The Mercy Seat – The Freedom Baptist Trilogy

Title: The Mercy Seat (The Freedom Baptist Trilogy) – Christian and Inspiration Fiction

Author: Alvetta Y. Rolle

Publisher:  Ellechor Publishing House, LLC (July 2, 2012)

Number of Pages: 388 pages


About The Author:


Alvetta Y. Rolle is a poet, author, and above all else a child of God. Born in Dunn, North Carolina,  she graduated cum laude from Kaplan University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Organizational Communications in 2010. In her spare time she likes to volunteer with local organizations and persons in needs, as well as working on sequels to her debut novel, The Mercy Seat. She has been happily married for seven and half years to her husband, Elrod and has four beautiful children ranging in ages from twelve to two.  Alvetta currently resides in South Florida, but spends the majority of her time on the small island of Bimini Bahamas

About This Book:


Going from raunchy to redeemed is not easy. When 19 year old prostitute Sofia Douglas walks into Freedom Baptist to reconcile with her mentally abusive foster mother Julia Aaron, she is met with much more than she bargained for.Although befriended by an elderly church mother by the name of Ruth Stills, she begins to fall for Ruth’s son Xavier who is handsome, caring, a minister… and married. Sofia begins an endless cycle of trying to stifle mutual feelings for a married man of God, and combat the bitterness of a mother who has her own issues, both spiritually and psychologically. With the arrival of the mysterious Sofia walks at the last night of revival, Xavier Stills and Felecia’s already troubled marriage takes a tumultuous turn for the worst. Felecia and Xavier now have to fight to save their diminishing relationship, even as they try to ward off the temptation of yielding to outside influences.

The Mercy Seat Book Review:

Alvettta Rolle draws a picture in the scenery of Freedom Baptist Church in the narrative of “The Mercy Seats – The Freedom Baptist Trilogy.” In this narrative there are secrets and drama within its walls affect the members of The Freedom Baptist Church. I really loved reading “The Mercy Seats”. It was a great Christian Fiction book with a great storyline and Characters. The narrative started with Sofia Douglas being kicked out of her adopted mother’s (Julia) house after she was being molested by Julia’s ex boyfriend. Since then Sofia’s life hasn’t been the same. She was forced to live in sin by working as a prostitutes. On one night , Sofia passed by Freedom Baptist Church and at first she hesitated to return there due to Julia and she didn’t stepped foot in Church in years. Julia didn’t want anyone to know at the Church that Sofia is her daughter because of the lifestyles that she is living in. For some reasons she decided to go to the revival services at Freedom Baptist Church. Sofia didn’t realized that during the revival services that it will have an affect on her life. Julia wasn’t to happy to see Sofia at Church. She was so ashamed of Sofia because Julia wanted to protect her image as a Church mother and a wife of a deacon. Even though this is a Christian fiction story but as Christians, we can relate. Some of us will asked this question. “Going to church is enough to make Sofia change her ways or will she continue to live her life in sin?” We as Christians have to realized that transformation will not happen overnight but it is a process. Just like a baby take baby steps to learn how to walk and talk, you must take baby steps by learning the Word of God and applied it to your daily life. The Church is a Spiritual hospital in the purpose for us to get our weekly surgery. The Preachers rather it is a man or woman will perform our surgery with The Word of God. Nobody isn’t perfect and that is why we need to get our weekly surgery so we can be created in a new person.

The Mercy Seat” maintain my thought from the cover of the book then the beginning through the conclusions. I couldn’t rest to discover how things would play out with the Characters as a consequence how they would handle their circumstances. Sofia Douglas is one of my favorite characters in this narrative. She is a great example of courage as Christians should be able to endure. After Julia kicked Sofia out of her house, Sofia did what she had to do to survive even though it wasn’t the best legally or morally. Beyond shadow of doubt, Sofia found her way back to the Church (Freedom Baptist Church). She was really condemn harshly, on the other hand she kept coming back. These so called Church folks will treat you worst than the people who aren’t Christians. They forget that they weren’t always Holy as well.The worst hurt that anybody can received is actually from the Church. I experienced that same hurt that caused me to have a mental break down. Satan will tried his best to destroy my faith in God but it didn’t work because my faith was strong in the Lord. Most people will stop going to Church all together but for me, I just left the Church I was a member and discover a new Church that I can proudly call home, First Baptist church of Crown Heights. Also I knew that the Church is not a building but it is in me. We go to church in the purpose to fellowship with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

The matter in hand, “The Mercy Seat” is an incredible narrative with a marvelous purpose for the readers to be minister to through the characters. Alvetta Rolle  allows God to direct the pen to write an awesome story with themes we all can relate to such as trust in our abilities, allowing ourselves to trust others and most importantly put our trust in the Lord. Alvetta makes sure that the narrative gets in deep under the skin and within the souls of the characters. This narrative will have the readers so emotional often. The character of Elder Xavier Stills faith were being tested after he met Sofia Douglas. The sparks between Xavier and Sofia will caused the readers to wondering if they are going to start a forbidden affair that is against one of the Tenth Commandments “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.”  The messages of this Story lets us know that regardless of your shady pasts, that God can transforms you through a new birth if you are willing to surrender your life to Christ. We shouldn’t be judging anyone from their shortcomings or preventing them to surrender their lives to Christ. Mother Julia kept on bringing up Sofia’s past and make Sofia feels that she isn’t loved by anyone. Julia allowed a man to rape Sofia when she was a child and blame Sofia for it. Julia also have her own issues prefer to be with a man even though he doesn’t treat her right. She also still holding onto grudges against her own mother so she take it out on Sofia. I believe that Alvetta wanted the readers to know through the Characters that we have to learn to let go of the past hurts so we can move forward. If we hold on to our baggage then we will allow the enemy to destroy our blessings and the great destiny that God wants for us. In the Book of Exodus the 25th Chapter and the 22nd verse mentioned “And there I will meet with you, and I will speak with you from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim which are on the ark of the Testimony, about everything which I will give you in commandment to the children of Israel.”  This scripture also help me to understand this story much better. Again I really loved “The Mercy Seat” and this should become a movie so this will be able to minister to the world. I am hoping that Alvetta Rolle will continue with this story further.

Stuffed With Love: A Thanksgiving Romance

Title: Stuffed With Love: A Thanksgiving Romance

Author: ReNita A. Burgess

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 10, 2015)

Number of Pages: 138 pages

ASIN: B017Q3JM4S (EBook)


About The Author:

A native of South Carolina, ReNita A. Burgess is a two-time Amazon Best Selling Author. She has published a diverse variety of 29 books for people and children. ReNita has been featured on television and radio interviews regarding her talented work. Today she holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ashley University. She manages her own cosmetic brand (ReNita Cosmetics and is currently pursuing a medical assisting certification in plastic surgery from Herzing University. Her goal is to transition into the world of Cosmetic Nursing after completing her current tasks. Growing up as a child, ReNita became interested in writing whenever her mother told bedtime stories before bed. She then started to write her own stories and make her books using cardboard paper. She took the homemade book to school and shared it with her teacher and class. It was her third-grade teacher, Ms. Yvette Dukes, who noticed ReNita’s talent and urged her to become an author someday. ReNita kept that promise and made it came true in 2010 when she published her first book which was a collection of horror stories she saved from high school. People find it hard to believe that she has a collection of nearly 700 poems in a spiral notebook she’s saved for years, unpublished. Writing isn’t the only talent ReNita has, she has a history of competing in numerous pageants and acting in short plays growing up. She has always been creative when it came to drawing and painting, it’s her form of therapy. ReNita enjoys rainy days, long walks, the beach and watching The Golden Girls with her dog. When she isn’t busy writing, she enjoys visiting the countryside where she grew up. __

About This Book:

Two lonely souls engage in an accidental encounter during the time of year that’s crucial when you’re single. Could they be of comfort for each other in the midst of their own personal dilemmas? Meet Victoria Patterson, a lonely independent sistah who climbed the top of the career ladder as a customer service supervisor in Columbia, SC. After her best friend turned against her and cheated with her boyfriend last Thanksgiving, she has no desire to look forward to the holiday. What makes it even worse is that her mother invited the couple for Thanksgiving dinner. What could make it even more awkward? She decides she doesn’t want to spend dinner with her family this year. Enter Alan McKnight, a divorced dad of two who is a delivery driver for QPS. He meets Victoria as he delivered roses to her address and makes a joke about her having roses delivered to herself from herself. Feeling offended by his joking insults, the two adapt in an argument on her doorstep. After a while, she begins to pour out her sadness. Alan then introduces her to his holiday blues as well, revealing that his ex wife left him for the divorce lawyer. Victoria feels his sorrow when he shares with her that his ex wife won’t let him see their children for Thanksgiving. The two connect through support and fun filled comfort during the month of November. Both are unaware of the passionate growing feelings that may just give them hope for another shot of happiness. Too much of a good thing may leave them stuffed with love to share with each other.This Thanksgiving, they’ll be thankful for the funny encounter.

Stuffed With Love: A Thanksgiving Romance Book Reviews:

ReNita A. Burgess has a God-given talent for linking you in with the characters in this wonderful Thanksgiving Romance book “Stuffed With Love.” I really enjoyed reading this narrative about Thanksgiving. ReNita makes sure that the readers will  discover about the chemistry of the main characters and it seemed conceivable the way how they were connected. Victoria Patterson and Alan McKnight both needed to take a break from the nagging circumstances and from their ex-spouses. “Stuffed With Love” ministers to us about how the characters of Victoria Patterson and Alan McKnight were able to be so drawn to one another out of an awkward circumstance. While reading this narrative, I can truly mentioned it was a Thanksgiving miracle for both characters. Alan truly needed some deliverance away from his miserable ex- wife, Brenda. She didn’t want him but she didn’t want to see Alan with anyone else. She also tried to tear Alan down right in front of their children. You can tell that their Children were suffering because of the selfishness acts from their mother. Victoria was still felt betrayed by her best friend Kimberly and her ex- husband Eric. She didn’t even want to come home for Thanksgiving because of the hurt she experienced from Kimberly and Eric. The way on how Alan and Victoria met and connected, they got the chance to build their friendship in which directed them to a marvelous and passionate Thanksgiving Romance. The trials and tribulations that they both experienced with their ex- spouses, it was faith that they started to have hope in finding happiness together. Due to the facts, after their first encounters in the beginning turns into an everlasting relationship built on love and fellow feeling. Both Alan and Victoria could have been stuck in their past relationship with their ex- spouses but they allow God to lead them in the directions of falling in love again. “Stuffed With Love” is an awesome narrative not only about Thanksgiving and romance but it was also about letting go and experience the power of forgiveness. I am hoping that ReNita will be working on a sequel to this narrative to see what’s going on with Alan and Victoria. Awesome Read!

No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper

Title: No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper

Author: Andre Ray

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Number of Pages: 174 pages

ASIN: B01CQ3OLQC (Ebook)

ISBN-10: 1539612333 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1539612339 (Paperback)

About The Author:  


Andre Ray is an Independent Author. Mr. Ray was born in New York and raised in North Carolina. He began his writing passion after many years of public service. During a trip to Florida with his family, his wife encouraged him to take up writing to release the gift that God had placed in him. After praying and seeking the Lord, his first series, “Undercover Deacon, Undercover Deacon 2 was brought to life. Since then he has written “Temptation Has a Price and Never Letting Go,” which all have been on the top #20 list of Amazon’s best sellers list in Christian fiction. Andre is a born- again Christian whom people have constantly spoken over his life by telling him that he is highly favored by God and there is a calling on his life. He loves writing Christian fiction and hopes his books will touch the hearts and soul of its readers. He looks forward to one day seeing his books become a stage play or short movie. He also looks to one day branching out and writing in other genres

About This Book:

Sister Sandra Washington is a faithful member of Faith of Abundance Church located in Atlanta Georgia. After being divorced for several years and being in her late forties she didn’t want to be alone any longer so she began to pray secretly for the Lord to send her a man who would love her and possibly be her husband. During a Sunday service little did she know the young man sitting next to her would change her life forever. His name is Malachi Steel who is a brown skin man she couldn’t keep her eyes off of. Malachi, on the other hand, didn’t come to church to hear the Word of the Lord, but to carry out the evil mission of pulling Sister Sandra Washington out of the hand of God and into a world that she would rather die than to live. Who sent this tall brown skin stranger into Sister Sandra Washington’s life? Meet Keisha who is straight from the hood and could care less if you live or died. Her connection to this whole twisted nightmare will come as a shock as the story comes to life before your very eyes. Will Sister Washington get the man she had been secretly praying for? Will Malachi Steel achieve his mission that if he failed would not sit well with Keisha? Will Keisha finally see her master plan come to life or will the Lord come in time to put a stop to this nightmare before it’s too late?

No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper Book Review:

“No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper “ is a well-founded title well-founded with all of the characters have meaningful dialogue and will cause the readers to invest in their next move. Just like Sandra Washington, you have many women of Christ will fall in love with guys like the Character Malachi. Andre Ray allows God to guide the pen to create another story line with a strong messages that can empowers both men and women of Christ or non-believers. He always write great stories with messages through the characters by keeping it true to life. Andre Ray draw a picture for the readers to show a plan of attacked from the enemy and teaches us about Grace and Mercy. “No Weapon: Formed Against Me Shall Prosper” was a great lesson about what happens when a woman would do for a man when they are lonely and being lustful and depart their lives from God. By not waiting on God and doing it our own way, we are going have to face the Consequence’s. Yes we are a Child of God but we shouldn’t be ignorant or naïve at all.  God give us common sense to make wise decisions. We shouldn’t allows any man or woman to jeopardize our Faith with God. Satan will use people in our circle to destroy us and our faith with God. Thank God no weapon formed against me shall prosper. We always in the safety of God. The last chapter proves that regardless what mistakes we have make but if we repent and surrender our lives to God that we can receives salvation and deliverance. The storyline of the last chapter shows us the power of the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of all the characters. Hopefully Andre Ray will write a sequel to this story to shows us how all of the characters are doing and growing in their faith with Christ.  This is an awesome read for everyone that wants to strengthen their faith with Christ through these Characters.

SISFI’s Males Leadership Breakfast- Understanding, Releasing and Healing Male Emotions

Sooo powerful, inspiring and uplifting when Males come together to talk/learn about and release emotions, and supporting each other with Love and positive enlightenment. Our Males Leadership Breakfast was deep, life-changing and a blessing to many. The hard realities of how Males are hurting, struggling and suffering in/with life simply because the emotional impacts are so great some don’t know ho…w to manage it as it ripples across their life, roles and responsibilities. Real conversations about Love, life, relationships, fatherhood, stress and managing ones self-care and wellness. So grateful for the females who attended and shared their support for the effort as they now have a better understanding of how Males hurt, struggle with and need emotional support. My sincere gratitude to my brothers who accepted my request to be guest speakers and did an awesome job with it. Powerful presentations of education, awareness, life and learning. You made it so great. Thank You to everyone who attended and participated to make it even greater. We value and appreciate love you all for coming and supporting the effort. While attendees hunger for more, and are taking what is being taught back home with them, we will continue raising the awareness and addressing the issues. We’ll plan the next one soon. Until then, to be continued. #IAmBrettless #Brettonicles #Humaneologist #Suicideologist #HumanizeSuicide #RiseToHealingHurt #LivingInABreath #LetYourPainMoldYouNotBreakYou #AMindWithoutSuicide #AHeartFreeOfDespair #OneLove

SISFI is a non-profit organization that provides education, awareness, training, support, intelligence and research on the social, societal, psychological, human, sociological and technological impacts and effects of life from abuse, bullying (on and offline), domestic violence, gun violence, parenting, homelessness, socioeconomics, sexual abuse, suicide prevention, internet safety and technology …best practices across all levels of society (people, processes, policies, laws and technology). We host workshops, presentations, training and personal/professional development workshops across the country to schools, businesses, churches, parents, youths, communities, educators, elected officials, clergy leaders, administrators and C-Suite executives to help in addressing these issues and providing effective and affordable working solutions.

~Brett A. Scudder See More — with Milton Kelly, Brett Scudder, IamSuicide Nyccouncil, Sameul Underwood, Efrion Smith and James Johnson at SISFI.


The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit

Title: The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit – Christian Living/Self-Help/Spiritual/Christian Books & Bible

Author: Reverend Dr. Jerry M. Carter

Publisher:  The Church Online, LLC (May 1, 2015)

Number of Pages: 204 pages

ISBN-10: 1940786274 (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 978-1940786278  (Hardcover)



About The Author:

Rev. Jerry M. Carter, Jr., Ph.D.

Rev. Jerry M. Carter, Jr. hails from Columbus, Ohio, and has served since 1990 as the fourteenth pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church of Morristown, New Jersey. During his tenure there, numerous ministries have been initiated, and many lives have been changed and committed to Christ. Rev. Carter’s influence extends beyond Calvary. A lecturer at the Hampton Ministers Conference, he has served as adjunct professor of preaching at Drew Theological School and an instructor of homiletics at Princeton Theological Seminary’s Summer Institute. A number of preachers have attended his “How Shall They Hear” preaching conference, which is designed to impact preachers, who impact churches, that impact the world. Indirectly, he has inspired others through his published works in the New Interpreters Handbook of Preaching, Oxford Sermons Volume III, Evangelizing the Black Male in the 21st Century and the African American Pulpit. Locally, he serves on various community and clergy boards. Rev. Carter received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from Denison University in Granville, Ohio, and completed the Master of Divinity degree at Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey. Continuing his education, he earned a Ph.D. in liturgical studies with special emphasis on homiletics from Drew University. Rev. Carter is married to Melisa Rooks Carter, and they have been blessed with three children, Jerry M. III, Zachary Daniel, and Camille.

Calvary Baptist Church

10 Martin Luther King Avenue

Morristown, NJ 07960


About This Book:

The Empowered Life draws fresh insight from selected stories and incidents in the Book of Acts, verses that demonstrate the benefits of living in mindful awareness of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. To live well throughout the various seasons of any life requires continuously conscious submission to the Spirit of God. This book serves as a guide to individuals, families, and faith communities who are seeking to discover the value in living THE EMPOWERED LIFE.

The Empowered Life Book Review:

“The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit” is a combination of an Inspirational Motivational and a Christian Living Book. Reverend Dr. Jerry M. Carter wants the readers to know that learning to love , trust for a more satisfied and fulfilled life. We should be willing to trust and try something new. Trust is an interesting impression. “The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit” challenged us to look at ourselves in the mirror to see how we can improve our lives in living well in our spiritual life, professional life, personal life and even in our relationships including in our marriages. To live well throughout the all manner of seasons of any life requires continuously conscious submission to the Spirit of God. Reverend Dr. Jerry M. Carter allowed the Holy Spirit to guide the pen with his anointed hands to created a wonderful portfolio of great sermons and words of wisdoms related to scriptures. I love the fact how he mentioned The Early Church a lot in this book how their life was empowered through their faith and willing to get out of their comfort zones. An empowered life has an absolutely different aspect from one that’s abounding with hopelessness and resentment. When we are empowered, we are positively aware of the challenges we are facing — as a consequence we will witness them with eyes wide open — on the other hand, we will have knowledge in our heart that we as a believer will have the tools of what it takes to navigate through them successfully. We will discover also that we are the master of our own ship through Jesus Christ, not misguide ourselves that we are in complete control (because, of course, we aren’t), but we will realize that through Christ we  “co-create” what’s occurring in life, and therefore can shift what’s happening by generating the right changes within ourselves and acquiring the right kind of support to move us forward and not allowing ourselves to be a prisoner in the past.

Trust was mentioned a lot in this book. As I was reading this book I discover that trust is an interesting concept. Often times I didn’t trust anyone or believe in myself. As I started to change my mindset and attitudes, I realized that God wanted me to be open, trusting and loving. It was hard for me to get out of my comfort zones in my personal, professional and even in my Christian lifestyles. However after my journey with depression, I decided that I need to seek help with a licensed professional deals with Mental Health and also start to communicate with God through prayers and reading the Word of God. Putting my Prayer and Faith into actions. Once I started to speaking life and living as a conqueror, I felt empowered through the Power of the Holy Spirit. I was so glad that I read this book for myself. “The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit” provided so many wisdom to empower me to have a better understanding about living well in the spirit. Reverend Carter minister to me personally about deliverance. Deliverance is internal before it is external. Real Deliverance starts on the inside before anything changes on the outside. After I was released from the Hospital, I had to go to therapy. Part of therapy, not only I have to show up but I had to do the work. Recovery is a lot of work. Recovery starts with you, you must be willing to make a change. That change starts on the inside. you must change the way about how you think about life. Reverend Carter also mentioned that Deliverance is inclusive of your participation. Deliverance is sometimes about painful, hard-nose obedience and it also imperceptible to our enemy. Finally, Deliverance is an inspiration of out testimony. Every testimony starts with a test. God will leads us to a test to see how we are going to put our faith into actions. After we overcome from our test with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can share our story. We are so empowered and can experiences living well in the Holy Spirit.

Part of being empowered, we as Christians must carry the Word of God with us. Just like American Express Card, don’t leave home without the Word of God. That’s our weapon to defeat the enemy. I learn that for myself when I was in the hospital for depression and anxiety attack. I was in the hospital about two months but I make sure I read my bible daily and speaks life and victory. I advocate for myself and I wasn’t letting Mental Illness define of who I am. I am a conqueror and living an empowered life. Living Well In The Spirit for me during my stay in the hospital shows me that I must walk and talk by faith and the Word of God is a powerful lamp to my feet. Living well in the spirit means that you must have confidence in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do that. They aren’t telling your story but they really are talking about their own story. Living well in the spirit will help you make better decisions. It will makes you to let go of things and people that are doing you harm to prevent you living well in the Holy Spirit. Living well in the spirit will makes you to move forward and use the power of forgiveness.I made it through during my journey of mental illness because of God’s Faithfulness. Personally I am now enjoyed better accomplishment by spreading God’s Word through my writing and allowing myself to hear the word of God on a daily basis. Thank You Reverend Dr. Jerry M. Carter for allowing God to guide the pen to write the sermon about The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit. I imagine myself listening to your written messages as you are actually preaching to me like I was in a Church Sanctuary during worship services. I already saw and heard you preaches several times at my former Church, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Newark, NJ for Reverend Dr. David Jefferson Sr. Pastor Anniversary. Because of your Sermons and this book, I can take what I learned from you at my current Church, First Baptist Church of Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY. where Reverend Darryl G. Bloodsaw is the Pastor. I recommend everyone to read this book and let it meditate in your mind so you too can be empowered and experiencing living well in the spirit.

Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion – Prayers For Creative Christians and Entrepreneurs

Title: Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion – Prayers For Creative Christians and Entrepreneurs – Christian Living/Business & Professional Growth/Christian Books & Bibles

Author: Nigeria Lockley

Publisher:  Inheritance Books (October 28, 2016)

Number of Pages: 81 pages



About The Author:




Nigeria Lockley possesses two Master’s degrees, one in English Secondary Education, which she utilizes as an educator with the New York City Department of Education. Her second Master’s degree is in Creative Writing. Born at Dawn is Nigeria’s first published novel. Nigeria serves as the Vice President of Bridges Family Services, a not-for-profit organization that assists student parents interested in pursuing a degree in higher education. She is also the deaconess and clerk for her spiritual home King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Church of God. Nigeria is a New York native who resides in Harlem with her husband and two daughters. Join her online at

About This Book:


Wheatley Award Winner and entrepreneur, Nigeria Lockley explores how to use the power of prayer to strategically manage your business and keep the faith in the process. Learn how to make God the CEO of all your endeavors and connect with Him on a deeper level with, Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion. Christians are often taught that God must be involved in all that they do. Yet there is little guidance on how to get God more involved in our business ventures in a meaningful way. In Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion, author Nigeria Lockley explores areas of struggle that creative Christians and entrepreneurs must overcome in order to excel.

Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion will address topics like:

•Alignment of Purpose—what you want must be His will.

•Finance—understand that you should not feel guilty about earning money using your gift, however money, money, money can’t be your mantra.

•Networking—who you know may be important, but God has already ordained divine connections for you.

•Discretion and Discernment—know the difference and use them both.

Through transparent testimony, biblical guidance, and a prayer strategy pulled from the book of Nehemiah, Lockley provides believers with prayers to take the pursuit of their passion out of this world.

The paperback edition includes space for readers to develop their own prayers for each issue dealt with in the book

Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion – Prayers For Creative Christians and Entrepreneurs Book Reviews

Nigeria Lockley allows God to minister to her heart to created a wonderful motivational book “Pursuing Your passion In A Godly Fashion- Prayers For Creative Christians and Entrepreneurs” to inspires individuals that wants to write their first book or starting their own business. I truly believes that “Pursuing Your Passion In A Godly Fashion” is an important book for aspiring Christian Authors or Writers and Christian Entrepreneurs just in time for today’s economy. The purpose for Nigeria Lockley of writing this book is  to let the readers including myself that we need to put God first in everything that we do. When I first started to write my first book in 2012, I pray to God for guidance to help me to write my book. In late 2010 until late 2011, I had my first bout with depression after I couldn’t find a job and I lost everything including my apartment. After that I wanted to end my life but God interrupted my plan to killed myself. At that time I realized that God have purpose for my life. After I got the necessary help, I decided to create my own opportunity by writing my first book. It supposed to be a cook book but then God spoken to me to write an Inspirational Motivational book. I listen to God’s voice and start writing daily even when I didn’t feel like it. I had haters including one of my sisters criticized me for working on my book. Instead of working on my book, they believes I should be looking for a job. They tried their best to discouraged me to write my book but I decided to ignored them and keeps on writing. When I finally published my book in December 2012, those same haters called me lazy and told me that I wasn’t going to make any money. They were just mad because I make a liar of them and put my passion for publishing my book by put it into actions. In 2014, I suffered a bad depression and anxiety attack that I need to be hospitalized. I was so glad that I checked myself to the hospital because If I didn’t go, I probably will be dead right now. I didn’t even know that I had high blood pressures and it was over 200. After I was released from the hospital, I worked on my recovery and today I am sharing my story with my writings and speaking at Mental Health Conference. Also I got rid of all dead weights in my life and now can count my true friends on one hand. God brought me through my darkness with Mental Illness to shows me to rewrite my story through His guidance’s.

I really love reading “Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion” because it help me to realized that I di the right thing in following my passion of writing in a Godly fashion. Each of the 15 chapters were provided with Scriptures, prayers and questions for the readers to answer about following their own passions. Nigeria shared her own obstacles while she was following her dreams in writing. She even discussed about her own marriages were almost destroyed by Satan. Once we makes a decision to create our own opportunity through God’s Blessings, Satan wants to destroyed anything that is blessed by God. Satan will send people who are in your circles to destroy your plans for success in writing your book or starting your own business. I recommend everyone to read Nigeria’s book for themselves to empower them to follow their passions through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Each of the Chapters, I discover to be a gasp of unprocessed air. Nigeria provided so much wisdom for those individuals who are exhausted from doing business as usual and allowed themselves to pursue their passion in a Godly way. As I was reading this book, from each chapters I discovered expression where I can write my own prayer from the heart with reference to each topics. Even though Nigeria provided most of the works for us but we still need to get into the Word of God. The Word of God is our spiritual medicine to helps us to blocked those obstacles that are in the way of success in putting our passion into actions. We also need to personalize our prayers to God. That’s our personal conservations to God. I shouldn’t allows someone else experience my gospel. My own experiences may be similar to someone else’s but the lessons are exclusive to my own journey and it’s so true. That because I have experience it for myself. God will provide us a lessons through our own storms. Remember our testimony starts with a test. God is testing our faith to see what we are going to reacted through those storms. Prayers is our weapon to get rid of those fears and empower our faith in God’s Blessings.

There is a without a doubt an abundance of  knowledge in “Pursuing Your Passion In A Godly Fashion” that has the within realm of possibility to transform my own life that if I am willing take on board what information’s that Nigeria provided. As this book minister to you while reading it, you will begin to experience a shift in your life. Your mind will be in a revival, your character will be under constructions as you decide to pursue or continue your creative & entrepreneurial trip with God on your side. Prayer is the Key to The Kingdom. God does answer prayers. I pray as you read this book that you will be willing to learn something new and put those wisdoms into actions. Nigeria wants you as the readers to read “Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion” with an open heart and the intent to learn something new. God always wants us to learn something new. The Word of God will empower you to learn something new by studies His word and apply it to your daily life. The messages that Nigeria provided will revive you and set you free from bondages of your mindset of negativity to becomes the successful, creative entrepreneur that in God’s will in your destiny to be. God wants the best that all you can become but it is up to you. You should allows yourself to read Inspirational and Motivational books like this one to help you to becomes successful not only on business but in your Christian walk with God. Please do a favor for yourself by purchasing this book and start reading it so you too can experience that successful life.


The September/October 2016 edition of Change Gospel Magazine

The September/October 2016 edition of Change Gospel Magazine is now here with Dr. Aaron R. Jones on the Front Cover. You can read Dr. Jones’ article “Merges Scriptures With Music And Provides Inspiration for Believers” on Pages 8 & 9, Melinda Grimmage‘s article “That’s no longer your identity” on Pages 14 and 15, my article about the book “We Are Charleston” on Pages 18 & 19 and Many Many More articles in the Change Gospel online Magazine at: 1.when you get to the website, scroll down a bit until you see this Months issue of the Magazine. 2. Click on the Magazine and it will then open. 3. After it opens, go to the LOWER RIGHT CORNER of the page and click, the pages will turn. Thank you. This Months Coming Soon14853210_1207454102670600_1872262987638075458_o