ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success in WRITING and in Life

Title: ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success in WRITING and in Life –Authorship/Self-Help/ Writing & Publishing

Author: E.R. Carpenter

Publisher:   Forest Wade Press (February 8, 2014)

Number of Pages: 71 pages

ASIN: B00IC8X4N2 (EBook)

About The Author:

Emanuel (E.R.) Carpenter is the author of the several books, including the bestsellers “ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success in Sales and in Life,”and “How to Dominate in Cold Calling & Earn Six Figures Doing It.”

Carpenter is the owner of Cold Call Sensei in Greater Atlanta where he lives with his family. He is currently working on the third and final installment of this series,“ASKING: The-Life Changing Secret to Success in STARTING A BUSINESS.”

Visit him online at .

About This Book:

Ever wonder why you don’t get what you want in life? Have you always wanted to write the great American novel but found it was impossible to pursue? Do you have dreams of starting your own publishing company but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you just need help in visualizing your goals, finding a trusted advisor, or deciding how to give back to your community. There’s a reason you’re not getting what you want: You’re not asking. So many people fail to get what they really want in life because they never ask. Oftentimes, they don’t ask because they lack confidence, have preconceived notions, or self-defeating prophecies. Many times it’s due to fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment, and even fear of success. ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success in WRITING and in Life was written for those who really want what writing has to offer. In this 2nd book of the ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success series , you’ll learn how to sharpen your writing skills, query publishers, and learn to creatively market and sell your work. As a bonus, we’ve included an interview with bestselling author of “Let the Church Say Amen” ReShonda Tate Billingsley on what it takes to get your book optioned for a movie. We also interviewed the author of the mega-hit “The Bum Magnet” Karla KL Brady to learn what it takes to transition from self publishing to getting a traditional deal. Plus we also spoke with the founder of the Black Writers Reunion, Tia Ross, on the value of writers’ conferences. And if you want to sell your books in bulk to book clubs, Oosa BookClub share how they choose and buy books.Are you ready to build confidence, forget negativity, and overcome your fears to get all that your God-given writing talents can give you? It starts by asking the right questions at the right time with the right people.

ASKING: The Life-Changing Secret to Success in WRITING and in Life Book Review:

E.R. Carpenter created a manual “Asking: The Life Changing Secret To Success In Writing and In Life” in the purpose to help Aspiring Authors and individuals that already are published Authors to succeed in the publishing industry. Subsequently, completed this book, I discover that everything Mr. Carpenter mentioned definitely everything I needed to have knowledge of. Personally for me as a Published Author about 4 years, I have to admit that this book have so much informations that will direct you through the process successfully from E. R. Carpenter’s experience. His achievement of speaking authenticity and able to connect with his readers is on the money. If you have the passion of becoming an author then I highly recommend you to read this book “ASKING: The Life Changing Secret To Success In Writing And In Life.” By you reading this book, you will get great knowledge about the publishing industry and also striving to be successful whether it be writing or projects that you are passionate about. To be successful, you must read books from successful people so you can be empower to not give up.

E.R. Carpenter focal point about the reality of many individuals. There are many individuals that favorable to accept what is provided to them, and after a while cease failing by reason of they never asked for what they wanted or needed. He challenges the readers up front with this question: “Why Wouldn’t You Ask?”, furthermore then goes on to draw a picture about those excuses one by one in the Introduction. This is so crucial, for the reason that in order for you to “hear” what comes next, you have to get rid off those negative thoughts out of your way! Guiding the readers through the process of  writing and publishing with questions ranging from “How Do I Get Started?” to“How Do I Market My Book?”, each chapter discussing the challenges what every new writer has asked themselves or others. The interviews are a great addition, grant access for the readers to get answers from other experienced and talented authors about communicative the next step once their book is completed.


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