The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit

Title: The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit – Christian Living/Self-Help/Spiritual/Christian Books & Bible

Author: Reverend Dr. Jerry M. Carter

Publisher:  The Church Online, LLC (May 1, 2015)

Number of Pages: 204 pages

ISBN-10: 1940786274 (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 978-1940786278  (Hardcover)



About The Author:

Rev. Jerry M. Carter, Jr., Ph.D.

Rev. Jerry M. Carter, Jr. hails from Columbus, Ohio, and has served since 1990 as the fourteenth pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church of Morristown, New Jersey. During his tenure there, numerous ministries have been initiated, and many lives have been changed and committed to Christ. Rev. Carter’s influence extends beyond Calvary. A lecturer at the Hampton Ministers Conference, he has served as adjunct professor of preaching at Drew Theological School and an instructor of homiletics at Princeton Theological Seminary’s Summer Institute. A number of preachers have attended his “How Shall They Hear” preaching conference, which is designed to impact preachers, who impact churches, that impact the world. Indirectly, he has inspired others through his published works in the New Interpreters Handbook of Preaching, Oxford Sermons Volume III, Evangelizing the Black Male in the 21st Century and the African American Pulpit. Locally, he serves on various community and clergy boards. Rev. Carter received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from Denison University in Granville, Ohio, and completed the Master of Divinity degree at Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey. Continuing his education, he earned a Ph.D. in liturgical studies with special emphasis on homiletics from Drew University. Rev. Carter is married to Melisa Rooks Carter, and they have been blessed with three children, Jerry M. III, Zachary Daniel, and Camille.

Calvary Baptist Church

10 Martin Luther King Avenue

Morristown, NJ 07960


About This Book:

The Empowered Life draws fresh insight from selected stories and incidents in the Book of Acts, verses that demonstrate the benefits of living in mindful awareness of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. To live well throughout the various seasons of any life requires continuously conscious submission to the Spirit of God. This book serves as a guide to individuals, families, and faith communities who are seeking to discover the value in living THE EMPOWERED LIFE.

The Empowered Life Book Review:

“The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit” is a combination of an Inspirational Motivational and a Christian Living Book. Reverend Dr. Jerry M. Carter wants the readers to know that learning to love , trust for a more satisfied and fulfilled life. We should be willing to trust and try something new. Trust is an interesting impression. “The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit” challenged us to look at ourselves in the mirror to see how we can improve our lives in living well in our spiritual life, professional life, personal life and even in our relationships including in our marriages. To live well throughout the all manner of seasons of any life requires continuously conscious submission to the Spirit of God. Reverend Dr. Jerry M. Carter allowed the Holy Spirit to guide the pen with his anointed hands to created a wonderful portfolio of great sermons and words of wisdoms related to scriptures. I love the fact how he mentioned The Early Church a lot in this book how their life was empowered through their faith and willing to get out of their comfort zones. An empowered life has an absolutely different aspect from one that’s abounding with hopelessness and resentment. When we are empowered, we are positively aware of the challenges we are facing — as a consequence we will witness them with eyes wide open — on the other hand, we will have knowledge in our heart that we as a believer will have the tools of what it takes to navigate through them successfully. We will discover also that we are the master of our own ship through Jesus Christ, not misguide ourselves that we are in complete control (because, of course, we aren’t), but we will realize that through Christ we  “co-create” what’s occurring in life, and therefore can shift what’s happening by generating the right changes within ourselves and acquiring the right kind of support to move us forward and not allowing ourselves to be a prisoner in the past.

Trust was mentioned a lot in this book. As I was reading this book I discover that trust is an interesting concept. Often times I didn’t trust anyone or believe in myself. As I started to change my mindset and attitudes, I realized that God wanted me to be open, trusting and loving. It was hard for me to get out of my comfort zones in my personal, professional and even in my Christian lifestyles. However after my journey with depression, I decided that I need to seek help with a licensed professional deals with Mental Health and also start to communicate with God through prayers and reading the Word of God. Putting my Prayer and Faith into actions. Once I started to speaking life and living as a conqueror, I felt empowered through the Power of the Holy Spirit. I was so glad that I read this book for myself. “The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit” provided so many wisdom to empower me to have a better understanding about living well in the spirit. Reverend Carter minister to me personally about deliverance. Deliverance is internal before it is external. Real Deliverance starts on the inside before anything changes on the outside. After I was released from the Hospital, I had to go to therapy. Part of therapy, not only I have to show up but I had to do the work. Recovery is a lot of work. Recovery starts with you, you must be willing to make a change. That change starts on the inside. you must change the way about how you think about life. Reverend Carter also mentioned that Deliverance is inclusive of your participation. Deliverance is sometimes about painful, hard-nose obedience and it also imperceptible to our enemy. Finally, Deliverance is an inspiration of out testimony. Every testimony starts with a test. God will leads us to a test to see how we are going to put our faith into actions. After we overcome from our test with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can share our story. We are so empowered and can experiences living well in the Holy Spirit.

Part of being empowered, we as Christians must carry the Word of God with us. Just like American Express Card, don’t leave home without the Word of God. That’s our weapon to defeat the enemy. I learn that for myself when I was in the hospital for depression and anxiety attack. I was in the hospital about two months but I make sure I read my bible daily and speaks life and victory. I advocate for myself and I wasn’t letting Mental Illness define of who I am. I am a conqueror and living an empowered life. Living Well In The Spirit for me during my stay in the hospital shows me that I must walk and talk by faith and the Word of God is a powerful lamp to my feet. Living well in the spirit means that you must have confidence in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do that. They aren’t telling your story but they really are talking about their own story. Living well in the spirit will help you make better decisions. It will makes you to let go of things and people that are doing you harm to prevent you living well in the Holy Spirit. Living well in the spirit will makes you to move forward and use the power of forgiveness.I made it through during my journey of mental illness because of God’s Faithfulness. Personally I am now enjoyed better accomplishment by spreading God’s Word through my writing and allowing myself to hear the word of God on a daily basis. Thank You Reverend Dr. Jerry M. Carter for allowing God to guide the pen to write the sermon about The Empowered Life: Living Well In The Spirit. I imagine myself listening to your written messages as you are actually preaching to me like I was in a Church Sanctuary during worship services. I already saw and heard you preaches several times at my former Church, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Newark, NJ for Reverend Dr. David Jefferson Sr. Pastor Anniversary. Because of your Sermons and this book, I can take what I learned from you at my current Church, First Baptist Church of Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY. where Reverend Darryl G. Bloodsaw is the Pastor. I recommend everyone to read this book and let it meditate in your mind so you too can be empowered and experiencing living well in the spirit.


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