Dear Mama

Title:Dear Mama: The Waiting Room –  Christian Novella

Author: Jacqueline D. Moore

Publisher: Peace In The Storm Publishing

Number of Pages: 24 pages

ASIN: B0182KLYRC (EBook)


About The Author:        13895010_10154466565849073_4076587226218295136_n

Jacqueline D. Moore is a Christian author who uses the power of her spirit and soul, combined with her God-given ability to transform lives with words to offer spiritual enlightenment and encouragement daily to her readers and devoted followers. Jackie is the author “Serving Justice” which won an award for 2009 African American Literary Show romance author of the year, “Caught in the Middle” and “Chains of Deception. All under the Peace in the Storm Publishing imprint.Her upcoming release “The Waiting Room” which will be available summer of 2015, is a series of short stories that highlight many of today’s hot topics such as Domestic Violence, Bullying, Teen Suicide and many more.
Also available under the Peace in the Storm imprint are her E-books shorts which include “A Walk of Faith Devotionals” part I and Part II. As well as Death at a Church.” These shorts are available for all E-Readers. Jackie is also a contributing author to several anthologies including, “Triumph of my Soul, Stories of Hope, Triumph and Inspiration” “Journeys of Love, Voices of the Heart” and “Gumbo for the Soul, Here’s our Child Where is the Village.”
Jackie believes in the concept of “Each one, Teach one,” and honors that belief by giving her time, devotion and expertise as requested. She taught a basic computer skills class in an after school program at her church and has also worked as a consultant for an after-school motivational program that teaches students how to write books. In 2013, Ms. Moore joined the Speakers Bureau of RAINN: The nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. She has been a parent Advocate with the Detroit School Board and has also served as a consultant to a non-profit organization incorporated to address the problems of domestic violence in a pro-active way.Jackie is also very active in the Detroit Literary Community and is a prolific public speaker. She has conducted seminars in the church on Christian issues as they relate to today’s woman and is especially fond of speaking to young women and teaching them not only about Christian values but also how to improve their confidence and how to take a more proactive role in pursuing their goals and dreams. Jackie is also an outspoken advocate on improving literacy in the African American Community.

You can find more about Ms. Moore by visiting her website:

About This Book:      

What happens when fourteen year old high school freshman Brianna becomes homeless? How will she handle the mounting pressure caused by the death of her beloved grandparents? Journey into the life of this homeless teen who loses it all. How will she handle not only the loss of her home, but an all out assault on everything she thought she could depend on? Jacqueline D. Moore continues The Waiting Room series with this riveting tale

Dear Mama Book Reviews

Jacqueline Moore created a short narrative about a teenager girl who is being bully because she and her mother are homeless. “Dear Mama” is one of those books will not get a happy ending. God spoke to Jacqueline to minister to the reader by writing a short narrative about the affect of bullying can do to a person and their family. Briana was being teased on and got jump by some bad teenager girls. The worst part not only being physically beaten but verbally beaten as well by these bullies. They told Briana to kill herself because nobody don’t like her or care about her. Briana really felt that was true. She didn’t wanted to reported because she felt that the bullying wasn’t going stop and fear of the consequences for telling on them. He mother Beverly tried her best to found shelter until they get back on their feet but Briana felt that God letting her mother lose her job and home. Briana was in so much emotional pain that she felt that her life isn’t worth to live for. Briana left her mother a letter and explain to her mother why she kill herself.

Only if Briana reached out to an Adult at her high school things could have turn different. I can relate myself because I was being judged by my so called friends for not having my own place and not having a job. I tried my best to get a job but at the time I couldn’t find work even though I did went on many interview. They constantly judge me until finally I went through a major depression disorder and anxiety. The worst part is they were judging me and wasn’t offer to help me. Finally I wanted to take my own life but God steps in and directed me to the hospital to received help with a licensed professional deals with Mental Health. Even when i decide to get help, there were many told me that I don’t have faith in God at all. Christians or saved person shouldn’t be depressed. I told them, who told you that lie. You can pray all you want to God but if you don’t seek medical help then your prayer and faith without work (action) is dead. God wants us to take care of our temple and our mind to do his ministry. Thank God, I didn’t take my life because I would have miss out on life and opportunity. God wants us to live and enjoy life. Also I got rid off all my so called friends and it felt like I took out the trash. Thank You Jacqueline Moore for writing this tough subject to minister to the readers about the aftermath of the acts of bullying. I believe that God allow you to guide the pen to share a story that is very painful to encourage somebody to reach out to somebody for help and not to keep it inside. To the people who like to bully or judge somebody, please realizes that your actions will do so much damage to that person. You should never judge or make fun of somebody because of their shortcoming. With the rise of people being homeless, you don’t know their story. If you don’t have any intention to help then keep your mouth shut. Also we need to stand up to bullying and not to allow it at all. This book is recommend for everyone to read so you will know the affects of being bully. If you or somebody that you know are being bully please speaks up. Somebody will help you if you reach out to them.

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