Believing In Magic(My Story of Love, Overcoming Adversity, And Keeping The Faith)

Title: Believing In Magic(My Story of Love, Overcoming Adversity, And Keeping The Faith)Biographies&Memoir/Sports&Outdoor/Basketball

Author: Cookie Johnson

Publisher: Howard Books (September 20, 2016)

Number of Pages: 272 pages

ASIN:  B01CO34BAK(EBook)

ASIN: B01KGL9LZ2 (Audible Book)/Publisher: Brilliance Audio

ISBN-10: 1501274570 (MP3 CD)/Publisher: Brilliance Audio; MP3 Una edition(September 20, 2016)

ISBN-13: 978-1501274572 (MP3 CD)/Publisher: Brilliance Audio; MP3 Una edition (September 20, 2016)

ISBN-10: 150112515X (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 978-1501125157 (Hardcover)

About The Authors:

Cookie Johnson

Cookie Johnson is a devoted philanthropist, and, as Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Magic Johnson Foundation, a passionate spokesperson whose focus is on addressing the health, social, and educational needs of underserved communities. She joins her husband, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, in the fight against HIV/AIDS by spreading the word on ways to help reduce new HIV infections in undeserved communities, educating minority women about the disease, and providing helpful tools for prevention and testing. Cookie also is the founder of CJ by Cookie Johnson, a premium denim line. The Michigan State University graduate lives with her husband in California; she is the mother to their three children, André, Earvin Johnson III (EJ), and Elisa.

Denene Millner

Denene Millner is a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning journalist whose insightful and captivating pieces have secured her foothold in the entertainment, parenting, social media, and book publishing industries. The former New York Daily News reporter and Parenting magazine editor and columnist has penned twenty-five books, including Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, co-written with Steve Harvey, among others. She has written for a plethora of national publications, including EssenceWomen’s HealthEbonyRedbook, and more. The founder and editor of, a website dedicated to Black parenting, lives in Atlanta with her husband and two daughters.

About This Book:

In her new memoir, Cookie Johnson, wife of NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson, shares details of her marriage, motherhood, faith, and how an HIV diagnosis twenty-five years ago changed the course of their lives forever. On November 7, 1991, basketball icon Earvin “Magic” Johnson stunned the world with the news that he was HIV-positive. For the millions who watched, his announcement became a pivotal moment not only for the nation, but his family and wife. Twenty-five years later, Cookie Johnson shares her story and the emotional journey that started on that day—from life as a pregnant and joyous newlywed to one filled with the fear that her husband would die, she and her baby would be infected with the virus, and their family would be shunned. Believing in Magic is the story of her marriage to Earvin nearly four decades of loving each other, losing their way, and eventually finding a path they never imagined. November 7, 2016 will mark a quarter-century since the announcement and Cookie’s survival and triumph as a wife, mother, and God-fearing woman. Cookie has never shared her full account of the reasons that she stayed and her life with Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Believing in Magic is her story.

Believing In Magic(My Story of Love, Overcoming Adversity, And Keeping The Faith) Book Review:

“For God Is The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith” Hebrews 12:2

Believing in Magic is just in order that for Cookie Johnson as Magic Johnson’s wife. Earvin (Magic) and Cookie were shape into a perfect match for each other. “In Believing in Magic”, we get to learn more about Cookie. Most know her being Magic’s wife and EJ’s mother, nevertheless in this book, you will discover and vision her as a woman of God. With her faith in God that she will go to battle with Satan before she allows Satan to have control over her family. “Believing In Magic” is a story about love with a Christian Foundation that truly will empower every person who are reading this book. God truly guide two special people as husband and wife to create a life of love, Family, and God (not in that method). Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Cookie Johnson is truly the MVP in her husband, Magic’s life. Magic was a gifted basketball player and extraordinary businessman, but with a Proverbs 31 wife standing beside his side and walking without exception is a blessings, he would not be the person we all have come to know as Earvin Magic Johnson. God will removes the person out of your life for your protection. He will direct the right person into your life. That’s why you shouldn’t rush into a marriage unless God make it happen. Cookie displayed by means of beyond acceptable to pursue your career goals and desires to have a relationship with a professional basketball player. Cookie you are a great examples of what a real woman fights (spiritually) for her marriage and family.

This well-written personal narrative by Cookie Johnson was an interested read left with every questions with answers. Be that as it may, I applaud for her courage to shared her side to this story and testimony.She has opened up her heart and her life which was full alongside with hurt and devastation as well with blessings and triumphs. Cookie Johnson represents her character as a conqueror and a walking testimony for many. This memoir can humbled the readers and made them to understand the power of being patient and having faith in God.During the time that I was a great fan of Magic Johnson in the late ’80’s, after reading this memoir I can now say that Cookie is a great examples of a virtue woman. Cookie Johnson was willing to share her story with us about their issues in the relationships which caused her a heavy heart from the very beginning. You can appreciated the fact that Cookie put her faith into action to empower her during the trials and tribulations. You have to acknowledge the facts that she leaned on her faith to direct during the troublesome times. Nevertheless, despite the fact she was going to great lengths to try not to paint a picture of Earvin as an emotional abuser. She put the focus on his good characteristics. Cookie Johnson had to endure a roller coaster of emotional abuse throughout the 30 plus years since they have known each other.There are many god-gifted, intelligent women get trapped in the same cycle of emotional abuse which mentioned throughout the entire book. You can appreciated and sympathize she really love her husband and willing to fight for her marriage. It is as a matter of fact of a typical interpretation for staying. As a consequence, some individuals will judge that person for staying in the marriage because their husband/wife are a millionaire. Besides if you are a truly a fan of Mr. and Mrs Earvin Johnson then you know that it isn’t true.

There were several incidents when Earvin clearly did not give any consideration to what Cookie are feelings. Keep on breaking off wedding plans, walking into a family gathering with his three year old son who no one knows didn’t know about including Cookie and introducing him all around. Cookie was scared that she will be left at the altar until the split second he finally shows up at the church. The emotional abuse she allow to condone is real. I remember that day in November, 1991 when Magic Johnson made an announcement he is HIV positive subsequently they have been married five weeks. I can’t imagine that it was a difficult time for both Magic and Cookie Johnson. At that time, the rise of deaths of AIDS complications from HIV wasn’t easy to talk about. It was consider to be a taboo especially in the Black Community and the Church Community. We all experienced loss from loved ones, friends or somebody that we knew died from this illness. Cookie mentioned about the fact how she was burdened with the fact that married five weeks and pregnant. When Magic originally confess to her he have bad news. She was in fear about the bad news that he wanted to leave her. Cookie did share what she was feeling about her feelings and turmoil after Magic undoubtedly humiliate her in front of their friends and then moved out after 10 years of marriage. However at that moment after two weeks he changes his mind and wants to move back. After reading Cookie’s story, I was left with the reaction that after counseling they are momentarily rock solid. As it may be for the reason that Cookie is finally standing up for herself as a woman and place confidence in that she can survive whether or not he is in the picture?


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