When All Praise Breaks Loose

Title: When All Praise Breaks Loose – Practice What You Praise For Series

Author: Candice Y. Johnson

Publisher:  Read for Joy, and Imprint of MLStimpson Enterprises (November 18, 2015)

Number of Pages: 105 pages

ASIN:  B0186VCOS0 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 1519488823 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1519488824 (Paperback)


About The Author:        

Candice Y. Johnson is a choreographer, dancer, indie actress, speaker, author and freelance writer who has rested her head on a pillow in Dallas, Texas for most of her life. Known for her dynamic choreography as the artistic director of the award-winning Ordered Steps Productions dance company, Candice has garnered more social media support for her original, creative, energetic writing style than her not-so-veiled obsession with Tabasco Sauce! Her work has been featured in the Associated Press, the Dallas Morning News, TV Guide, Curly Nikki, Mahogany Curls, her own blog – “The Frizzness”, and so much more! Currently, she’s using her left-handed brainpower to pour into the next chapter of the Practice What You Praise novel series! When not enjoying the occasional fleeting moment at home with her hubby, this dance ministry coach and encourages moves to her own invisible beat, and is dancing from her keyboard straight to the heart of the people!



About This Book:     

Some days make you wanna holler…and Epiphany James has been silent long enough. The natural beauty uses her gift of dance to encourage everyone else, but her life has spiraled out of control: car’s being stalked by the repo man, cupboard is overflowing with nothing but Ramen Noodles and with a past due electric bill – Epiphany’s close to dancing in the dark. She’s mastered juggling adversity smoother than a melting piece of butter…but will the latest sucker-punch to her spirit keep Epiphany from praising her way out? Pastor Trigg  used to settle discrepancies with his fists, but now he uses The Word to check his emotions – especially the urgent feeling to find a wife before the ladies of Deliverance in Praise snatch off their pumps and lace-front wigs to fight for his affections. He’s got his eye on giving Epiphany his last name, but while romance is waiting, tragedy could destroy their shot at forever. Both Pastor and Epiphany find themselves entangled in church drama when one of the young ladies on the praise team cries out for help…but will they be able to save her? When All Praise Breaks Loose, the latest installment in the Practice What You Praise book series delivers witty spiritual insight, heartbreaking revelations and a little southern humor that will have readers thirsting for the next batch of shenanigans from Revolving Door, Texas!

When All Praise Break Loose Book Review:

Candice Y. Johnson really created another another power punched story “When All Praise Breaks Loose” in the Practice What You Praise series. Candice picks up where she left us standing from the last book “Practice What You Praise For” the scene continues with Ephinany, Pastor Trigg, JoJo and many of the characters that we met in that narrative. In the introduction page, we discover Epiphany stick around off stage to minister in dance during the Home Going Services of one of the young members of DIP’s praise dance team, and Piff (her illustrious nickname) attributes her death to the girl’s stepfather, DIP’s minister of music who used to be Epiphany’s fiance. And get this, she was asked to minister the dance by her ex boo’s wife. This anointed Author touched on many sensitive situations that affect us in real life – child abuse, church bullying, depression, anger, jealousy – both inside and outside of the church. She takes us on another trip into the Church House. She allows us to have a peek into some of the other characters lives that we met in the last book “Practice What You Praise For”. “When All Praise Breaks Loose” accomplished an even an exceptional task of illustrate this author’s complex gift. In this narrative the spotlight is on broke, busted and disgusted Epiphany James. She loves her church, Deliverance in Praise (DIP- the church has a nickname), most of the members of the congregation, the praise dance team members she ministers with and to and she’s in love with her Pastor Tripp Dennis. This story will make you laugh, angry, smile, scold, and cry. In her writings, Candice draws a picture to minister to us that God’s mercy is unfailing and renews every morning and all we have to do is to use our weapon that is praise so we should practice what we praise for. Our Praise Is Our Weapon To Fight The Enemy!

Readers should be able to relate to some of the situations presented in this story, even though it is a narrative based of Christian Fiction, she go to the effort of to actually present real life situations that are happening in today’s world inside and outside of the church. This narrative will have evaluating somethings in your family especially if you have teenage children. It will especially bless you if you are a leader in ministry and deal with gifts such as dance, musicians etc… In my personal opinion Candice Y. Johnson has a writing style that has to be experienced to be believed. I don’t remember the last time when I’ve laughed so much while reading a book. But you may also discover yourself between these pages, you might even learn several lessons through the characters. “When All Praise Breaks Loose” will give the readers life while reading this story. “When All Praise Breaks Loose” is about family, relationships, reconciliation, redemption, and hope for that expected end God has promised, especially if like Epiphany, you are currently “in the midst of blessings.” Candice Johnson makes sure that she paints a picture of each scene strongly with extraordinarily humor and style, using today’s ordinary and circumstances that could have been filmed at your House of Worship. So you will get to know the good folks at Deliverance In Praise Church. The Readers will be taught through the Characters and just like me, you will definitely fall in love with the writing style of Candice Johnson. Before reading this story, you must read the first book “Practice What You Praise For” so you will experience the full effect and have a better understanding of this series. Your Praise Is Your Weapon!


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