C Is For Christmas

Title: C is For Christmas –  Christian Living/ Christian Books & Bibles

Author: Warren Wendel Wiersbe   & David W. Wiersbie

Publisher: Baker Books (October 1, 2012)

Number of Pages: 210 pages

ASIN: B008FZ3URW (Ebook)

ISBN-10: 0801014891

ISBN-13: 978-0801014895


About The Authors:

David W. Wiersbe has been a pastor for over thirty years. He is the author of The Dynamics of Pastoral Care and Gone but Not Lost, as well as coauthor of four books with his father.

Warren W. Wiersbe is the author and editor of more than 160 books, including 50 People Every Christian Should Know, Looking Up When Life Gets You Down, and On Being a Servant of God.


About This Book:

Throughout the centuries, so many traditions have woven themselves into the celebration of Christmas that it’s difficult to understand just what the season of Christ’s birth is all about. Now beloved writer Warren W. Wiersbe and his son, fellow pastor David W. Wiersbe give adults their very own A to Z Christmas primer, cutting through the wrapping paper and pretty bows to expose and explain the backgrounds and reasons for our various symbols and traditions. From angels and Bethlehem to yuletide and Zechariah, the information in this unique collection is sure to enlighten. Anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of Christmas will love this insightful resource.

C is For Christmas  Book Review:

In consideration of the season of Advent which is just in a couple weeks.  I would like to share with you what I examine in the Advent Devotional for Adults “C Is For Christmas”. This Advent Devotional is a great tools that will empower the readers to discover the true meaning of Christmas. Both authors really provided a great complete information about Christmas that is related. Also rationalize the comprehension for all the symbols we see during this Advent season. While I was reading this devotional about Advent, I have discover a brilliant of a book that rationalize in clear details the whys and how’s some things happened to become some of our most appreciate Christmas traditions or decorations. The word “Christmas” is the representation of Christ’s Mass which was referred to a special worship service held annually on December 25th to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Yes Christmas is all about the baby Jesus Christ. The word arose in the course of the twelfth century and
the word appeared during the twelfth century and come into existence from the words Christes maesse. But there is one thing I gain the knowledge during the time I was reading about the word Christmas. Furthermore here’s what both authors, Warren W. Wiersbe and David W. Wiersbe have minister to me personally:

In order that the first syllable of Christmas comes from the word “Christ” is unquestionable. In the language of Greek the name Christ is Χρίστος (christos). Powerful symbol of that first letter looks like the English letter X. Without exception, vocation has its shorthand, and Christians in the church used the letter chi (X) to represent Christ in words that began with “Christ-“. In my personal opinion, some individuals believes that “Xmas” is an honorable abbreviation for Christmas. Nevertheless, taking Christ out of Christmas is an injustice to Christ because since Christmas is about the birth of Christ so Christmas shouldn’t be used as an abbreviation. During my reading of this Advent devotional, I am so  puzzle over and ask oneself, if people who are promoting Xmas really have the knowledge about the signification of the X. I am uncertain that it is not and it provides me a brand-new mindset in the purpose on how to react when I see Xmas. At this moment, instead of being provoked I will put into action by giving praise to Mary’s Baby, Jesus Christ the bright morning star.  At this moment I will communicate to God through prayers for my gratitude to God for sending His son for us. At this moment I will dwell upon on the gracious beginning of Jesus in our world remarkably abounding years ago.

It was also thought-provoking to get more knowledge about Bethlehem. I won’t go into details for this word but did you realize that Bethlehem define as the “house of bread”? The knowledgeable facts that Jesus is the Bread of Life, that we will never hunger when we have Him in our lives, it makes extensively sense. This is something I didn’t realized just as many individuals. It always great to learn something new.I pray that many individuals will do Advent devotions together with their families and friends starting this season of Advent. I have also make a decisions for my personal morning devotions in December during Advent will be the focus from “C is For Christmas.” I am looking forward to discover an advanced expression of the Christmas season this year. If you have the desire to learn more about the history, the personalities, and the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ, then I energetically advocate that you get the book “C is for Christmas” today and start reading it daily and often during Advent. I believe that you will enjoy the messages and experiences the growth in your faith simultaneously. Phenomenal book to learn more about the true meaning of Christmas.


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