ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success in WRITING and in Life

Title: ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success in WRITING and in Life –Authorship/Self-Help/ Writing & Publishing

Author: E.R. Carpenter

Publisher:   Forest Wade Press (February 8, 2014)

Number of Pages: 71 pages

ASIN: B00IC8X4N2 (EBook)

About The Author:

Emanuel (E.R.) Carpenter is the author of the several books, including the bestsellers “ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success in Sales and in Life,”and “How to Dominate in Cold Calling & Earn Six Figures Doing It.”

Carpenter is the owner of Cold Call Sensei in Greater Atlanta where he lives with his family. He is currently working on the third and final installment of this series,“ASKING: The-Life Changing Secret to Success in STARTING A BUSINESS.”

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About This Book:

Ever wonder why you don’t get what you want in life? Have you always wanted to write the great American novel but found it was impossible to pursue? Do you have dreams of starting your own publishing company but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you just need help in visualizing your goals, finding a trusted advisor, or deciding how to give back to your community. There’s a reason you’re not getting what you want: You’re not asking. So many people fail to get what they really want in life because they never ask. Oftentimes, they don’t ask because they lack confidence, have preconceived notions, or self-defeating prophecies. Many times it’s due to fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment, and even fear of success. ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success in WRITING and in Life was written for those who really want what writing has to offer. In this 2nd book of the ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success series , you’ll learn how to sharpen your writing skills, query publishers, and learn to creatively market and sell your work. As a bonus, we’ve included an interview with bestselling author of “Let the Church Say Amen” ReShonda Tate Billingsley on what it takes to get your book optioned for a movie. We also interviewed the author of the mega-hit “The Bum Magnet” Karla KL Brady to learn what it takes to transition from self publishing to getting a traditional deal. Plus we also spoke with the founder of the Black Writers Reunion, Tia Ross, on the value of writers’ conferences. And if you want to sell your books in bulk to book clubs, Oosa BookClub share how they choose and buy books.Are you ready to build confidence, forget negativity, and overcome your fears to get all that your God-given writing talents can give you? It starts by asking the right questions at the right time with the right people.

ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success in WRITING and in Life Book Review:

E.R. Carpenter created a manual “Asking: The Life Changing Secret To Success In Writing and In Life” in the purpose to help Aspiring Authors and individuals that already are published Authors to succeed in the publishing industry. Subsequently, completed this book, I discover that everything Mr. Carpenter mentioned definitely everything I needed to have knowledge of. Personally for me as a Published Author about 4 years, I have to admit that this book have so much informations that will direct you through the process successfully from E. R. Carpenter’s experience. His achievement of speaking authenticity and able to connect with his readers is on the money. If you have the passion of becoming an author then I highly recommend you to read this book “ASKING: The Life Changing Secret To Success In Writing And In Life.” By you reading this book, you will get great knowledge about the publishing industry and also striving to be successful whether it be writing or projects that you are passionate about. To be successful, you must read books from successful people so you can be empower to not give up.

E.R. Carpenter focal point about the reality of many individuals. There are many individuals that favorable to accept what is provided to them, and after a while cease failing by reason of they never asked for what they wanted or needed. He challenges the readers up front with this question: “Why Wouldn’t You Ask?”, furthermore then goes on to draw a picture about those excuses one by one in the Introduction. This is so crucial, for the reason that in order for you to “hear” what comes next, you have to get rid off those negative thoughts out of your way! Guiding the readers through the process of  writing and publishing with questions ranging from “How Do I Get Started?” to“How Do I Market My Book?”, each chapter discussing the challenges what every new writer has asked themselves or others. The interviews are a great addition, grant access for the readers to get answers from other experienced and talented authors about communicative the next step once their book is completed.


Title: Revelations – Religious & Liturgical Drama

Author: Pamela Kaye Noble Brown

Publisher:   Pamela Kay Noble Brown; 1 edition (February 25, 2011)

Number of Pages: 90 pages

ISBN-10: 1468073834 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1468073836  (Paperback)


About The Author: 

Pamela Kay Noble Brown lives in Columbia, South Carolina, with her husband Virgil Brown. She enjoys writing, acting, reading, bowling, and rollerskating. “Revelations” is dedicated to her late parents James and LouEllen Noble. She welcomes your feedback and reviews.


About This Book:



A mother’s secret…her daughter’s shame. Melanie has finally met the man of her dreams, but life is never easy for one who has suffered a lifetime of horrific loss. She was compelled to return to her hometown, sure that enough years had passed since the tragedy. But why does she keep having those same horrible nightmares? Was domestic abuse a curse that was passed on from one generation to the next with no escape? And her boyfriend’s mother Mrs. Harriet Cornelius seems to be a sweet person, but there’s something about her that Melanie just can’t put her finger on. A shameful family secret may just keep Melanie from becoming too deeply involved, yet she longs for the kind of life and love others have. Will she find a way to overcome her fears, or will she simply walk away? (Christian Fiction/Novella/Domestic Violence/Inspirational) Pamela Kay Noble Brown is also the author of “Handcuffs and a Pyramid of Satin”.

Excerpt: Her picture perfect life changed in an instant…

Ellen had met Nita the first night she’d arrived at the Oak Ridge Battered Women’s shelter, which was located about 15 miles outside of Hampton, South Carolina. That was the night three weeks ago when a bleeding Ellen had called 911. After five years of serving as a punching bag to her stressed-out husband, Ellen had known that she had to get out when her 4-year-old Melanie had jumped on her father’s back in a futile effort to save Ellen from the barrage of fists pouring down upon her. She would never forget looking over her husband’s shoulder and seeing Melanie’s horrified face as she screamed “No…no…no…Mommy” over and over again. Oblivious in his fury, her husband Sam had continued to pound her face and shoulders until a sudden snapping sound made them all freeze.

Sam had beat Ellen so hard that the knuckle of his ring finger had popped out of joint. It had long ago weakened from years of boxing. He looked from his fist to Ellen several times like a man waking from a deep sleep. “Oh baby, I’m so sorry,” he moaned, his eyes welling up with tears. “You know I love you so much. I don’t want to lose you baby. I’ll do anything,” he said standing up abruptly, ignoring the thud as little Melanie fell from his back to the floor.

A has-been boxer, who’d fallen out of public favor after losing 10 fights in a row, Sam Hightower had begun using his fists at home. Ellen had tried her best to be supportive and pray for him and encourage him, but more and more often he flew into these rages. This time Ellen knew she had to flee, if not for herself, then at least for their child’s well-being.

“Baby, I’m gonna swing by the emergency room and get this hand looked at,” said Sam, ignoring Ellen’s rapidly-swelling eyes. “When I get back, I’m gonna take my two favorite girls out for some ice cream cones. How does that sound?” Sam looked at Melanie as if surprised she wasn’t jumping up and down with happiness at the thought of ice cream cones, one of her favorite treats. Trying to divert his attention away from Melanie who was now cowering in the corner, Ellen spoke up and said, “Good. Ice cream sounds just fine.”

“Just fine what…?” Sam snarled as his eyes snapped back to Ellen.

“Just fine baby love,” answered a defeated Ellen. She could barely bring herself to utter the endearing term she had coined for Sam in their earlier and happier days.

“That’s what I like to hear sugar pie,” said Sam walking towards the door. “I’ll be back in a few if they don’t keep me sitting in the waiting room all night”.

Revelations Book Review:

“Revelations” written by Pamela Kay Noble Brown caught my attention when I have discover this book on the Amazon site. This narrative have being so refreshing just to know the profoundness of Pamela’s gifts as a writer. In my opinion, I believes that the readers should be able to read and really have the impression that Pamela wants her readers to take in. The narrative was so encouraging. I am looking forward to add more of Pamela Brown’s talented work to my library list. Pamela really delivered an awe-inspiring creations of writings. Completed her storytelling skills Pamela display the omnipotent power of God’s love even in the darkest hour in our life. Melanie had kept a secret hidden for years, but even in her skeleton in the cupboard, God was by her side. Not to mention, God assigned His Guardian Angels to protect over her life. God’s love, a spouse’s love, a child’s love, a friend’s love all represents the Language Of LOVE.This book delivers such a heavy-duty message of love no matter the circumstances. Fair-Minded God wants us to display love and God will loves us through unconditional.

“Revelations” is a short story, so I was able to finish in one day. Be that as it may, the reader in conclusions of this narrative will gain a full understanding of exactly what happens in relationships that are abusive emotionally or physically. Pamela really created a well- developed characters that were believable, authentic and true. Anyone who has ever experienced domestic violence and life after, could relate to the Characters. The story-line was one of the best. The Character of Melanie Walker has just returned to the town where she lived as a small child, to work at a local theater company. Having to deal with the loss of her parents in her childhood, returning back to her hometown isn’t simply fulfilled, however in a split second Melanie meets Mike. Mike turns out to be the man of her fantasy. Mike’s mother, a great benefactor of the local arts, create the impression familiar to Melanie, although she can’t put her finger on it.In the process of Mike and Melanie’s relationship are starting to be more serious, Melanie have being forced to reflect back around the time that she and her mother escaped from her abusive father. Melanie’s father physically abused her mother. Only if she gives her past a resting place, then she can accept Mike as her future husband.When the backstory leaves off, the reader wonders what happens to Aunt Nita, only to find out that she has been searching for young Melanie all throughout her life. To bring into her family and help her find love, insightful and true. I felt raw empathy of love, anger, sadness, abandonment, all of which I know were designed by Pamela Kay Brown Noble in the task to lure the readers in. ‘Revelations’ deals with the problematic subject of domestic abuse in a delicate way and has a happy outcome for all the characters in the book. Although this novella deals with the problematic subject of domestic abuse, it is a straightforward story to read. A difficult subject brought in a delicate, but in the way of satisfactory. The characters of Melanie and Mike are flourishing make known. As a reader, I was rooting for them to being a couple. In conclusions this is the first book that I read by this gifted author who can created a great story with a Christian Theme Romance.

I Need A Little More Jesus

Title: I Need A Little More Jesus – African American Christian Fiction Short Story

Author: Dominque Wilkins

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 30, 2014)

Number of Pages: 70 pages

ISBN-10: 1468073834 (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 978-1500945626  (Hardcover)


About The Author:

Dominique Wilkins is a mother, licensed cosmetologist and the founder of CAPS(Christian Authors Promoting Success). She writes short stories in the Urban Christian Fiction genre that people who are currently or have been hurt can relate to. Dominique was born and raised on the South side of Chicago, where the crime and murder rate ranks the highest in the U.S. It is due to this exposure, that she writes to encourage readers and provide them with resources to keep them going and a desire to do better. Take a walk in the shoes of bad parents, jealous neighbors, backstabbing friends and cheaters to name a few. Dominique is transferring years of emotional support from the beauty salon to the books. The stories are written with biblical scriptures intermingled for the reader to reference or research for more healing directly from The Bible. They are capable of being enjoyed by all.You do not need any prior knowledge or understanding of The Bible to enjoy it. If you are not ready to embrace the included scriptures, the stories can still be enjoyed without reading them (choose your own adventure)!

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About This Book:

Seventeen-year-old Giselle has been banished from her home when she becomes pregnant without a husband. Her religious family feared that the congregation at their church and community might discover her sin. Giselle’s father was so upset that after banishing her, he forbid her from ever returning; not even to see or speak to her ailing mother, who is undergoing chemotherapy. On her own, Giselle is filled with fear, regret, and guilt because she feels that God might be punishing her for her sin. After undergoing more pain and misery in exile, Giselle eventually meets Mitch, a widow and Veronica, a prostitute who are also fighting their own demons. The situations they encounter cause them to question their faith in a god that would allow such suffering. I Need a Little More Jesus is the story of chance encounters of three unlikely people, a prostitute, a pregnant young woman and a depressed man, whose individual storms lead them to this homeless shelter, where the atmosphere is full of people who have given up. Find out how God shows a prostitute, a widow and an unwed mother, that even though they had questioned and given up on Him, that He had NOT given up on THEM!

I Need A Little More Jesus Book Review:

” I Need A Little More Jesus” speaks so much volumes. When I discover this book today, it reminded me of Erica Campbells’ song “I Need A Little More Jesus”. Dominque Wilkins trying to get me to sing that song. Laughing Out Loud! As I was reading this short narrative, I was charmingly taken aback with this narrative and reading about all of the Characters who were experiencing personal storms through tragic events in their lives. Each chapters were accompanied with scriptures based on the situations what the Characters were dealing with. The drawing power from the title of this story line represents authentic that we as the people can misjudged people by what we see on the outside without knowing their story. That’s why it is very important that we don’t judge or put people down because of their misfortune. You don’t know their story at all. The well-developed Characters of Tasha who is a hooker, Keisha who is a widow and Gisele who is an unwed mother and a Preacher daughter, are exert oneself with life’s oppression around their necks, bringing them down and lead to doubt. In this world, people believes that we are a victim of our nurture. Dominique wants her reader to knows through those Characters that it really doesn’t matter who we are or where we are in our life, God loves us and will never abandon us. This narration is truly about God’s agape love is one that so many people today really need to understand. Once we are able to learn how to not look down on people and allow ourselves to help those who are in need. If we show our Agape love to others just like God did for us then we will understand about that Grace of God. We all truly need a little more Jesus daily once we become conscious of that. We as the people can open our hearts and receive. Please support this article by purchasing this book and start reading it for yourself. This book will helps you to be minister to be reminded that we all fall short of God but we can get a refreshing outlook in our lives by seeking Him.

*This book was provided to me from Dominque Wilkins in the purpose of giving my thoughtful and honest review.

Secret Places Revealed

Title: Secret Places Revealed – Inspirational Romance

Author: Paulette Harper

Publisher: Thy Word Publishing

Number of Pages: 134

About The Author:  

Beginning her career in 2008, Paulette is an award-winning, bestselling author and the founder of WNL Coaching and Marketing Services. Along with being an ordained Elder, she is the author of several books and founder of Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours, a service to help promote authors of the Christian genre and authors of clean books.As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Elder Paulette’s desire is to empower, influence and cultivate women to move forward while dealing with issues that hinder women from becoming all they are created to be. Her topics are biblically sound and pertinent to the needs of today’s women. Paulette is a wife, mother, grandmother and Bible teacher. Paulette has appeared on numerous radio and Television shows. Combining enthusiasm with an energetic speaking style, audiences describe Paulette’s presentation as inspiring, enriching and encouraging. She is committed to speaking a message that is always uplifting and edifying.As a writing coach, she is the visionary behind her own writing ministry called “Write Now,” a literary program that specializes in coaching aspiring writers in the areas of creativity, development, and publication of Christian books. She provides her listeners with tools, resources, and opportunities to help them succeed in the writing business.Her books have ranked consecutively on the Black Christian Publishers Bestsellers List for Independent Publishers (non-fiction category).

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Secret Places Revealed Book Review:

I really enjoyed this wonderful Christian Love Story “Secret Places Revealed” by Paulette Harper. Paulette really created wonderful characters of Simone Herron and Aaron Blackman that you can relates with them. Their attractions starts when they bump into each other in the elevator where Aaron and his brother Sean owned a law firm. They both tried to fight their attraction but their feelings for each others couldn’t being denied. This book was a great combinations of drama,suspense and comedy. The theme from this narrative is that we all gonna to  experienced  hurt from our past love but when God bring a new love through a person in your life, you have to allow yourself to heal and move forward for second chances of true love. We all have secrets and from time to time those secrets make us wash one’s hands of on love. Simone Herron is that person who allows herself use fear in bondage to a lie. Paulette Harper really does an awesome tasks of disentangle the very complicated ego of a young woman who should be worthy of a second chance in experiencing of fallen in love. In this transformation book, the reader can advance in hope again for their own personal journey through the Characters. I could not stop turning the pages quickly adequate to discover what would happen next. “Secret Places Revealed” is satisfactory and thought-provoking. I respect the fact that both of the main characters had some serious issues they needed to overcome. Simone Herron and Aaron Blackman have issues in their past that they need to be rid of so that they can enjoy a happy life. And I really also respect the fact in the way that Aaron took responsibility  he had an addiction and was willing to go to his Pastor for help and guidance. As Christians we should be able to confide in someone who will hold us accountable and encourage us during our darkest time.

I comprehensively enjoyed this storyline and discover for me it was hard to put down. It remain overflowing of love and made aware to us that regardless of that  painful hurt in the past.  We must allow God to heal our heart to be open for love again. Another thing I liked about this narrative from  Paulette Harper that she uses the Word of God as a progress reference to God and fall back her rationalization by companionate scripture from the Bible. My favorite characters in this book is Aaron’s brother, Sean and Simone’s best friend,  Kendra. They both knew that Aaron and Simone was in love with each other and have both of them to admit their feelings. Paulette need to write a book based on the Characters of Shaun and Kendra to see if they started a romance with each others. This is a wonderful read based on romance with a Christian foundation.



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Children In The City Of The Fallen Towers

Title:  Children In The City Of The Fallen Towers  –  A Short Story

Author: Joey Pinkney

Publisher: SolaPress Publishing (September 12, 2015)

Number of Pages:  20 pages

ASIN: B00B5J4PP6 (EBook)

About The Author:

Joey Pinkney is an award-winning author, award-winning book reviewer, book promoter and chocoholic. He favors writing short stories, novellas and essays over longer pieces. His short stories have been published in various in anthologies and compilations. He has been an active participant in the book industry for over a decade – and has been writing for even longer. His first published book review came in 2004 in a local newspaper in Nashville, TN. Since then, he has reviewed book for various book industry websites. He also maintains a popular author interview and book review series.

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About This Book:

Children in the City of the Fallen Towers: A Short Story tells the tale of two people who became orphans as a result of the 9/11 Tragedy. What do you do when you suddenly have “no mother and no future, only a broken city?” Meet Mia Genesis Mendez, a little girl whose small world just got smaller: her mother died at Ground Zero less than two days prior. Stuck inside of her Abuela Mendez’s tight East Harlem apartment with her big brother Carlos, Mia battles against heartache, pain and confusion – and suffers the sting of Abuela Mendez’s belt. Buy Children in the City of the Fallen Towers: A Short Story, and join the discussion. (This version of Children in the City of the Fallen Towers: A Short Story is 1,800+ words and includes an in-depth Author’s Note, Selected Links and more.)

Praise for Children in the City of the Fallen Towers: A Short Story:

“I didn’t expect this short story to affect me nearly as much as it did. These are easy characters to care about, and the fact that they are so well drawn in just a few words speaks to the author’s talent.”

“It is a gift to tell a story, portray characters, personalities and life’s events in reality with brevity.”

“I felt sad and wondered what was going to happen to them after I read this.”

“The storyteller brought emotions to bear and were greater than expected.”

Children In The City Of The Fallen Towers  Book Review:

Many of us have witnessed the horrible tragedy attack of 9/11. We have memories exactly where we were at that moment when we heard the news. The spitting image of the towers collapsing never really fade away from our reflections. “Children in the City of the Fallen Towers” by Joey Pinkney is a description about the aftermath of the Twin Towers collapsing, seen through the eyes of a young girl and her older brother, both of whom are dealing with the loss of their mother, who perished in the Towers. This is a wonderfully written short story in order that apprehension in infrequent up to now emotionally-driven expression. Nevertheless what Mia and Carlos learn about each other, established a  bond they developed closer relationship.  While I was reading this story, I started to  feel emotional and ask oneself what was going to happen to them after this story. I know this all feel so real, because I was involved in the  9/11 tragedy myself. I worked at the World Trade Center on the 71st Floor but on that day, I supposed to be at worked around 8 o’clock but I end up overslept and was real late to work. Thank God I did overslept that day because I could have been one of the victims. I acknowledge the fact and appreciated Mr. Joey Pinkney for providing his  notes after the story concluded. He clarify his thoughts and from what source he came up with the story. That encouraged me to receive the message. Makes me wonder how all these children are doing now. Momentarily they’re trapped in the apartment of their grandmother who doesn’t care for children in general and for them in particular. As Mia look fixedly out at the wreckage of the building where her mother used to work, Carlos struggle to make his little sister feel better and ends up bring out into open the family secrets that sanction them both in dangerous limbo.These are straightforward characters to care about, and the fact that they are so flourishing peaked in just a few words speaks to the talent of Joey Pinkney’s.  The indicated of this type of story that really gives the readers to face the tragedies that occurred on 9/11. Just don’t expect to read it with dry eyes. In the vicinity of the twenty pages, previously mentioned this is a quick yet thought-provoking narrative. Mr. Joey Pinkney take into account the task of dedicated the story to the children who became orphans of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers. He even gives observation into according to what and why this story became into reality. I highly recommend Children in the City of the Fallen Towers. It is a present-day tale. I personally give my standing ovation to this God-given gifted writer Joey Pinkney for this beautiful narrative. I am looking forward to read more writings from Mr. Joey Pinkney.



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My Testimony: I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through

Title: My Testimony: I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through – African American Biographies & Memoir

Author: Tanisha D. Mackin

Publisher:   Tanisha D. Mackin (April 25, 2015)

Number of Pages: 88 pages

ASIN:  B00X4WMP6I (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0692430075

ISBN-13: 978-069243007

About The Author:      

Tanisha D. Mackin, CPC. Bestselling Author, Bereavement Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Writing Coach and the Founder of the Mackin Project.Tanisha Mackin doesn’t look like what she’s been through and she wants to share her testimony with the world through writing and speaking. Tanisha is an author, bereavement coach, inspirational speaker and the founder of the Mackin Project, an organization that is dedicated to helping widows and children after loss.

Tanisha D. Mackin is the Chief Inspiration Officer of the Mackin Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides bereavement coaching, encouragement, and burial assistance to widows and children that lost a spouse or parent to violence. Having personally experienced tragic loss when her husband was slain in 2010, and the lack of resources that were available to address her particular pain, Tanisha became a certified Bereavement Coach. She is the author of a series of self-help and motivational books, including the breakout Words from A Widow workbook which focuses on the five stages of grief, to help other survivors of loss. July 2015, Tanisha and her 11 year old son Danyell embarked on a 4 city book tour to promote Tanisha 5th book, My Testimony and Danyell’s 1st book, Fatherless Son. This colon cancer survivor was born and raised in Buffalo, NY but now resides in Georgia with her two beautiful children Danyell and Destinee


About This Book:      


Violence has been a part of Tanisha’s life from the time she was 7 years old up until 2010, when she watched her husband take his last breathe. Tanisha has felt pain like no other, but decided to turn her trials into triumph. Tanisha has had her share of joy and pain, ups and downs, sadness and happiness, but the loss of loved ones has weighed on her heart. The author of Still Standing and Still Standing Pt. 2 has been encouraging and giving others hope for the past 5 years. Now she bears her heart and soul into her 5th book. This is Tanisha’s testimony, and she definitely doesn’t look like what she has been through

 My Testimony: I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through Book Review:  

“Everyone has a story and everyone’s story is unique. The difference between everyone’s stories is how we tell it and how you live through it” Tanisha D. Mackin

“My Testimony: I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through” is a self-portrayal about Tanisha’s personal life and what she been through. This book will enforce you to glimpse life from an incomparable perspective and acknowledge of who you are and what life have to offer. I have deep appreciation for Tanisha of sharing her journey and testimony with the world. Alongside that with God All things are possible. I truly believe Tanisha is a living testimony. A Testimony Always Starts With A Test! With that test from God, He wants to see how you are going to handle that test. Are you going to give up or you are going to fight to overcome your test by speaking life?

For me personally,“My Testimony: I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through”allows me to become empower! Tanisha Macklin’s quote mentioned in the beginning of the book, “Everyone has a story and everyone’s story is unique. The difference between everyone’s stories is how we tell it and how you live through it.” That is so true, We all have a story to tell. It is up to us how we tell our story through our actions. We can have our own pity party or we can overcome from our storms by shariong our story . You never know, your story can inspire someone right now. That’s excatly what Tanisha Mackin did by sharing her story which impacted many individual’s lives as they were reading about her testimony. Tanisha painting a picture in the readers mind for them to visualize her grief in the loss of her husband and fighting an illness by keeping her faith in The Word of God. You can envision those events so crystal clear in your mind. By you reading this book, you can have a spiritual therapy to restores your soul and be stronger. This Inspirational Motivational Book will makes you feel whole and inspires you to put your Prayer and Faith Into Actions. It will teaches you to love yourself and put you first again in your life. The Trials and Tribulations that she had to deal with are overwhelming. Tanisha have the right to all of the success that comes in her directions due to hard work that she put in. Thank God Tanisha Mackin doesn’t look like what she been through. I know from my own experiences dealing with mental illness that the journey wasn’t easy. She really took her test from grief to cancer and was able to overcome from that test. She allows herself through her faith to turn her test into a testimony. Through her testimony, she shows others that they too can overcome their test and turn that test into their own testimony. They can say to themselves, Thank God I don’t look like what I been through. “Be Though Therefore Be Ashamed of the Testimony of Our Lord.” 2 Timothy 1:8 “And They Overcame himby the Blood Of The Lamb and by the Word of their testimony; and they did not love their lives to the death.” Revelations 12:11

Destroying Mental Illness In The Church

Title: Destroying Mental Illness In The Church – Christian Counseling & Recovery/ Christian Ministry & Evangelism

Author: D’Andrea Bolden

Publisher:  Bolden Publishing (July 25, 2016)

Number of Pages: 77 pages

ASIN:  B01J4JTL84 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0692378154

ISBN-13: 978-0692378151

About The Author:

D’Andrea (Dee) is a minister with a strong anointing and grace for teaching the word of God with an emphasis on deliverance, healing, and restoration. She is the founder of Walking In Authority Ministries (WIAM), which serves the purpose of shifting believers to a place of Kingdom authority and demonstrating the power of God that the hearts of the people would be turned towards the Father. She has a passion for intercessory prayer and reaching the emerging leaders of today. Through WIAM she hosts a number of cutting edge conferences, worship gatherings and ministry training events. As an author she has written several books that are changing lives across the globe. As an entrepreneur and marketplace minister she focuses on media and business/ministry establishment and upgrade by conducting iEmpower workshops and seminars across the country. She is also a TV & radio show host with a heart to reach people all over the globe with Christ centered media. She is also one of the founders of Kingdom Builders Global Network (KBGN), which is a ministry fellowship for Kingdom minded individuals. Dee is married to her husband John and together they have two children.


About This Book:

Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent in the community of faith. With the alarming suicide rate among church leadership on the rise, it is time that the body of Christ take its rightful position, by breaking the CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE and DESTROYING YOKES OF BONDAGE. God’s people deserve freedom and total healing from the inside out.

In This Book You Will Discover: 

  • The Definition of Mental Illness 
  • The Need for Spirit-Filled Counselors 
  • The Importance of Integrated Counseling 
  • Deliverance – A Part of the Healing Process 
  • and so much more..

Destroying Mental Illness In The Church Book Review:

“Destroying mental Illness in the Church” is a sermon all by itself. This is needed to be preached in the Church. D’Andrea Bolden have written this book just in time with the approval of the Holy Spirit. She did that by ministering to the Pastors and their Congregation, to let them know that now is the time for the Church House to BREAK THE STIGMA ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS! It is time for the Church House toBREAK THE SILENCE AND START TALKING ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS IN THE CHURCH! In my opinion, “Destroying Mental Illness In The Church” is definitely a greatly essential and well-written full of information’s about this illness. Personally, I believe that this book is a great tool that will empower by bringing a deeper empathetic to others. That deeper empathetic in the purpose for relates within of dealing with mental illness in the Church. D’Andrea execute an awesome job of manifesting this up-to-date information in a manner that will further equip individuals who are reading this book. If you are a person dealing with mental illness, a Pastor, Disciples, Minister of Music, Choir Directors and etc. this book will be a guidance for you in course of action, so that are both relevant and matter-of-fact. Mental Illness in the Church consider to be a taboo. Mental Illness isn’t talk about in the Church due to fear and judgments. Many individuals who were dealing with Mental Illness especially in the African American Community were criticized for being weak, lack of faith in Christ and a disappointment. That what happened to me when I was dealing with depression from 2011 through the summer of 2014. I didn’t want to admit that I have mental illness because of pride and denial. Most of times, our pride can be our worst enemy. Church Folks criticize and judge me for having mental illness. They told me that I don’t have faith in God and I am not saved. They even told me that a saved person or believers shouldn’t have any problems at all. I realized for myself that is nothing but the devil telling me lie. I am so glad that God sends me Resources in getting help to deals with my issues of mental illness. I may have mental illness but it doesn’t define who I am. Today I am on the road of recovery and helping others by advocating for myself and others who can’t speaks for themselves. I am now a certified Responder with the Mental Health First Aid USA. I also go to different Mental Health and Wellness Conference which I share my story. Also I am on the panel of The NYC Suicide Prevention Council.They recently honored me with the 2016 “I Am Hope”Humanitarian Award.

D’Andrea Bolden allows God to guide that pen to anoints her hand to created an important book in the purpose to break the stigma or the myth in the Church about Mental Illness. With the recently suicide of Preachers and Individuals in the Church Church are risings big time. Some individuals believes that since you are saved, that you shouldn’t have any problems. You don’t have faith in God. We don’t talk about Mental Illness in the Church. We don’t seek treatment with a doctor but we talk to God. It is great to pray but you must put the work in by seeking help with a licensed professionals who are experts in Mental Health. Faith and Prayer without works is dead. It is time that we need to stop the silence and speaks about mental illness. We need to empower and encourages the saints to seek treatment with a licensed doctors who are experts dealing with Mental Illness. The Church Community should have licensed professionals that deals with mental illness in their congregation. When I was working toward my recovery, I let go a lot of people who were toxic and making me sick. I changed my circle and count my true friends on my hand. . I make sure that I read Inspirational and motivational books. When I was in the hospital I make sure I read scriptures in the Holy Bible especially the Psalms. Take care of my temple and mind. This book empower readers to understand the emphasis of mental health in the Church. Many churches shy away from mental health issues. D’Andrea’s book put in plain English about the role of the Church in addressing it. Ignoring mental illness within Church surroundings won’t make it vanishes. Mental Illness usually gets much worse when it is ignored. Please make sure you purchase your copy for the guidance that you or your Church Community needs in Addressing This Taboo Subject! This book touches on the many matter of contention related to mental illness in our Faith Communities. Extremely countless of people are struggling, in denial, with mental illness and they are in fear to open up to those in the Church communities. D’Andrea does an awesome task go into detail on how to blend scriptural and scientific approaches to form an integrated approach to empowering those dealing with mental illness. This is a Great read and a must read for everyone. Thank You D’Andrea Bolden for having the Courages to challenge the Church Community as whole to Break the Stigma About Mental Illness In The Church. Also I pray that your messages will save somebody life and encourage them to give their life to Christ. God have the purpose for each of us to enjoy life and help those who are in needs.

If you are in a Crisis and thinking about taking your life please call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


Awaken With Gratitude

Title: Awaken With Gratitude: Vol. 1 – Inspirational/ Motivational

Author: Hillis Pugh

Publisher:  Waterfront Digital Press (July 8, 2016)

Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services

Number of Pages: 205 pages


ISBN-10: 1943625662

ISBN-13: 978-1943625666

About The Author:

A visionary with an authentic soul, Hillis Pugh’s journey has been one of enlightenment, resolution and inevitability. An inspiring writer, poet and intuitive consultant, he uses his gifts to propel readers on how to build self-confidence and explore their own journey of finding gratitude in everyday matters. But Hillis would not have been able to inspire others in this way had he not first examined himself – through introspection, truthfulness and the willingness to change. Hillis Pugh is the author of Awaken With Gratitude a blog and book of channeled inspirational stories and original poetry. The blog and book engages questions and provides answers on how we can open our minds to experience the gift of gratitude in every waking moment of our lives. The author believes that gratitude allows the flow of love and abundance into our lives when recognized. The clairvoyance of his writing allows him to flow freely from within, thus coining a sanctuary to channel messages of love, light and appreciation with readers along the journey. His personal and shared experiences continue to aid others to seek light and accept the joy in which they were born into. In the last eight years, Hillis read and studied other spiritual thought leaders such as Michelle Count, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsh, Gregg Braden, Esther Hicks, and other like minds, Hillis’ views on life expanded and slowly incorporated them in his writings. By understanding the underline message in all of the teachings Hillis was drawn too, there was one thing constant, you can create your own life. A customer service rep., graphic designer, and operations manager by trade, philanthropist by nature, Hillis Pugh has become recognized as a poetic voice of self-reflection, spirituality, thankfulness, sensuality, mindfulness and transformation. By honoring his ability as a change-agent who demonstrates giving gratitude to life-in- action is what inspires him to write. Through a variety of philosophical expressions and profound emotions Hillis has learned how to be transparent with his work in order to share freely with the world. By practicing gratitude in his own life, he has become an unforgettable example for others to shadow.

To connect with Hillis Pugh’s work visit


About This Book:


A visionary with an authentic soul, Hillis Pugh’s journey has been one of enlightenment, resolution, and inevitability. An inspiring writer, poet and intuitive consultant, he uses his gifts to propel readers on how to build self-confidence and explore their own journey of finding gratitude in everyday matters. But Hillis would not have been able to inspire others in this way had he not first examined himself – through introspection, truthfulness and the willingness to change. Hillis Pugh is the author of Awaken With Gratitude a blog and book of channeled inspirational stories and original poetry. The blog and book engages questions and provides answers on how we can open our minds to experience the gift of gratitude in every waking moment of our lives. The author believes that gratitude allows the flow of love and abundance into our lives when recognized. The clairvoyance of his writing allows him to flow freely from within, thus coining a sanctuary to channel messages of love, light and appreciation with readers along the journey. His personal and shared experiences continue to aid others to seek light and accept the joy in which they were born into. In the last eight years, Hillis read and studied other spiritual thought leaders such as Michelle Count, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsh, Gregg Braden, Esther Hicks, and other like minds, Hillis’ views on life expanded and slowly incorporated them in his writings. By understanding the underline message in all of the teachings Hillis was drawn too, there was one thing constant, you can create your own life. A customer service rep., graphic designer, and operations manager by trade, philanthropist by nature, Hillis Pugh has become recognized as a poetic voice of self-reflection, spirituality, thankfulness, sensuality, mindfulness and transformation. By honoring his ability as a change-agent who demonstrates giving gratitude to life-in- action is what inspires him to write. Through a variety of philosophical expressions and profound emotions Hillis has learned how to be transparent with his work in order to share freely with the world. By practicing gratitude in his own life, he has become an unforgettable example for others to shadow.

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Awaken With Gratitude Book Review:

Hillis Pugh provided a Journal of Spiritual Insight and Revelation with readers. It reads like a kind of “synopsis to identity” while on the road of that particular spiritual journey. The theme of some of these synopsis are thankfulness, hope, gratitude, creating, healing, oneness, acceptance, and numerous others. Hillis shares with the readers a far-reaching radius of things to be grateful and thankful for, Many of those things I haven’t even thought of in the past. In the manner that, “As times goes on we tend to forget about our ancestors and elders who put forth the work to bring us where we are today.” These are raw perception, occasionally simple and truthful, and occasionally complicated and poetic, in order that can be used as a daily devotional for inspiration and reflection. “Awaken With Gratitude” I truly found to be an awesome read. This inspirational manual will leads you through a medley of characteristic moments, personal broad view and a sequence of intimate explanation. The drawing power is captivate as it presents several categories of which we as the people can show gratitude for.

“Awaken With Gratitude” is an inspiring book penned by Hillis Pugh which highlight part of the most complex perception, predicament and life lessons we confront in our daily life. Awaken With Gratitude is penned for the purpose in the format of an easy to in the manner by having knowledge of gratitude , prior to one cannot on the other hand reflect for hours upon his persuasive lessons. Hillis is a truly God-gifted author who shows us how to be thankful for the abundance, blessings and even tribulations which everyone must come up against in life. I truly believe every person who are reading this motivational book will agree with me in expressing gratitude. I really appreciated Hillis Pugh for allowing God to guide the pen from his anointed hand to created this empowering pilgrimage into love and spiritual enlightenment. Awaken with Gratitude in my personal observation is about each one of us, human existence and positive life energy. In the Christian Community, We always shows our gratitude to Jesus Christ for our lives with praise. In the Book of Psalm, the 100th Chapter and the 4th verses mentioned “Enter his gates with thanksgiving … give thanks to him and praise his name”. We should to remember God’s Goodness every day of the year (Everyday Is A Day Of Thanksgiving). Life isn’t constantly the way we wish it were, although even in the midst of life’s trouble times, God’s grace and mercy are at rest with us. Nothing transforms our darkness like the shining light in the gift of thankfulness. Part of showing our gratitude or being thankful is the Creations from God.

Creations surrounds us everyday and every hour and minute. With that creations comes a story or history. We all have our own personal history allowing us to have knowledge of more about ourselves to grow and have the opportunity to change who we are or desire to become. Each one of us has a story to tell, but we let the story of our life define us and yes at times defining moments changes us. In the Book of Psalm, the 139th Chapter and the 13th and 14th verses mentioned “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,I know that full well.” Hillis Pugh mentioned in “Awakening With Gratitude” that stuck with me, “We are not our story; our story is us and we give our story life, meaning and purpose. All of which makes us who we are. We can tell our story objectively to assist others by being an example. Our story only lives if we give it life through understanding and defining who we are. He asked the readers this question and it is a great one, ‘What are you living for?’ Be who you know you already are. Know your worth. If you don’t know who you are or your worth then ask yourself this question in the mirror, ‘Who Am I?’ We are the creators of our lives with abundant options to manifest purpose and desire by faithfully living whole with all life.” I can personally relate to Hillis’ statement. In 2014, I was dealing with depression and anxiety. I thought my life was over because I felt I was a failure. I tried to take my own life but God interrupted that plan because He have a purpose for me. After I was hospitalized for mental illness about two months, I decide to work on my path to recovery. Recovery is work but it is worthy and I am glad that I am still here. My gratitude is for God not allowing me to take my own life. If I had succeed to commit suicide then I would have miss out on opportunities and what life can benefit for me. I am thankful for my illness for showing me that I am not a failure and mental illness doesn’t define me who I am. Also I have a second chance of life and share my story with others which many individuals were inspired by my story.

If anyone are considering for a book in the purpose to feed your mind and soul that will give you inspirations, then I would definitely recommend “Awakening With Gratitude”. My favorite passage from “Awaken With Gratitude” that were mentioned “Be thankful this day and everyday for the watchers of our lives”. In the Book of Psalm, the 95th Chapter and the 1st thru the 3rd verses explain to us ” Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods.” Everyday we should be grateful for alarms and the signs from God that we gives notice and awaken to. Everyday we should be grateful for the reasoning and meaning our Heavenly Father has brought to us. Thank God that the Angels are watching over us and keeping us in His safety. I think that’s a great summary of how “Awaken With Gratitude” will comfort on your heart. Mr. Pugh has provided a foundation path to the basics of individual and social presence synergy. He is acquainted of the urgency for mental growth through conscious apprehension. “Awaken with Gratitude” exposed an entrance that can guide you to restore your true self. Mr. Pugh’s observation attempt to provide a direct path to your true self; in spite of each person must be willing take that first step. The first step is acceptance of restoring your true self. The second step is to make known of that change to occur. Hillis Pugh really allow himself through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to provided ideas and insights for those individuals who are becoming more aware of a shift. That Shift I am talking about is in their mental mindset and their conscious state of being. He does this through suggestions, lessons and poems about love and life.

When All Praise Breaks Loose

Title: When All Praise Breaks Loose – Practice What You Praise For Series

Author: Candice Y. Johnson

Publisher:  Read for Joy, and Imprint of MLStimpson Enterprises (November 18, 2015)

Number of Pages: 105 pages

ASIN:  B0186VCOS0 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 1519488823 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1519488824 (Paperback)


About The Author:        

Candice Y. Johnson is a choreographer, dancer, indie actress, speaker, author and freelance writer who has rested her head on a pillow in Dallas, Texas for most of her life. Known for her dynamic choreography as the artistic director of the award-winning Ordered Steps Productions dance company, Candice has garnered more social media support for her original, creative, energetic writing style than her not-so-veiled obsession with Tabasco Sauce! Her work has been featured in the Associated Press, the Dallas Morning News, TV Guide, Curly Nikki, Mahogany Curls, her own blog – “The Frizzness”, and so much more! Currently, she’s using her left-handed brainpower to pour into the next chapter of the Practice What You Praise novel series! When not enjoying the occasional fleeting moment at home with her hubby, this dance ministry coach and encourages moves to her own invisible beat, and is dancing from her keyboard straight to the heart of the people!
About This Book:     

Some days make you wanna holler…and Epiphany James has been silent long enough. The natural beauty uses her gift of dance to encourage everyone else, but her life has spiraled out of control: car’s being stalked by the repo man, cupboard is overflowing with nothing but Ramen Noodles and with a past due electric bill – Epiphany’s close to dancing in the dark. She’s mastered juggling adversity smoother than a melting piece of butter…but will the latest sucker-punch to her spirit keep Epiphany from praising her way out? Pastor Trigg  used to settle discrepancies with his fists, but now he uses The Word to check his emotions – especially the urgent feeling to find a wife before the ladies of Deliverance in Praise snatch off their pumps and lace-front wigs to fight for his affections. He’s got his eye on giving Epiphany his last name, but while romance is waiting, tragedy could destroy their shot at forever. Both Pastor and Epiphany find themselves entangled in church drama when one of the young ladies on the praise team cries out for help…but will they be able to save her? When All Praise Breaks Loose, the latest installment in the Practice What You Praise book series delivers witty spiritual insight, heartbreaking revelations and a little southern humor that will have readers thirsting for the next batch of shenanigans from Revolving Door, Texas!

When All Praise Break Loose Book Review:

Candice Y. Johnson really created another another power punched story “When All Praise Breaks Loose” in the Practice What You Praise series. Candice picks up where she left us standing from the last book “Practice What You Praise For” the scene continues with Ephinany, Pastor Trigg, JoJo and many of the characters that we met in that narrative. In the introduction page, we discover Epiphany stick around off stage to minister in dance during the Home Going Services of one of the young members of DIP’s praise dance team, and Piff (her illustrious nickname) attributes her death to the girl’s stepfather, DIP’s minister of music who used to be Epiphany’s fiance. And get this, she was asked to minister the dance by her ex boo’s wife. This anointed Author touched on many sensitive situations that affect us in real life – child abuse, church bullying, depression, anger, jealousy – both inside and outside of the church. She takes us on another trip into the Church House. She allows us to have a peek into some of the other characters lives that we met in the last book “Practice What You Praise For”. “When All Praise Breaks Loose” accomplished an even an exceptional task of illustrate this author’s complex gift. In this narrative the spotlight is on broke, busted and disgusted Epiphany James. She loves her church, Deliverance in Praise (DIP- the church has a nickname), most of the members of the congregation, the praise dance team members she ministers with and to and she’s in love with her Pastor Tripp Dennis. This story will make you laugh, angry, smile, scold, and cry. In her writings, Candice draws a picture to minister to us that God’s mercy is unfailing and renews every morning and all we have to do is to use our weapon that is praise so we should practice what we praise for. Our Praise Is Our Weapon To Fight The Enemy!

Readers should be able to relate to some of the situations presented in this story, even though it is a narrative based of Christian Fiction, she go to the effort of to actually present real life situations that are happening in today’s world inside and outside of the church. This narrative will have evaluating somethings in your family especially if you have teenage children. It will especially bless you if you are a leader in ministry and deal with gifts such as dance, musicians etc… In my personal opinion Candice Y. Johnson has a writing style that has to be experienced to be believed. I don’t remember the last time when I’ve laughed so much while reading a book. But you may also discover yourself between these pages, you might even learn several lessons through the characters. “When All Praise Breaks Loose” will give the readers life while reading this story. “When All Praise Breaks Loose” is about family, relationships, reconciliation, redemption, and hope for that expected end God has promised, especially if like Epiphany, you are currently “in the midst of blessings.” Candice Johnson makes sure that she paints a picture of each scene strongly with extraordinarily humor and style, using today’s ordinary and circumstances that could have been filmed at your House of Worship. So you will get to know the good folks at Deliverance In Praise Church. The Readers will be taught through the Characters and just like me, you will definitely fall in love with the writing style of Candice Johnson. Before reading this story, you must read the first book “Practice What You Praise For” so you will experience the full effect and have a better understanding of this series. Your Praise Is Your Weapon!

I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through 2

Title: I Don’t Look Like What I’ve  Been Through 2 – African American Christian Fiction/Urban

Author: Jenica Johnson

Publisher:  Jenica Johnson Presents (November 1, 2015)

Number of Pages: 160 pages


ISBN-10: 1534729615

ISBN-13: 978-1534729612

About The Author: 

Jenica Johnson is the author of Bestselling series In Good Times and Bad. Mrs. Johnson was the first author to sign to Anointed Inspiration Publishing and has recently started her own publishing company Jenica Johnson Presents where she will write her first suspense/thriller book. Mrs. Johnson lives in Waycross, Georgia with her husband, three kids and grandson. Jenica is constantly working on her writing craft trying to get better for her readers. Jenica loves God and enjoys doing the work of the Lord.


About This Book:   

Our favorite couple Brandon and Kierra are back but are they able to let their love shine bright or is the enemy still casting that dark cloud over their lives? It should be easy to be in a relationship when you start off as friends or does the friendship block you from reaching a deeper connection intimately? Two can’t walk together unless they agree but it seems like the distractions of life and an ex can cause you to reconsider what you though you knew. Dez is home and ready to pick up where he left off with Kierra. There’s just one problem in the way, Brandon. The way Dez is set up, he enjoys a challenge and will stop at nothing to get his victim and their daughter back where he thinks they belong. Soon he will really understand what it means to touch not God’s anointed.Every parent loves telling their children to honor thy mother and thy father but love to leave out the part where it says not to provoke your children. Has Tamika finally grown up to become the mother she should have always been to Kierra or will her love for Dez continue to force them further apart? Brandon’s father Dennis has been able to get his life back on track for his family by putting the bottle down. He just decided to pick up something else that makes him risk losing it all again. Is Brandon strong enough to be there for his mother as well as his new family with this setback? Look into the lives of these characters one final time as God shifts and transitions them. Some for the good and some for the bad as we find out if their end result will have them looking like what they’ve been through or not.

I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through 2 Book Review: 


An astounding story! The Second Part of this narrative “I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through” will continue keep you turning pages into the midnight hours. Part two begins where Part one of “I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through” break off. I truly love the fact that Jeneica Johnson made a decisions to take the readers through trouble time with these lively characters. This can be a learning part for the reader, during our LOWEST POINTS in life, it is there that God is surely able to work with us and comfort us SHED the things of this world that we can become truly dependent upon Him. It is during the Storms of Life that we can determine how to lean and depend on the Lord. He will deliver us because our Hope is in Him. Dennis got numberless second chances with Eva. Can’t wait to see what happens to them. Dennis just got too comfortable with Eva because she always forgiven. Dennis thought he could do anything to her. Occasionally you have to love folks from a distance. Eva gotta stop thinking Brandon is judging her & get the picture that no kid wants to see their parent hurting the other. Brandon’s opinion about his father didn’t bother me! Brandon & Kierra relationship continue to be so fascinating from being friends to lovers.I was pleased that Kierra realized how her past relationship with Dez was effecting her current relationship with Brandon. In my personally opinion Dez & Tam deserve everything that was coming to them. I like the fact about how Brandon took on the role of being the father to Taylor from the beginning. Nard was such a great father to Kierra, despite of him being in prison and miss the first 20 years of her life. Bit I love the fact that Kierra and Nard established a Father and daughter relationship which it was a positive one. Nard enters the scene just in time to make sure Dez doesn’t cause harm to his family.

Brandon Auger demonstrate his best to prove to Kierra to give him a chance to be with her. I am so glad Kierra decided to give Brandon a chance. They found happiness together as Husband and Wife. Brandon truly show love through his action toward Taylor as his own daughter was so sweet. He will do anything to protect his family. The thing I love about this continue story is the way how Jeneica minister to the readers about the power of forgiveness through the Character of Nard who is Kierra’s father. Even though Tamika did Nard so wrong but he still loved Tamika.Tamika choose the wrong path and paid to a great extent for it. With confidence, I hope she sees the error of her ways and begins to improve herself so that she can love others. Alcoholism and being unfaithful in a marriage with the character of Dennis. Dennis and Eva are one again in rocky grounds. I love the fact the Eva continued to prove that no matter for during you think you are, you agree nothing without God. I hope that Dennis and Eve can find a way to be heal and let go of the pain. Finally I hope that Dennis will go to treatment in recovery for his alcoholism. Alcoholism is a sickness and it caused damages to the family. This was a great story also about salvation. In summary to the title of this narrative is God will work out everything for us and He took us all down on a different path but Thank God we don’t look like what we have been through. That’s is my testimony. I am ready to read more great story by this anointed Author, Mrs. Jeneica Johnson. I recommend this book for everyone to read.