Stuffed With Love: A Thanksgiving Romance

Title: Stuffed With Love: A Thanksgiving Romance

Author: ReNita A. Burgess

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 10, 2015)

Number of Pages: 138 pages

ASIN: B017Q3JM4S (EBook)


About The Author:

A native of South Carolina, ReNita A. Burgess is a two-time Amazon Best Selling Author. She has published a diverse variety of 29 books for people and children. ReNita has been featured on television and radio interviews regarding her talented work. Today she holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ashley University. She manages her own cosmetic brand (ReNita Cosmetics and is currently pursuing a medical assisting certification in plastic surgery from Herzing University. Her goal is to transition into the world of Cosmetic Nursing after completing her current tasks. Growing up as a child, ReNita became interested in writing whenever her mother told bedtime stories before bed. She then started to write her own stories and make her books using cardboard paper. She took the homemade book to school and shared it with her teacher and class. It was her third-grade teacher, Ms. Yvette Dukes, who noticed ReNita’s talent and urged her to become an author someday. ReNita kept that promise and made it came true in 2010 when she published her first book which was a collection of horror stories she saved from high school. People find it hard to believe that she has a collection of nearly 700 poems in a spiral notebook she’s saved for years, unpublished. Writing isn’t the only talent ReNita has, she has a history of competing in numerous pageants and acting in short plays growing up. She has always been creative when it came to drawing and painting, it’s her form of therapy. ReNita enjoys rainy days, long walks, the beach and watching The Golden Girls with her dog. When she isn’t busy writing, she enjoys visiting the countryside where she grew up. __

About This Book:

Two lonely souls engage in an accidental encounter during the time of year that’s crucial when you’re single. Could they be of comfort for each other in the midst of their own personal dilemmas? Meet Victoria Patterson, a lonely independent sistah who climbed the top of the career ladder as a customer service supervisor in Columbia, SC. After her best friend turned against her and cheated with her boyfriend last Thanksgiving, she has no desire to look forward to the holiday. What makes it even worse is that her mother invited the couple for Thanksgiving dinner. What could make it even more awkward? She decides she doesn’t want to spend dinner with her family this year. Enter Alan McKnight, a divorced dad of two who is a delivery driver for QPS. He meets Victoria as he delivered roses to her address and makes a joke about her having roses delivered to herself from herself. Feeling offended by his joking insults, the two adapt in an argument on her doorstep. After a while, she begins to pour out her sadness. Alan then introduces her to his holiday blues as well, revealing that his ex wife left him for the divorce lawyer. Victoria feels his sorrow when he shares with her that his ex wife won’t let him see their children for Thanksgiving. The two connect through support and fun filled comfort during the month of November. Both are unaware of the passionate growing feelings that may just give them hope for another shot of happiness. Too much of a good thing may leave them stuffed with love to share with each other.This Thanksgiving, they’ll be thankful for the funny encounter.

Stuffed With Love: A Thanksgiving Romance Book Reviews:

ReNita A. Burgess has a God-given talent for linking you in with the characters in this wonderful Thanksgiving Romance book “Stuffed With Love.” I really enjoyed reading this narrative about Thanksgiving. ReNita makes sure that the readers will  discover about the chemistry of the main characters and it seemed conceivable the way how they were connected. Victoria Patterson and Alan McKnight both needed to take a break from the nagging circumstances and from their ex-spouses. “Stuffed With Love” ministers to us about how the characters of Victoria Patterson and Alan McKnight were able to be so drawn to one another out of an awkward circumstance. While reading this narrative, I can truly mentioned it was a Thanksgiving miracle for both characters. Alan truly needed some deliverance away from his miserable ex- wife, Brenda. She didn’t want him but she didn’t want to see Alan with anyone else. She also tried to tear Alan down right in front of their children. You can tell that their Children were suffering because of the selfishness acts from their mother. Victoria was still felt betrayed by her best friend Kimberly and her ex- husband Eric. She didn’t even want to come home for Thanksgiving because of the hurt she experienced from Kimberly and Eric. The way on how Alan and Victoria met and connected, they got the chance to build their friendship in which directed them to a marvelous and passionate Thanksgiving Romance. The trials and tribulations that they both experienced with their ex- spouses, it was faith that they started to have hope in finding happiness together. Due to the facts, after their first encounters in the beginning turns into an everlasting relationship built on love and fellow feeling. Both Alan and Victoria could have been stuck in their past relationship with their ex- spouses but they allow God to lead them in the directions of falling in love again. “Stuffed With Love” is an awesome narrative not only about Thanksgiving and romance but it was also about letting go and experience the power of forgiveness. I am hoping that ReNita will be working on a sequel to this narrative to see what’s going on with Alan and Victoria. Awesome Read!

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