I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through 2

Title: I Don’t Look Like What I’ve  Been Through 2 – African American Christian Fiction/Urban

Author: Jenica Johnson

Publisher:  Jenica Johnson Presents (November 1, 2015)

Number of Pages: 160 pages


ISBN-10: 1534729615

ISBN-13: 978-1534729612

About The Author: 

Jenica Johnson is the author of Bestselling series In Good Times and Bad. Mrs. Johnson was the first author to sign to Anointed Inspiration Publishing and has recently started her own publishing company Jenica Johnson Presents where she will write her first suspense/thriller book. Mrs. Johnson lives in Waycross, Georgia with her husband, three kids and grandson. Jenica is constantly working on her writing craft trying to get better for her readers. Jenica loves God and enjoys doing the work of the Lord.


About This Book:   

Our favorite couple Brandon and Kierra are back but are they able to let their love shine bright or is the enemy still casting that dark cloud over their lives? It should be easy to be in a relationship when you start off as friends or does the friendship block you from reaching a deeper connection intimately? Two can’t walk together unless they agree but it seems like the distractions of life and an ex can cause you to reconsider what you though you knew. Dez is home and ready to pick up where he left off with Kierra. There’s just one problem in the way, Brandon. The way Dez is set up, he enjoys a challenge and will stop at nothing to get his victim and their daughter back where he thinks they belong. Soon he will really understand what it means to touch not God’s anointed.Every parent loves telling their children to honor thy mother and thy father but love to leave out the part where it says not to provoke your children. Has Tamika finally grown up to become the mother she should have always been to Kierra or will her love for Dez continue to force them further apart? Brandon’s father Dennis has been able to get his life back on track for his family by putting the bottle down. He just decided to pick up something else that makes him risk losing it all again. Is Brandon strong enough to be there for his mother as well as his new family with this setback? Look into the lives of these characters one final time as God shifts and transitions them. Some for the good and some for the bad as we find out if their end result will have them looking like what they’ve been through or not.

I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through 2 Book Review: 


An astounding story! The Second Part of this narrative “I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through” will continue keep you turning pages into the midnight hours. Part two begins where Part one of “I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through” break off. I truly love the fact that Jeneica Johnson made a decisions to take the readers through trouble time with these lively characters. This can be a learning part for the reader, during our LOWEST POINTS in life, it is there that God is surely able to work with us and comfort us SHED the things of this world that we can become truly dependent upon Him. It is during the Storms of Life that we can determine how to lean and depend on the Lord. He will deliver us because our Hope is in Him. Dennis got numberless second chances with Eva. Can’t wait to see what happens to them. Dennis just got too comfortable with Eva because she always forgiven. Dennis thought he could do anything to her. Occasionally you have to love folks from a distance. Eva gotta stop thinking Brandon is judging her & get the picture that no kid wants to see their parent hurting the other. Brandon’s opinion about his father didn’t bother me! Brandon & Kierra relationship continue to be so fascinating from being friends to lovers.I was pleased that Kierra realized how her past relationship with Dez was effecting her current relationship with Brandon. In my personally opinion Dez & Tam deserve everything that was coming to them. I like the fact about how Brandon took on the role of being the father to Taylor from the beginning. Nard was such a great father to Kierra, despite of him being in prison and miss the first 20 years of her life. Bit I love the fact that Kierra and Nard established a Father and daughter relationship which it was a positive one. Nard enters the scene just in time to make sure Dez doesn’t cause harm to his family.

Brandon Auger demonstrate his best to prove to Kierra to give him a chance to be with her. I am so glad Kierra decided to give Brandon a chance. They found happiness together as Husband and Wife. Brandon truly show love through his action toward Taylor as his own daughter was so sweet. He will do anything to protect his family. The thing I love about this continue story is the way how Jeneica minister to the readers about the power of forgiveness through the Character of Nard who is Kierra’s father. Even though Tamika did Nard so wrong but he still loved Tamika.Tamika choose the wrong path and paid to a great extent for it. With confidence, I hope she sees the error of her ways and begins to improve herself so that she can love others. Alcoholism and being unfaithful in a marriage with the character of Dennis. Dennis and Eva are one again in rocky grounds. I love the fact the Eva continued to prove that no matter for during you think you are, you agree nothing without God. I hope that Dennis and Eve can find a way to be heal and let go of the pain. Finally I hope that Dennis will go to treatment in recovery for his alcoholism. Alcoholism is a sickness and it caused damages to the family. This was a great story also about salvation. In summary to the title of this narrative is God will work out everything for us and He took us all down on a different path but Thank God we don’t look like what we have been through. That’s is my testimony. I am ready to read more great story by this anointed Author, Mrs. Jeneica Johnson. I recommend this book for everyone to read.

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