Faith Is Evidence

Title: Faith Is Evidence

Author: Terri Thrash

Publisher: Creative Hearts Publication

Number of Pages: 338

ISBN-10: 0988800241

ISBN-13: 978-0988800243

ASIN: B007O9FFY6 (EBook)

About The Author:

Terri T. Thrash is a graduate of Southern University at Shreveport. She earned an Associate degree in General Studies with a concentration in Psychology as well as in Human Services with a concentration in Substance Abuse Counseling. She is currently completing a Bachelor’s degree. Terri’s debut novel, “Evidence”, reignited her desire and passion to write as well as to use her creativity to touch the lives of others. Terri writes with purpose and she writes to inspire. She embraces her passion to uplift as well as encourage others to walk in God’s divine purpose for their lives and to exercise their faith daily. Ms. Thrash resides in Shreveport, LA. She is a proud Christian mother. She writes to ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER, and INSPIRE.

About This Book:

Evidence (Revised) The Extended Version, There are Secrets, Lies, and Deception all threaten to destroy the marriage of Taylor and her high school sweetheart, Keith Davenport. They have managed to live a very successful life in their five years of marriage and everything appears to be ideal… until Keith starts putting his career before Taylor and her strong desire to go back to church to grow spiritually with her husband. Things soon began to fall apart. Once the Taylor’s deep dark secret is revealed, Keith turns to their high school friend, Kimbrailee Whitmore for advice. But how can she possibly give advice when she holds secrets of her own… like hiding the abuse that she suffers at the hands of her husband, Treyvionne Whitmore, whose indiscretions with numerous women including his long-time mistress, Keisha Fullerton, has already devastated her marriage. As Taylor and Keith try to put back the pieces of their broken marriage, a sexy seductress Silvia Martinez tries to ruin their efforts. A life-altering act results in a deadly consequence that their marriage may not be strong enough to survive. Will EVIDENCE of the ultimate betrayal destroy their marriage? Or will the EVIDENCE of their faith keep them together?

Evidence Book Review:

Congratulations to Author Terri Thrash on writing such an anointed inspiration Christian novel. This book was written from that pen anointed from the Holy Spirit. Evidence is a definitely MUST read. It was a great pleasure for me in reading this wonderfully written book. I realize that this is a Christian Fiction book but this book really spoken the truth about things that we are dealing with. This book deals with being in a toxic relationship, domestic violence, dark secrets, lack of faith in God,Infidelity and HIV. There are a lot of life lessons that the reader can really learn from the characters. In the book “Evidence,” faith mentioned a lot. There is a familiar scripture in the book of Hebrews the 11 Chapter and the 11 Verse said“Now Faith is the substance of things hope for, the Evidence of things not seen.” Terri wants you to know that Evidence is not just a story written on pages. It is a remarkable experience and a journey worth taking.

Terri has a question for all of her readers, What happens when a life-altering act results in a deadly consequence and threatens to destroy everything you’ve built? This what happens to Keith when he cheated on his wife Taylor with their best friend Kim. He did that right after he was angry with Taylor from keeping a secret from him. Keith has his own problem with his marriage. He rather spend more time with his career than with his wife Taylor. Taylor wanted him to go to Church with her but he didn’t want to hear none of that. He will quickly get angry with her. All she wanted from Keith is for them to go to Church together. He also wanted to start a family but Taylor wasn’t ready yet. Keith was dealing with a lot of anger from past hurts that it was affecting him to have faith in God. They have been married for 5 years and there were lack of communication in that marriage. One of the best excerpts in the Evidence is when the Pastor mentioned in his Sermon, “Your faith has been strengthened today. Your broken marriage is being repaired today. There is something that you need to discuss with your husband , something that you have been holding back. It’s time to let it go. There are some things that you are about go through, but you have to have faith to get through it.”Regardless what we are going through in our circumstances that we must put our Faith in God that he will see us through. Trey played all the way up to the first championship game until he injured his knee during that game. He wasn’t the same at all. He always has anger issues and he was always aggressive, but Keith didn’t know that he was aggressive on and off the field. Trey was dealing with alcoholism in which it became worse soon after his injury. He became more angry and aggressive. He was more abusive towards his wife Kim. He became so envious toward Keith after he found out how successful he became at his law office and work closely with Kim. Since Trey was a toxic person that he knew that he treated his wife so badly that he tried to make it her fault. Trey behavior had some deadly consequences that affected not only him but others. Keith tried his best to persuade Kim to leave Trey but she didn’t want to leave him. She was just making excuses for his way of disrespecting her. Not only that she was physically abused but also mentally abuse as well. The lesson that I got from this book was that we don’t have to allow someone to abuse us at all. God wants the best for us in our relationship.

In Evidence, Terri shows us that there was a lot of hurt and anger from the characters. They allowed their past anger interrupt their relationships in their marriages. Terri had an illustration of Michael who is Taylor’s best friend as a devoted Man of God. Michael has been a blessing to both Keith and Taylor by counseling them to save their marriage. He mentions to Taylor “You sound like you are trying to blame God for your marriage falling apart. God didn’t tell you to deceive your husband. You made that choice on your own.” In life that when you mess up in your life, you can’t blame God for the choices that you made. You need to take responsibility. You are the one that creates your own mess and not God. You must put God first in everything. Terri makes sure to show you that God can take your wrong and make things right in your life if you put your trust in Him. Terri also teaches us about forgiveness. Regardless of what mistakes that we made, we must be able to forgive ourselves. If we hurt somebody by our behavior then we must pray for repentance and forgiveness. When we get mistreated or hurt by somebody then we must be able to forgive them. Forgiving somebody isn’t easy but we must be willing to do it. How we expect the Lord to forgive us when we can’t.

Author Terri also touches on the subject of living with HIV in the book. She shows us through the characters that even if you are dealing with being HIV Positive that it don’t have to be a death sentence unless you claim it to be. She is teaching her readers that by having faith in God that you can speak life to your dead situation. With prayer and faith that you will be able to trust in Him to handle that situation. God gives us choices in life. It’s really up to you to make the right one. God is giving you another chance to work on your faith. This book is a great motivation for people who are living with HIV. People may look at you differently but your condition doesn’t have anything to do with who you are. It definitely doesn’t define you or who God has called you to be. It doesn’t stop what God has store for you but you had to believe that for yourself. I am so glad that I decided to read Evidence. This is definitely a great read. I recommend this book for those that are looking for a Christian fiction book to read. Also this book is great for those individuals that are looking for encouragements right now. This book is also a great motivational book that will help individuals to surrender their life to Christ Jesus. It will strengthen your faith with God through Christ Jesus.


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