Second Chances

Title: Second Chances: A Billionaire Christian Romance For Adults – Religious & Inspirational Fiction/ African American Christian Romance

Author: Shannon Gardener of African American Club

Publisher:  Saucy Romance Books (February 8, 2016)

Number of Pages: 190 pages

ASIN:  B01BLW9R6S (EBook)

ISBN-10: 1523977310  (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1523977314 (Paperback)

About The Author:    

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About This Book:      


A complete Christian romance for adults, suitable for 18 years and older only due to sex scenes after marriage. International model Donna thought she had it all, until she was in a car crash that killed her beloved fiance.She was devastated, but then she found out that he was sleeping with other women while they were together. Returning home with little to no trust for men, she decides to end her modeling career, devote her life to the Lord and help in the community as needed.It’s through this community work that Donna meets billionaire Marcus, a handsome former basketball star who is immediately taken with her.
Neither can deny that sparks fly, but will Donna be able to get over her distrust of men and let Marcus in? Or is she doomed to relive her past for a second time? Find out in this heart felt, passionate Christian romance by bestselling author Shannon Gardener of African American Club.Suitable for the ages over 18th only due to sex scenes between a hunky billionaire and his Christian beauty.

Second Chances: A Billionaire Christian Romance For Adults Book Review:    

This is an outstanding narrative about the power of love and faith. I really adored this story about finding that true love. It was a versatile narrative with a magnificent message. Donna and Marcus are wonderful characters that was developed by this gifted Author, they both have fabulous mothers and are happy with their lives. Donna had been treated badly in a previous relationship and did not want to get involved again. Marcus who thinks she’s the most beautiful person in the world. When they first met they have an imperative chemistry that Donna tries her best to fight her feelings for Marcus, but they end up dating anyway. As I was reading this narrative. I found that the characters of Marcus and Donna are absolutely perfect for each other and their synergy was great. I love the story and the characters it held my interest from the first page to the last page. It was such a honor in reading a great book with Christian values, Donna made the right decisions to make Christ head of her life and truly staying a virgin until after marriage.

The title and the cover of this book alone really caught my attention.  The characters were very real and convincing. Occasionally we need to step back and allow God to take over. We all may go through a heartbreak or grief over the loss of the love of our life, but that does not escape the fact that life has a way of giving us another chance. Sometimes that second chance we received is really the first one. The hypothetical first one was just a smoke screen. God puts people in our path. They either bring us up or bring us down. Whatever they decide to do, it should be a lesson for us to learn. For Donna, God put Marcus toward her path as a positive lesson for her to learn so she won’t let a negative lessons that she experienced sidetrack from the positive ones. It is time for us to explore our feelings and let God direct our paths. This is definitely a marvelous story of finding true love and second chances of love. I always enjoy a good romance story with a theme of Christian values and this one did not dissatisfy for me. The summary in the messages of “Second Chances” that Shannon Gardener wants the readers to know that  God beyond doubt really has a plan  and it worked out without a doubt for Marcus and Donna. They experience a lot of trials and tribulations but in the end it was truly worth it to both of them. A truly lovely story about second chances.




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