The Mercy Seat – The Freedom Baptist Trilogy

Title: The Mercy Seat (The Freedom Baptist Trilogy) – Christian and Inspiration Fiction

Author: Alvetta Y. Rolle

Publisher:  Ellechor Publishing House, LLC (July 2, 2012)

Number of Pages: 388 pages


About The Author:


Alvetta Y. Rolle is a poet, author, and above all else a child of God. Born in Dunn, North Carolina,  she graduated cum laude from Kaplan University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Organizational Communications in 2010. In her spare time she likes to volunteer with local organizations and persons in needs, as well as working on sequels to her debut novel, The Mercy Seat. She has been happily married for seven and half years to her husband, Elrod and has four beautiful children ranging in ages from twelve to two.  Alvetta currently resides in South Florida, but spends the majority of her time on the small island of Bimini Bahamas

About This Book:


Going from raunchy to redeemed is not easy. When 19 year old prostitute Sofia Douglas walks into Freedom Baptist to reconcile with her mentally abusive foster mother Julia Aaron, she is met with much more than she bargained for.Although befriended by an elderly church mother by the name of Ruth Stills, she begins to fall for Ruth’s son Xavier who is handsome, caring, a minister… and married. Sofia begins an endless cycle of trying to stifle mutual feelings for a married man of God, and combat the bitterness of a mother who has her own issues, both spiritually and psychologically. With the arrival of the mysterious Sofia walks at the last night of revival, Xavier Stills and Felecia’s already troubled marriage takes a tumultuous turn for the worst. Felecia and Xavier now have to fight to save their diminishing relationship, even as they try to ward off the temptation of yielding to outside influences.

The Mercy Seat Book Review:

Alvettta Rolle draws a picture in the scenery of Freedom Baptist Church in the narrative of “The Mercy Seats – The Freedom Baptist Trilogy.” In this narrative there are secrets and drama within its walls affect the members of The Freedom Baptist Church. I really loved reading “The Mercy Seats”. It was a great Christian Fiction book with a great storyline and Characters. The narrative started with Sofia Douglas being kicked out of her adopted mother’s (Julia) house after she was being molested by Julia’s ex boyfriend. Since then Sofia’s life hasn’t been the same. She was forced to live in sin by working as a prostitutes. On one night , Sofia passed by Freedom Baptist Church and at first she hesitated to return there due to Julia and she didn’t stepped foot in Church in years. Julia didn’t want anyone to know at the Church that Sofia is her daughter because of the lifestyles that she is living in. For some reasons she decided to go to the revival services at Freedom Baptist Church. Sofia didn’t realized that during the revival services that it will have an affect on her life. Julia wasn’t to happy to see Sofia at Church. She was so ashamed of Sofia because Julia wanted to protect her image as a Church mother and a wife of a deacon. Even though this is a Christian fiction story but as Christians, we can relate. Some of us will asked this question. “Going to church is enough to make Sofia change her ways or will she continue to live her life in sin?” We as Christians have to realized that transformation will not happen overnight but it is a process. Just like a baby take baby steps to learn how to walk and talk, you must take baby steps by learning the Word of God and applied it to your daily life. The Church is a Spiritual hospital in the purpose for us to get our weekly surgery. The Preachers rather it is a man or woman will perform our surgery with The Word of God. Nobody isn’t perfect and that is why we need to get our weekly surgery so we can be created in a new person.

The Mercy Seat” maintain my thought from the cover of the book then the beginning through the conclusions. I couldn’t rest to discover how things would play out with the Characters as a consequence how they would handle their circumstances. Sofia Douglas is one of my favorite characters in this narrative. She is a great example of courage as Christians should be able to endure. After Julia kicked Sofia out of her house, Sofia did what she had to do to survive even though it wasn’t the best legally or morally. Beyond shadow of doubt, Sofia found her way back to the Church (Freedom Baptist Church). She was really condemn harshly, on the other hand she kept coming back. These so called Church folks will treat you worst than the people who aren’t Christians. They forget that they weren’t always Holy as well.The worst hurt that anybody can received is actually from the Church. I experienced that same hurt that caused me to have a mental break down. Satan will tried his best to destroy my faith in God but it didn’t work because my faith was strong in the Lord. Most people will stop going to Church all together but for me, I just left the Church I was a member and discover a new Church that I can proudly call home, First Baptist church of Crown Heights. Also I knew that the Church is not a building but it is in me. We go to church in the purpose to fellowship with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

The matter in hand, “The Mercy Seat” is an incredible narrative with a marvelous purpose for the readers to be minister to through the characters. Alvetta Rolle  allows God to direct the pen to write an awesome story with themes we all can relate to such as trust in our abilities, allowing ourselves to trust others and most importantly put our trust in the Lord. Alvetta makes sure that the narrative gets in deep under the skin and within the souls of the characters. This narrative will have the readers so emotional often. The character of Elder Xavier Stills faith were being tested after he met Sofia Douglas. The sparks between Xavier and Sofia will caused the readers to wondering if they are going to start a forbidden affair that is against one of the Tenth Commandments “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.”  The messages of this Story lets us know that regardless of your shady pasts, that God can transforms you through a new birth if you are willing to surrender your life to Christ. We shouldn’t be judging anyone from their shortcomings or preventing them to surrender their lives to Christ. Mother Julia kept on bringing up Sofia’s past and make Sofia feels that she isn’t loved by anyone. Julia allowed a man to rape Sofia when she was a child and blame Sofia for it. Julia also have her own issues prefer to be with a man even though he doesn’t treat her right. She also still holding onto grudges against her own mother so she take it out on Sofia. I believe that Alvetta wanted the readers to know through the Characters that we have to learn to let go of the past hurts so we can move forward. If we hold on to our baggage then we will allow the enemy to destroy our blessings and the great destiny that God wants for us. In the Book of Exodus the 25th Chapter and the 22nd verse mentioned “And there I will meet with you, and I will speak with you from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim which are on the ark of the Testimony, about everything which I will give you in commandment to the children of Israel.”  This scripture also help me to understand this story much better. Again I really loved “The Mercy Seat” and this should become a movie so this will be able to minister to the world. I am hoping that Alvetta Rolle will continue with this story further.

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