I Need A Little More Jesus

Title: I Need A Little More Jesus – African American Christian Fiction Short Story

Author: Dominque Wilkins

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 30, 2014)

Number of Pages: 70 pages

ISBN-10: 1468073834 (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 978-1500945626  (Hardcover)


About The Author:

Dominique Wilkins is a mother, licensed cosmetologist and the founder of CAPS(Christian Authors Promoting Success). She writes short stories in the Urban Christian Fiction genre that people who are currently or have been hurt can relate to. Dominique was born and raised on the South side of Chicago, where the crime and murder rate ranks the highest in the U.S. It is due to this exposure, that she writes to encourage readers and provide them with resources to keep them going and a desire to do better. Take a walk in the shoes of bad parents, jealous neighbors, backstabbing friends and cheaters to name a few. Dominique is transferring years of emotional support from the beauty salon to the books. The stories are written with biblical scriptures intermingled for the reader to reference or research for more healing directly from The Bible. They are capable of being enjoyed by all.You do not need any prior knowledge or understanding of The Bible to enjoy it. If you are not ready to embrace the included scriptures, the stories can still be enjoyed without reading them (choose your own adventure)!

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About This Book:

Seventeen-year-old Giselle has been banished from her home when she becomes pregnant without a husband. Her religious family feared that the congregation at their church and community might discover her sin. Giselle’s father was so upset that after banishing her, he forbid her from ever returning; not even to see or speak to her ailing mother, who is undergoing chemotherapy. On her own, Giselle is filled with fear, regret, and guilt because she feels that God might be punishing her for her sin. After undergoing more pain and misery in exile, Giselle eventually meets Mitch, a widow and Veronica, a prostitute who are also fighting their own demons. The situations they encounter cause them to question their faith in a god that would allow such suffering. I Need a Little More Jesus is the story of chance encounters of three unlikely people, a prostitute, a pregnant young woman and a depressed man, whose individual storms lead them to this homeless shelter, where the atmosphere is full of people who have given up. Find out how God shows a prostitute, a widow and an unwed mother, that even though they had questioned and given up on Him, that He had NOT given up on THEM!

I Need A Little More Jesus Book Review:

” I Need A Little More Jesus” speaks so much volumes. When I discover this book today, it reminded me of Erica Campbells’ song “I Need A Little More Jesus”. Dominque Wilkins trying to get me to sing that song. Laughing Out Loud! As I was reading this short narrative, I was charmingly taken aback with this narrative and reading about all of the Characters who were experiencing personal storms through tragic events in their lives. Each chapters were accompanied with scriptures based on the situations what the Characters were dealing with. The drawing power from the title of this story line represents authentic that we as the people can misjudged people by what we see on the outside without knowing their story. That’s why it is very important that we don’t judge or put people down because of their misfortune. You don’t know their story at all. The well-developed Characters of Tasha who is a hooker, Keisha who is a widow and Gisele who is an unwed mother and a Preacher daughter, are exert oneself with life’s oppression around their necks, bringing them down and lead to doubt. In this world, people believes that we are a victim of our nurture. Dominique wants her reader to knows through those Characters that it really doesn’t matter who we are or where we are in our life, God loves us and will never abandon us. This narration is truly about God’s agape love is one that so many people today really need to understand. Once we are able to learn how to not look down on people and allow ourselves to help those who are in need. If we show our Agape love to others just like God did for us then we will understand about that Grace of God. We all truly need a little more Jesus daily once we become conscious of that. We as the people can open our hearts and receive. Please support this article by purchasing this book and start reading it for yourself. This book will helps you to be minister to be reminded that we all fall short of God but we can get a refreshing outlook in our lives by seeking Him.

*This book was provided to me from Dominque Wilkins in the purpose of giving my thoughtful and honest review.


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