Destroying Mental Illness In The Church

Title: Destroying Mental Illness In The Church – Christian Counseling & Recovery/ Christian Ministry & Evangelism

Author: D’Andrea Bolden

Publisher:  Bolden Publishing (July 25, 2016)

Number of Pages: 77 pages

ASIN:  B01J4JTL84 (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0692378154

ISBN-13: 978-0692378151

About The Author:

D’Andrea (Dee) is a minister with a strong anointing and grace for teaching the word of God with an emphasis on deliverance, healing, and restoration. She is the founder of Walking In Authority Ministries (WIAM), which serves the purpose of shifting believers to a place of Kingdom authority and demonstrating the power of God that the hearts of the people would be turned towards the Father. She has a passion for intercessory prayer and reaching the emerging leaders of today. Through WIAM she hosts a number of cutting edge conferences, worship gatherings and ministry training events. As an author she has written several books that are changing lives across the globe. As an entrepreneur and marketplace minister she focuses on media and business/ministry establishment and upgrade by conducting iEmpower workshops and seminars across the country. She is also a TV & radio show host with a heart to reach people all over the globe with Christ centered media. She is also one of the founders of Kingdom Builders Global Network (KBGN), which is a ministry fellowship for Kingdom minded individuals. Dee is married to her husband John and together they have two children.


About This Book:

Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent in the community of faith. With the alarming suicide rate among church leadership on the rise, it is time that the body of Christ take its rightful position, by breaking the CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE and DESTROYING YOKES OF BONDAGE. God’s people deserve freedom and total healing from the inside out.

In This Book You Will Discover: 

  • The Definition of Mental Illness 
  • The Need for Spirit-Filled Counselors 
  • The Importance of Integrated Counseling 
  • Deliverance – A Part of the Healing Process 
  • and so much more..

Destroying Mental Illness In The Church Book Review:

“Destroying mental Illness in the Church” is a sermon all by itself. This is needed to be preached in the Church. D’Andrea Bolden have written this book just in time with the approval of the Holy Spirit. She did that by ministering to the Pastors and their Congregation, to let them know that now is the time for the Church House to BREAK THE STIGMA ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS! It is time for the Church House toBREAK THE SILENCE AND START TALKING ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS IN THE CHURCH! In my opinion, “Destroying Mental Illness In The Church” is definitely a greatly essential and well-written full of information’s about this illness. Personally, I believe that this book is a great tool that will empower by bringing a deeper empathetic to others. That deeper empathetic in the purpose for relates within of dealing with mental illness in the Church. D’Andrea execute an awesome job of manifesting this up-to-date information in a manner that will further equip individuals who are reading this book. If you are a person dealing with mental illness, a Pastor, Disciples, Minister of Music, Choir Directors and etc. this book will be a guidance for you in course of action, so that are both relevant and matter-of-fact. Mental Illness in the Church consider to be a taboo. Mental Illness isn’t talk about in the Church due to fear and judgments. Many individuals who were dealing with Mental Illness especially in the African American Community were criticized for being weak, lack of faith in Christ and a disappointment. That what happened to me when I was dealing with depression from 2011 through the summer of 2014. I didn’t want to admit that I have mental illness because of pride and denial. Most of times, our pride can be our worst enemy. Church Folks criticize and judge me for having mental illness. They told me that I don’t have faith in God and I am not saved. They even told me that a saved person or believers shouldn’t have any problems at all. I realized for myself that is nothing but the devil telling me lie. I am so glad that God sends me Resources in getting help to deals with my issues of mental illness. I may have mental illness but it doesn’t define who I am. Today I am on the road of recovery and helping others by advocating for myself and others who can’t speaks for themselves. I am now a certified Responder with the Mental Health First Aid USA. I also go to different Mental Health and Wellness Conference which I share my story. Also I am on the panel of The NYC Suicide Prevention Council.They recently honored me with the 2016 “I Am Hope”Humanitarian Award.

D’Andrea Bolden allows God to guide that pen to anoints her hand to created an important book in the purpose to break the stigma or the myth in the Church about Mental Illness. With the recently suicide of Preachers and Individuals in the Church Church are risings big time. Some individuals believes that since you are saved, that you shouldn’t have any problems. You don’t have faith in God. We don’t talk about Mental Illness in the Church. We don’t seek treatment with a doctor but we talk to God. It is great to pray but you must put the work in by seeking help with a licensed professionals who are experts in Mental Health. Faith and Prayer without works is dead. It is time that we need to stop the silence and speaks about mental illness. We need to empower and encourages the saints to seek treatment with a licensed doctors who are experts dealing with Mental Illness. The Church Community should have licensed professionals that deals with mental illness in their congregation. When I was working toward my recovery, I let go a lot of people who were toxic and making me sick. I changed my circle and count my true friends on my hand. . I make sure that I read Inspirational and motivational books. When I was in the hospital I make sure I read scriptures in the Holy Bible especially the Psalms. Take care of my temple and mind. This book empower readers to understand the emphasis of mental health in the Church. Many churches shy away from mental health issues. D’Andrea’s book put in plain English about the role of the Church in addressing it. Ignoring mental illness within Church surroundings won’t make it vanishes. Mental Illness usually gets much worse when it is ignored. Please make sure you purchase your copy for the guidance that you or your Church Community needs in Addressing This Taboo Subject! This book touches on the many matter of contention related to mental illness in our Faith Communities. Extremely countless of people are struggling, in denial, with mental illness and they are in fear to open up to those in the Church communities. D’Andrea does an awesome task go into detail on how to blend scriptural and scientific approaches to form an integrated approach to empowering those dealing with mental illness. This is a Great read and a must read for everyone. Thank You D’Andrea Bolden for having the Courages to challenge the Church Community as whole to Break the Stigma About Mental Illness In The Church. Also I pray that your messages will save somebody life and encourage them to give their life to Christ. God have the purpose for each of us to enjoy life and help those who are in needs.

If you are in a Crisis and thinking about taking your life please call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:



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