the Amazon sites stating the writing is not Christian, but I have to disagree. The title of this book alone speaks so much volumes. God is able to do just what He said He would do. He’s gonna fulfill every promise to us. We can’t give up on God, cause He won’t give up on us. The steadfast of this narrations is to keep it evident while illustrate CHRIST to the lost. There were one scripture in “He Is Able” spokes to me personally, “Come to me all who are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” That message illustrates to the reader is that God will gives us rest for our weary souls, but the walk with Christ is not a lazy walk. It is a Spiritual Warfare! Despite the fact the urgency of God’s rest is great, we should do everything we can to secure it. That statement is not to say anyone can work their way to salvation, but that we should do what we can to enter God’s rest by faith. That rest of God is consists of peace, joy, love, contentment, power and strength.If anything that is design by God, Satan will try to destroy it but God Will block it because He is able. “Now all Glory to God who is able through His mighty power at work within us to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20). This was masterly gracefully and in my respectful point of view, “He Is Able” need to be created into a movie so the story can empower someone to know their worth and reach out to somebody that can help.

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3 thoughts on “He Is Able

  1. Hello Milton – I popped across from Google Plus.
    Thank you for this book review, particularly your reminder that walking with our God involves spiritual warfare.
    God bless

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