SISFI’s Males Leadership Breakfast- Understanding, Releasing and Healing Male Emotions

Sooo powerful, inspiring and uplifting when Males come together to talk/learn about and release emotions, and supporting each other with Love and positive enlightenment. Our Males Leadership Breakfast was deep, life-changing and a blessing to many. The hard realities of how Males are hurting, struggling and suffering in/with life simply because the emotional impacts are so great some don’t know ho…w to manage it as it ripples across their life, roles and responsibilities. Real conversations about Love, life, relationships, fatherhood, stress and managing ones self-care and wellness. So grateful for the females who attended and shared their support for the effort as they now have a better understanding of how Males hurt, struggle with and need emotional support. My sincere gratitude to my brothers who accepted my request to be guest speakers and did an awesome job with it. Powerful presentations of education, awareness, life and learning. You made it so great. Thank You to everyone who attended and participated to make it even greater. We value and appreciate love you all for coming and supporting the effort. While attendees hunger for more, and are taking what is being taught back home with them, we will continue raising the awareness and addressing the issues. We’ll plan the next one soon. Until then, to be continued. #IAmBrettless #Brettonicles #Humaneologist #Suicideologist #HumanizeSuicide #RiseToHealingHurt #LivingInABreath #LetYourPainMoldYouNotBreakYou #AMindWithoutSuicide #AHeartFreeOfDespair #OneLove

SISFI is a non-profit organization that provides education, awareness, training, support, intelligence and research on the social, societal, psychological, human, sociological and technological impacts and effects of life from abuse, bullying (on and offline), domestic violence, gun violence, parenting, homelessness, socioeconomics, sexual abuse, suicide prevention, internet safety and technology …best practices across all levels of society (people, processes, policies, laws and technology). We host workshops, presentations, training and personal/professional development workshops across the country to schools, businesses, churches, parents, youths, communities, educators, elected officials, clergy leaders, administrators and C-Suite executives to help in addressing these issues and providing effective and affordable working solutions.

~Brett A. Scudder See More — with Milton Kelly, Brett Scudder, IamSuicide Nyccouncil, Sameul Underwood, Efrion Smith and James Johnson at SISFI.



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