Saving Grace

Title: Saving Grace: A Christian African American Marriage Romance – Religious & Inspirational Fiction/ African American Christian Romance

Author: Shannon Gardener of African American Club

Publisher:   Saucy Romance Books (December 18, 2015)

Number of Pages: 200 pages

ASIN:  B019KHHBS2 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 1522789510  (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1522789512 (Paperback)

About The Author:    

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About This Book:      


A complete Christian romance for adults, suitable for over the age of 18th Year Old only due to sex scenes after marriage. Grace has been through a lot. She grew up in the ghetto, her dad has been shot after making his money illegally, and she’s now homeless. Thankfully though, her aunt and uncle have taken her in and are ready to provide a better influence. Being convinced by her aunt she may be able to find peace at church, Grace soon attends a local service. She would’ve been happy with finding inner peace and discovering God, but Grace soon finds more than she imagined at church. Namely the deacon Peter, an attractive and rich man with a good heart. But with the two with such different backgrounds and views of life, can they find a common ground for a true love to start? Find out in this emotional romance by best selling Christian author Shannon Gardener. Suitable for readers over the age of 18 years old only due to sex scenes between a God fearing married couple.

Saving Grace: A Christian African American Marriage Romance Book Review:    

“Saving Grace” make the scene in a small town surroundings where the heroine of the story had returned home after losing her father in a violent manner. She came from very humble beginnings only to end up being cared for by her affectionate aunt and uncle who treated Grace like their own daughter. In her voyage to put a resemblance of balance back into her life, she was introduced to the christian lifestyles by her aunt and uncle where they attend Church at. The Pastor of the Church became fascinated with her. This was an unquestionable marvelous story and I was overjoyed to see that although enticed to become intimate, the Pastor kept his passion under control until they became newlywed. The characters in the town were sure-enough  thought-provoking and all had deep-rooted a close-knit that carried them through the passing of one of their congregants, and made the love all shared that much greater. I would highly recommend this book especially for some of the religious bent who may not like the steamier kinds of romance novels

Shannon Gardener really let God direct the pen in her anointed hand to create a well written narrative. I loved the patience that the character of Peter demonstrate when the Character of Grace, because of her past was so hesitant and at times defensively mean. But he press on. Grace is a young woman who came from the harsh side of the tracks. Peter is a trustworthy deacon at her uncle and aunt’s church who has a past of his own. When the two meet, sparks spontaneously fly between them – but not without conflict. And ironically as with all relationships, Grace had to display that same patience with Peter. Peter and Grace’s relationship emphasize the readers of what can happen for two people who are committed to one another and want to succeed to make it right. I loved the fact that “Saving Grace” is a Christian romance that dealing of the issues with people’s insecurities and even if Christian romances isn’t your favorite genre, but I believe you will still enjoy the story. Relationship controversy were addressed reasonable and timely. It was great to see a Christian Romance where the love making was not done until after marriage. But don’t let that fool you because there is still plenty of romance before and after the marriage. This was just a marvelous Christian book about love. The narrative is kinda short and doesn’t take long to read but it is well worthy of the time spent reading it. I felt really good and satisfied at the end. This is the second book that I read by Shannon Gardner. The last book I read by this Author was “Second Chances:A Billionaire Christian Romance” and I continue to adore her writing styles.  Well done. I would definitely read another book by this author. One thing to note: It is a book written for an adult audience, as some scenes contain sexual imagery, as stated in the description. Tremendous Read!!! 



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