My Testimony: I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through

Title: My Testimony: I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through – African American Biographies & Memoir

Author: Tanisha D. Mackin

Publisher:   Tanisha D. Mackin (April 25, 2015)

Number of Pages: 88 pages

ASIN:  B00X4WMP6I (EBook)

ISBN-10: 0692430075

ISBN-13: 978-069243007

About The Author:      

Tanisha D. Mackin, CPC. Bestselling Author, Bereavement Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Writing Coach and the Founder of the Mackin Project.Tanisha Mackin doesn’t look like what she’s been through and she wants to share her testimony with the world through writing and speaking. Tanisha is an author, bereavement coach, inspirational speaker and the founder of the Mackin Project, an organization that is dedicated to helping widows and children after loss.

Tanisha D. Mackin is the Chief Inspiration Officer of the Mackin Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides bereavement coaching, encouragement, and burial assistance to widows and children that lost a spouse or parent to violence. Having personally experienced tragic loss when her husband was slain in 2010, and the lack of resources that were available to address her particular pain, Tanisha became a certified Bereavement Coach. She is the author of a series of self-help and motivational books, including the breakout Words from A Widow workbook which focuses on the five stages of grief, to help other survivors of loss. July 2015, Tanisha and her 11 year old son Danyell embarked on a 4 city book tour to promote Tanisha 5th book, My Testimony and Danyell’s 1st book, Fatherless Son. This colon cancer survivor was born and raised in Buffalo, NY but now resides in Georgia with her two beautiful children Danyell and Destinee


About This Book:      


Violence has been a part of Tanisha’s life from the time she was 7 years old up until 2010, when she watched her husband take his last breathe. Tanisha has felt pain like no other, but decided to turn her trials into triumph. Tanisha has had her share of joy and pain, ups and downs, sadness and happiness, but the loss of loved ones has weighed on her heart. The author of Still Standing and Still Standing Pt. 2 has been encouraging and giving others hope for the past 5 years. Now she bears her heart and soul into her 5th book. This is Tanisha’s testimony, and she definitely doesn’t look like what she has been through

 My Testimony: I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through Book Review:  

“Everyone has a story and everyone’s story is unique. The difference between everyone’s stories is how we tell it and how you live through it” Tanisha D. Mackin

“My Testimony: I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through” is a self-portrayal about Tanisha’s personal life and what she been through. This book will enforce you to glimpse life from an incomparable perspective and acknowledge of who you are and what life have to offer. I have deep appreciation for Tanisha of sharing her journey and testimony with the world. Alongside that with God All things are possible. I truly believe Tanisha is a living testimony. A Testimony Always Starts With A Test! With that test from God, He wants to see how you are going to handle that test. Are you going to give up or you are going to fight to overcome your test by speaking life?

For me personally,“My Testimony: I Don’t Look Like What I Been Through”allows me to become empower! Tanisha Macklin’s quote mentioned in the beginning of the book, “Everyone has a story and everyone’s story is unique. The difference between everyone’s stories is how we tell it and how you live through it.” That is so true, We all have a story to tell. It is up to us how we tell our story through our actions. We can have our own pity party or we can overcome from our storms by shariong our story . You never know, your story can inspire someone right now. That’s excatly what Tanisha Mackin did by sharing her story which impacted many individual’s lives as they were reading about her testimony. Tanisha painting a picture in the readers mind for them to visualize her grief in the loss of her husband and fighting an illness by keeping her faith in The Word of God. You can envision those events so crystal clear in your mind. By you reading this book, you can have a spiritual therapy to restores your soul and be stronger. This Inspirational Motivational Book will makes you feel whole and inspires you to put your Prayer and Faith Into Actions. It will teaches you to love yourself and put you first again in your life. The Trials and Tribulations that she had to deal with are overwhelming. Tanisha have the right to all of the success that comes in her directions due to hard work that she put in. Thank God Tanisha Mackin doesn’t look like what she been through. I know from my own experiences dealing with mental illness that the journey wasn’t easy. She really took her test from grief to cancer and was able to overcome from that test. She allows herself through her faith to turn her test into a testimony. Through her testimony, she shows others that they too can overcome their test and turn that test into their own testimony. They can say to themselves, Thank God I don’t look like what I been through. “Be Though Therefore Be Ashamed of the Testimony of Our Lord.” 2 Timothy 1:8 “And They Overcame himby the Blood Of The Lamb and by the Word of their testimony; and they did not love their lives to the death.” Revelations 12:11

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