I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through

Title: I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through – African American Woman Fiction/Urban

Author: Jenica Johnson

Publisher:  Jenica Johnson Presents (May 16, 2016)

Number of Pages: 301 pages


ISBN-10: 1534729615

ISBN-13: 978-1534729612

About The Author:      

Jenica Johnson is the author of Bestselling series In Good Times and Bad. Mrs. Johnson was the first author to sign to Anointed Inspiration Publishing and has recently started her own publishing company Jenica Johnson Presents where she will write her first suspense/thriller book. Mrs. Johnson lives in Waycross, Georgia with her husband, three kids and grandson. Jenica is constantly working on her writing craft trying to get better for her readers. Jenica loves God and enjoys doing the work of the Lord.


About This Book:      

Two best friends from different sides of the track are dealing with harsh issues of life. With the lack of love, dealing with rejection, bitterness and abuse Kierra and Brandon feel as though life couldn’t get any worse. Kierra is a motherless child who feels as though no one wants her. She regrets the day her mother and father conceived her. Being from a family that didn’t have much, she was determined to leave and never come back to the life she once lived. That is until she pops up pregnant from her overly possessive and abusive boyfriend, who doesn’t want her but doesn’t want anyone else to have her either. He goes through extreme measures to make sure that Kierra doesn’t get the attention she deserves from anyone else, even her best friend Brandon. Brandon comes from a family of wealth but everything that glitters is not always gold. Brandon deals with rejection from his father and although Brandon has everything he wants he still feels a void in his life. Brandon is raised in church but feels that all church is about is a fashion show and money. Brandon decides to leave his family and venture off into a world of his own, only to realize that there were some life lessons only his drunk father could teach him. Brandon ends up right back where he started; home.

 I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through Book Review:  


I really adore the writing style of Jenica Johnson. Jenica put together a narrative based on drama and Christianity in “I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through” to make a hit with her readers. The character of Kierra been through so much challenges starting with her own mother then her boyfriend Dez who beat her on a regular basis. This is a man that suppose to love her. Her mother Tamika was a selfish woman who shouldn’t been a mother. She allowed Dez to beat her own daughter, Kierra and then help Dez to killed Kierra unborn child. Kierra was a simple soul & young teenager considering herself falling in love with Dez Franklin.  Dez was very toxic toward her. He treated her so badly like she was trash on a daily basis. He caused Kierra to have low self esteem to where she was convinced that nobody wanted her. Hopefully Tamika will gets caught for the hit and run. I wanted Tamika to be punished for the way she mistreated her and making her daughter miscarry. Tamika was also sleeping with Kierra’s husband Dez. In my personally opinion Dez Franklin was nothing but a coward for the way he treated Kiera. I was laughing while I read to the part when Dez got his butt whipped in the prison shower

Remarkably I am rejoicing she finally succeed to some stableness in her life. Thank God for Phillip and his wife Lauren really came to Kierra’s rescue. Also Eva, Brandon’s mother really look after Kierra since Tamika didn’t care about her own daughter. Eva was very angry with her son Brandon because he threw Kierra out when she was still vulnerable. They also have to deal with Phillip who is Brandon’s father and Eva’s husband. He have a drinking problem and he didn’t want to change. It took both Eva and Brandon to move out of his life to make a decision for Philip to change his life. Brandon was there for Kierra when no one else was. He made me upset when he put her out over a insecure woman (Nish). I hope they can repair their relationship in spite of the circumstances. Now Brandon needs to get his own life in order before it is to late. He needs to make a decisions what he really wants and commitment. Dennis and Eva did went through a stormy relationship, but they survived the storm. Phillip and Lauren were truly angels because they took Kierra in and treated her like she was their own daughter. Nisha just needs to get her act together before she gets put away. What she’s trying to do is going to blow up in right front of her. Her father Nard is back and finally he will have the opportunity to be in Kierra’s life.  I don’t like to wish anything on a person but Tamika got what she truly deserved. She betray her own daughter.Tamika also told Kierra that she never did love her and wish she was never born. Brandon and Kierra finally got their happy ending. I just couldn’t stop reading this story, there were so many twist and turns in this book.

There were many life lessons in this narrative. The title of this book, “I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through” alone caught my attention and really can ministers to the readers. When We as Christians are at our LOWEST STATE, it is there that God is surely able to work with us and comfort us SHED the things of this world that we can become truly dependent upon Him. It is during the Hardships of Life that we can determine how to lean and depend on the Lord. Jeneica Johnson also touches on the subject about Interracial marriage. Love doesn’t see color, so the questions I asked so many times, “If Loves doesn’t see color, So Why we do?” Just thinking about it. Do you think you would be dating someone within your race if race weren’t an issue? We should think about all the failures we all have experiences throughout our life. The chances are individuals were in a relationship with someone whose skin was the same colors as yours. Now that’s not an attack on your race; it’s just straightforward math. We We more often than not date within our own communities. On the other hand, what if you lived in a community, city, or country where diversity was the traditional? Would that individual of your race still be your first option? You Need To Be Honest! In this world we live in is no longer divided by black and white; neither should your options. If you were really serious about finding a like-minded partner, you would be wise to get out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to expand your horizons. Your Mr. or Mrs. Right could comes in the imagines of Black, White, Asian, Latino, Native American, Multiracial and etc. This was the same with the Characters of Dennis and Eva Auger. Dennis was a white male came from a wealthy family and Eva is an African American woman who is on the other side of the track. Dennis’ Family didn’t approve of him to marry Eva but against their wishes, they disown Dennis. That didn’t matter because they were in love and they didn’t let anyone interfere in their relationship. My final point of opinion is that if you are a parent, you should not mistreat your child because you never know what damages you will cause toward your child. That what happened with Tamika and Kierra. Tamika was just a hateful person. She verbal and physically abuse Kierra. Tamika allow a man to beat her own daughter so he will paid her bills. She slept with her own daughter husband. Because of the way how Tamika mistreated Tamika, she caused Tamika to have low self-esteem and cause her to go down the wrong path. Thank God, a heaven sent angels in the imagines of Philip and Lauren came to Kierra rescue. If it wasn’t for them Kierra might have been in prison or even death. God is good all the time. Now I am getting ready to read part Two of this book.

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